Thursday, August 11, 2011


UPDATE:  This morning true to form for Carlos Quintanilla as part of his scam to take $2.5 million dollars from the poorest of the poor for his bogus airline has announced that Melissa Zamora's company is to be paid $600,000.  His proof;

From the Herald:

"The Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, based on a recommendation from the Brownsville Economic Development Council, on Thursday voted to approve subsidies of up to $500,000 for a year to help AeroMexico get established here. In addition, GBIC has pledged $100,000 for marketing and promoting the Brownsville-to-Monterrey service on both sides of the border.. 

Carlos Quintanilla knows how to read English.  he knows he lies - why does he lie?  He is a con artist.  GBIC has agreed to spend $100,000 on advertising.  This for sure is taxpayer money being spent.  The other $500,000 may never be spent - it is money to be paid to Aeromexico if their passenger loads drop below a certain number.  It is possible not one penny of this $500,000 will ever be paid to Aeromexico.

Compare this - Quintanilla who claims to care about the poor attacked everyone under the sun when his bogus airline did not get a guarantee of $1.5 million dollars without ever having to fly one plane and with a possible additional $1 million dollars in the long run.

Yes it is true Aeromexico tickets are higher than the proposed prices of Fly Frontera.  But Fly Frontera's prices were based on the poorest of the poor in the United States paying to subsidize the cost of the tickets so that Quintanilla could make a living on the backs of people who cannot pay their bills.  Under Quintanilla's plan so he could make a buck the poorest of the poor were bound to pay for part of the plane ticket for Mexican nationals, while the people of Brownsvill go hungry. Without these subsidies from the poorest of the poor Carlito do tell us how much Fly Frontera was going to charge for the tickets.

Yes Aeromexico is more expensive - but to date the cost to Brownsville taxpayers for the tickets is zero, whereas had Carlito gotten his way he would have pocketed $1.5 million without any guarantee there ever would have been one flight.

NOW, WHILE I TRUST AEROMEXICO as a company and believe they will do well and Brownsville will do well under the deal - I DO NOT SUPPORT - these behind closed door deals.  Brownsville does not serve its image when its money is being given away without the people first being allowed to be involved.  We saw how badly the BEDC messed up with Fly Frontera and only got its facts right when pressured to do its job. 

The people have a right to know what due dilegence was done and what were the results.  BEDC and GBIC are not trustworthy organizations.  The City Commission needs to act to prevent these turkeys from spending any further taxpayer money without first providing full transparency to the people.


Carlito wants everyone to know that Presas-Garcia has agreed to be an advocate for Fly Frontera. He is hopeful her history of integrity and brilliance will convince the City of Edinburg to give him somewhere between $1.5 -$2.5 million dollars to start up Fly Frontera out of Edinburg. I have verified his claims as being true. Presas-Garcia drove him to Edinburg to meet with city officials wherein Presas-Garcia vouched for Carlos Quintanilla.

My sources are telling me Edinburg's interest in the project ended at about the point the door hit Carlito in the ass. If he is now begging a city like Edinburg for money, it means Harlingen and McAllen have turned him down.

Exactly why would people who are flying into Edinburg stay in Edinburg? They will do one of two things - get a hotel in McAllen and go shopping in McAllen, or go to the outlet mall in Mercedes. The benefit to Edinburg is zero.


Reality check - during the last city charter review the issue of recall was on the top of every one's list.   the community fought hard to make recall easier.  Where was Erasmos and chezmeh - nowhere - but now they claim credit for making recall an issue.  Some wanted to change the 25% signature requirement to 15%, but others like Melissa Zamora demanded that it be lowered to 10%. When it was all done and over Melissa Zamora won and the signature requirement was lowered to 10%.  Again where was cheezmeh - nowhere to be found.  The hero in the battle to use recall against  city commissioners is none other than Melissa Zamora and those who stood with her.

Where was Erasmos and cheezmeh - no where to be found. He claims the BV and others are calling him crazy for wanting to use recall to get rid of politicians. As I have said before, if Erasmos speaks he lies. No one that I know of has ever said recall is a bad thing - it never happened. What is being said is, he wants to recall Melissa Zamora without cause and in fact based on a need to be able to claim he is a king maker - delusional.

He has not been able to refute the evidence which shows Melissa Zamora lead the battle against Fly Frontera, to restore the cameras to the public comment section, and to make it easier for the people to recall politicians by lowering the signature requirement to 10%. He has yet to produce any evidence Melissa has ever done anything wrong as a commissioner in terms of taking money from a vendor. His group just posts their lies in hopes people will believe them.

AGAIN NOT THAT REALITY MATTERS - But long since anyone heard of this idiot and his bogus group which now only consists of his sister and Laura Miniel, along with a hand full of posters who have no say in the direction of the group, activists on the BISD issue have been raising money to remove Presas-Garcia. As is always the case Erasmos does nothing and then claims credit for the invention of recall.


His group's near dead silence on the corruption at BISD comes from his "personal" relationship with Rodrigo Moreno. Rodrigo Moreno has been documented as a strategist for the corrupt majority on the BISD Board. Erasmos Castro does nothing without the consent of Rodrigo Moreno - hence the dead silence on the BISD corruption.

IT GOES FURTHER, Rodrigo Moreno and Laura Miniel have a personal score to settle with Melissa Zamora. They worked to destroy her reputation in the election against Cisneros. This group cannot articulate any reason why Melissa Zamora should be recalled. The latest is she will not meet with them.

They trashed her and tried to make  her look like a slut with their lies. They put out endless lies about her, and now they complain she will not meet with them. Delusional is all I can say.


Erasmos brazenly announced that his group will go after Rick Longoria after they remove Melissa Zamora. NEWSFLASH YOU MORONIC EGO ON ACID - The unions do not need your permission to organize a recall against Rick Longoria. Based on what I have been told, they will distance themselves from cheezmeh like a bad STD.

This idiot actually believes the unions will not act until they have his permission.


The call for recall of Tony Martinez and Ricky Longoria is based on real events - not made up lies. Hence people have a real and valid reason to seek their recall. They both voted for union busting, and to silence speech. Not that reality matters, but Melissa voted to save the union and to restore speech.

sorry got long - Aeromexico tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Presas-Garcia's integrity. Perfect example of an oxymoron

Anonymous said...

"He has yet to produce any evidence Melissa has ever done anything wrong as a commissioner in terms of taking money from a vendor."

I recall she signed a public relations contract with HNTB soon after she became city commissioner. HNTB is some sort of city vendor.

BobbyWC said...

Melissa immediately resigned her contract with them.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe just shy of two months into what I believe was a three month contract qualifies as "immediately resigned." She never should have signed the contract to begin with. It all sounds very unethical. Even Charlie Atkinson or Carlos Cisneros did anything like that.

BobbyWC said...

Nice attempted con job - she resigned after getting elected - she had no reason to resign until it became a conflict of interest

But nice attempted con job.

Bobby WC

BROWNTOWN is my business said...

Mr. Bobby, it is my understanding that the requirement to recall a city commissioner involved obtaining the signatures of 25% of a district's registered voters . That requirement dropped to 10% with Bill Hudson's recall campaign of so many years ago . As for Cheezmeh's recall of Commissioner Zamora, only two commissioners can be recalled at this time ,Rose Gowen and Melissa Zamora. The other newly elected commissioners need to have been in office six months before they can be touched. The easier target is Zamora. The reason, to get the majority of the City Commission to LISTEN to the taxpaying voting citizens of Brownsville. It is not personal, it is business .
The welfare of the city of Brownsville is my business.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville Herald arvhices show the contract began on August 10, 2007. Remind us again when she became a city commissioner?

Why no movie review?

BobbyWC said...

You're a liar - Melissa lead the battle against Fly Frontera, to restore speech and to protect the union - how is she not listening =- she is not listening to you - that is not the same as saying she is not listening to the community.

The record is clear Melissa fought to change the signatures to 10% - was that not listening to the people. Cheezmeh will not see what is coming if they target her - the unions will stand with her and destroy cheezmeh

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

"That requirement dropped to 10% with Bill Hudson's recall campaign of so many years ago"

Well if it's your business to know, then you are a dumbass. The change happened in 2009 and not a direct reaction to Bill Hudson's campaign.

This is the article about Melissa's adventure with HNTB. It's clear she was under contract after she was a city commissioner and not before. Sorry Bobby, but you are wrong.

BobbyWC said...

Reality does matter and the BV has gotten the facts straight - it is chezmeh posters playing a game of misleading people.

The BV has never said the 10% had anything to do with Hudson - the BV has been clear it came about after the Charter Review and the Melissa pushed for the 10% rule after others were trying to change it o 15%. Dumbass - learn to read.

On her conflict of interest - the reason the original poster did not provide the link is- it confirmed what I was saying - she terminated the contract with the the company.

The only time a vote came up for the company after she started to work for them - she abstained - this means she took no part in the vote

"The awarding of a contract to a firm for a project based on plans engineered by HNTB appeared before the City Commission on Sept. 15. Zamora abstained from the vote."

She then resigned her contract with the company. There is nothing in the law which prohibits a commissioner from doing busines with someone who does business with the city. The key is to abstain.

But as Melissa herself noted in the article - even though she abstained it made her and the city look bad - so she walked about from the contract.

These are the reported facts and cheezmeh hates them - which is why one of their supporters posted a misleading post without the link to the article - the article which tells the entire truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby you lie when you say that Quintanilla would have pocketed any money Fly Frontera would have gotten $500,000 of which half of it was being extorted by Michael Jones to give to Melissa Zamora.

Brownsville is my business said...

Thank you Whichever anonymous responded to the comment of the required signatures for recall from 25% to10%. Do you have a link to any article(s)? The point still being, the majority of the City Commission is not listening to me or you or anyone except their own self interests. The meeting seemed staged? They are not even listening to the BUC. What to do?Recall. Who is really behind the grand scheme of things and what is the goal? Also, there is no need to be insulting and the name is Dumas, Alexandre Dumas.

Brownsville is my business said...

Thank you Whichever anonymous responded to the comment of the required signatures for recall from 25% to10%. Do you have a link to any article(s)? The point still being, the majority of the City Commission is not listening to me or you or anyone except their own self interests. The meeting seemed staged? They are not even listening to the BUC. What to do?Recall. Who is really behind the grand scheme of things and what is the goal? Also, there is no need to be insulting and the name is Dumas, Alexandre Dumas.

Anonymous said...

Why do you despise Cheezmeh? Would it give you joy to see the group crumble?

Anonymous said...

You are right. Reality does matter. No one said you or the BV said anything about Hudson. They were calling the anonymous poster a dumbass.

The thread is very clear. Someone brought up a contract she did in fact sign with HNTB who does business with the city. You said she resigned but did not negate she ever signed a contract. A poster acknowledged her resignation but only questioned whether it was an immediate resignation. To which you falsely claimed she had this contract before she was city commissioner. You were absolutely wrong on this fact as the Herald link proves. Do you want a balloon for bringing up she reisgned, a fact that no one was arguing against? There is nothing misleading about it. What these posters are saying is she signed a contract with a city contractor after she was a city commissioner. No more. No less.

How could she not know it would make the city look bad before she, a city commissioner, signed a contract with a private business which routinely does business with the city? Who cares if she abstains or not. From the outside, it looks bad.

Texas needs a law that requires local elected officials file a report disclosing their contracts and conflicts of interest.

BobbyWC said...

The record is clear - Melissa went on record stating it made her and the city look bad - her job was not as a lobbiest for the company but to write press releases.

If you look hard enough - lots of elected officials are financially tied to people doing business with teh city - the difference is - she cut her ties after abstaining - and for the record the BV took a hard stand on teh issue calling he shortsigteness a big mistake and something which could eventually result in her removal.

As to the meetings being staged - really - did you see Martinez's face when Melissa called for a vote to protect the unions before he could have his propaganda read into the record - she has lead against Martinez 3 times - she listen to the union - she listen to those calling for keeping teh cameras on - she lead the battle against Fly Frontera - how is this not listening to the people.

I support recall 100% - Longoria qualifies for recall come November - November is around the corner - you need to form a viable organization - get commitments from enough people to walk the communities to get the signatures - by the time anyone does this it will be November

A successful recall of Longoria will rightfully put the group on the map as a powerhouse voice in the community - regardless of who that voice may be.

The BV is about not telling lies so that people can gain power.

Onb Longoria you have Fly Frontera, the union, and free speech - clear issues which no one can dispute - the people will recall him if the challenge is made

Bobby WC