Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A leader raises taxes.  My property taxes are about $3,000.  The city can raise them to $3,200.00, and I would support the commission.  This is less than $20.00 a month.  I cut my TMobile bill by $20.00 a month by getting rid of my home phone, something which was not even connected for over a year, and by getting rid of my internet access.  People can find $10.00 a month in their budget.  People like myself if they are complaining about $20.00 then they are living in a home way too big for their budget.  I do not want to hear about seniors and the disabled.  Their taxes are frozen.  Two packs of cigarettes, a movie ticket, or 2 hamburgers is all it takes to afford a tax increase for the poor.  Life is not free.  What really angers me is, the first people to complain about taxes are the same complaining about poor city services and potholes.

There is endless corruption and misappropriation of taxpayer money within the city and nothing is being done about it.  The BV in the past succeeded in getting two city employees fired and indicted for theft.  No supervision was held accountable.  In fact Cabler lied to the press about the matter.

Ben Medina's office is an example of mismanagement.  The city attorney has taken from the taxpayers without justification.  The city manager has lied about theft and mismanagement within the city.

Tony Martinez is working 24/7 to protect these individuals.  But yet he had no problem attacking our unions.  The firemen and women protect us every day.  They put their lives on the line everyday for us.  Tony Martinez solution is to attack them.

The golf course is a drain - dump it. 

Commissioners Zamora, Tetreau, and Villarreal voted for the union.  Martinez, Longoria, Gowen, and Chavez-Vasquez all voted to kill the unions.

Tonight we will learn if the recalls in Wisconsin work.  Now if you want a recall I say target Longoria and Martinez.  I am certain the police union will stand with the fireman union.  This is a recall which can and will work.  The BV will work with anyone willing to work for a recall of Martinez and Longoria, on this issue - and Longoria's support of Fly Frontera.

We need leadership -  it is better to raise my taxes than kill a union.  What we do not need are the stupid ideas of the speaker calling for an end to public transportation and the library.


Commissioner Zamora is challenging Sossi on his lies.  He is trying to make the people believe that during the public hearing comment section on specific issues people cannot make false statements - it is so stupid it boggles the mind Tony Martinez is remaining silent.

Sossi is arguing that by not televising the public comments more people are commenting - but they are commenting to dead air - so what is the purpose?.  Commissioner Zamora is taking on Sossi.  Tony Martinez the great union buster is threatening to throw people out of the meeting.

We need to recall Tony Martinez and Longoria on the union vote, while adding Fly Frontera to the Longoria argument.  We need to look for a viable candidate to run against Gowen.  If the unions do not unite within 7 days to form a recall of Martinez and Longoria they will lose their right to organize in the future.  They fought back in Wisconsin - we can fight back in Brownsville.

Sossi could not produce one example wherein a city has ever been sued for statements made during public comment.  It is one big lie

I thought I heard 4 votes to restore, but the mayor never announced the results.  Chavez-Vasquez appeared to support the motion but then she raised her hand as a nay.

So the great false Democrat Tony Martinez voted to kill a union and free speech.  He is a scumbag first class who needs to be recalled.  He looked the people in the face and called for a moment of silence for the Special Forces who died this week defending our right to freedom of speech.  This man is a sociopath with no conscience.  He then intentionally poured salt into their open wounds laughing at their dead bodies thinking - saps. 


Anonymous said...

as a former city employee, we were often told that there was no money for raises, year after year because the fire and police collective bargaining drained the coffers.... true or not, who knows?
i have to disagree with you about the golf course. unless they subdivide it and sell it, it will always be a burden on the taxpayers. even if it's made into a traditional park, we will have to maintain it. at least as a golf course, it brings in some income. it could possibly be better managed. i don't golf, so i don't know. i have heard lots of bad about ben medina from his former employees. at this point, i still would support all of the commission. you are right about that a small tax increase is not unreasonable

brownsville literary review said...

I think the call for a recall is hasty, but I do agree that Mayor Tony "Tormenta" Martinez is showing by his actions that Julieta Garcia, the Kardenas Klan, the St. Joe Mafia, the corrupt and incompetent Cameron County Democrat Party, and the reactionary and racist gringos are his bedfollows. It is sickening that he pays homage to our dead soldiers while dishonoring their sacrifice by denying his own people their right to free speech. Keep up the good work, Bobby. By your actions you show you don't mess with the bloggers. As I'm sure you can appreciate, we have big balls.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of what you say and what you have done for our education. However, I don't agree with your view on more taxes. Nickle here, dime there, sounds great, but it never stops! I have always said, that if you want to make big bucks, get an education, open a business, become a attorney, doctor, CEO, etc. If you want to work for the city, county, etc., you should not expect to get rich. When will a cap be put on taxes???

BobbyWC said...

We can get the signatures on both, but would probably only succeed in recalling Longoria. This leaves martinez in a minority - it will also send a strong message to Gowen - with her unelection Tony will become a lame dick (no typo) with less power than Ahumada had his latter two years

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Oh I spent 5 hours at the VA today - never saw teh doctor - they are overwelmed - the nurse took notes and will get back with me tomorrow.

The wound where the drain was is still open and not healing - otherwise everything looks good.

I did have 101.2 last night - soaked my sheets and pillow cases. i am still running a fever - if experience teaches me anything I will be in bed all day tomorrow.

I was told to stay in bed for a total of 4 weeks.

My pool is beautiful and I cannot use it - until the hole heals I cannot even take a bath - a shower yes but no bath

Ah, no one had my ice cream - sad face - I think I bought a Toll House Cookie Bar - oh well - the sacrifices I must make

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You will note I did call for going after CABLER, Sossi, and Medina.

I have also called for cleaning house.

Now without these, I would never support higher taxes

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Longoria and Martinez can't be recalled for six months according to the city charter. The two questions are can signatures be gathered now and turned in on the six month anniversary of their swearing in? Would those signatures count? I think you can, and they would.

Anonymous said...

Sossi's PowerPoint was a load of shit. The diversity probably came from citizens bitching about public comments not being televised. The last slide listed five RGV cities. Two of them don't televise their meetings. Why didn't he survey and list every other city in the valley? Most, if not all, don't televise their meetings just like Harlingen and Mission. What makes Mission so special? Was he ever contracted by them or something? Sossi should only have listed three cities. Pharr is a unique case. There is a youtube video of someone causing quite a stir at one meeting. That may be the catalist for their public comment ban from city meetings. How much do we pay him again?

BobbyWC said...

So we spend 6 monhs organizing and getting ready

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is sad to hear how the mayor has turned out!

Anonymous said...

Why does it surprise anyone who the mayor has turned out.
Viejo ratero como todos y todas.
Comen santos y ***** Diablos toda la bola de muertos de hambre.

Sending you healing thoughts. :))