Wednesday, August 31, 2011


All we hear from Republicans is, Democrats are tax and spend. Obama has only created government jobs with no private sector jobs.

First of all Republicans demand smaller government and then complain the government is not doing enough to create private sector jobs. Pure BS

BUT this morning we have both of Texas Senators demanding more federal tax dollars to create more federal jobs. If these people speak they lie - and why? - because they have saps in their supporters.

The issue of whether or not we need more border patrol agents is not the real issue - it is Cornyn's demand for more federal employees at a time we are broke.

I am on record of not only opposing a VA hospital, but for cutting the VA budget by 20%. The waste in the VA is extraordinary. A competent Secretary can cut the budget while improving services.

The only question which should go into whether we need a VA hospital is, which is more cost effective - maintaining a hospital 24/7 or using the current system of allowing veterans to use Valley Baptist as their emergency care hospital and for overnight surgeries? I can tell you I like the idea of being able to use Valley Baptist in Brownsville a lot more than having to drive to Harlingen. The night I was admitted to Valley Baptist for by gall bladder surgery would have been an even bigger nightmare if I had to wait for someone to come get me in the middle of the night and drive me to Harlingen.

The VA clinic in Harligen does have problems which need to be solved yesterday. The first thing which needs to be done is to fire the entire administrative staff at the supervisory level. VA Region 17, which oversees most VA facilities in Texas also needs to be gutted of its chief administrators. These people see the veterans as the enemy. Their solution to everything is meetings more meetings while Rome burns. Unless Washington intervenes they will not lift a finger to help a veteran.

After I left endless messages for the telenurse in Harlingen and not getting a return phone call after 5 days I complained to Region 17 only to be blown off. The issue was the gabapentin I take for the neuropathy was causing suicidal ideation. This is a consequence of its long term use. I learned on my own to pull back on the dosage and spread the dosage out over more hours. Until Washington intervened and tore some new rectums for the people in Region 17 they could not make the connection between suicidal ideation and urgency. I will be done with the gabapentin once and for all after my final back procedure in September.

If Cornyn truly cared about the quality of care being received by veterans, which he does not, he would be pushing for money for real telenurse care, a walk in clinic with triage, and an explanation as to why the surgical rooms at the new facility were not properly sterilized. The last I checked the taxpayers are paying for specialists who cannot do their procedures in the new facility, while also paying for outside specialists to do the procedures in private hospitals. (Cornyn is silent because the VA rents the facility from Texas - if you will the medical school - had the VA messed up like this Cornyn would be demanding the Secretary's head, but it was the Texas medical school so he is silent.)

The VA also needs to extend the hours of the clinic to 7 p.m. to handle the walk ins. They need to hire 3 PA's immediately to help with the walk ins and the overflow which have the doctors so far behind.

They need to triple the phone staff so that veterans do not have to drive to Harlingen to do things they should be able to do on the phone, but can't because no one answers the phones.

Cornyn could not give a rats ass about the veterans or taxpayers. He sees these issues as vote getters and he is willing to bankrupt the country with needless tax and spend to get what he wants. He did the same cry me a river when NASAs budget was cut.

The issue here is not the need for more border patrol agents - we can debate the merits of that - the issue is the Republicans accusing Obama of tax and spend and destroying this country while they themselves are supporting endless policies of tax and spend so that they can get votes.


Anonymous said...


The problem is not that Republicans tax and spend. The problem is that because of their policy of "no taxes", Republicans borrow and spend.

BobbyWC said...

fair enough

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good morning all. Looking like a great day with this little northern that kicked in. Beautiful weather to do some research on our tax system before posting your comments. The only thing our tax code needs is for everybody to pay their fair share! Half of the people working don't pay a penny and many get back more than what had been taken from their checks. EIC !!! Now lets do this and take 100% of all income made by the richest in America! Yea! Just what Obama wants! Even if we did just this, it still wouldn't be enough to get us out of the hole. The problem is not income, it is spending! Government spending by Bush (9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, banking bailout) and Obama's (cash for clunkers, AIG, wall street bail out, shovel ready jobs)is what partially got us into this mess. The unauthorized spending of our social security contributions, the creation of medicare and medicaid and the list goes on and on. Hence, the borrowing problem. Government needs to shrink and corporations need to come back to our country to creat manufacturing jobs. These are "wealth creation" jobs that make our country and people wealthy. Taking raw material, natural resources and creating a product. This is creating wealth. Flipping burgers, service related industries, do not create wealth, they redistribute it. This is the direction our country needs to go and blaming only one party is not the solution. They are both at fault!
Ernie Gorena