Tuesday, August 9, 2011


BUT FIRST, Montoya a paid hack who attacks those who paid him for positive press once they stop paying.

When the BV covered the election fraud case against Hernandez, Montoya printed one defense after another defending the fraud.  But then of course Hernandez was paying him.  Masso is paying him, so he gets positive press.  Nothing about the $21.4 million dollars Dannenbaum was allowed to keep after Masso met with him.

On Ernie -Montoya's words defending him.

"politiquera par excellence Herminia Becerra, just happened to be visiting the woman.
She, of course, quickly assailed Peña on his claim that her mail-in votes (she said she mailed about 140 of them) in the runoff election were fraudulent.
"How about the ones that got Blanca Vela (his relative) into the Brownsville mayor's position?" Herminia asked him. "They were the same ones I mailed out this time. Why didn't you claim fraud that time when she won?"
Stunned by the attack, Peña could only look for a way out the door, but even then, Herminia beat him to the punch.
"Vayase mucho a ching-- su mauser," Becerra was said to have yelled at Peña's quickly retreating rump. "Viejo lloron."

Montoya defends Becerra's connections with elected officials she has helped with mail-ballots to get bail lowered friends.

""Just the other day one of my neighbors had her son jailed and a bail of more than $58,000 placed on him," she said. "He didn't kill or beat anyone, so I helped her and it got lowered to $20,000. They're poor people, they can't afford that kind of money or an expensive lawyer."
So when Hernandez was paying Montoya the entire claims about politiqueras were bogus - now they are true and Ernie is an Eel.  It is a very dangerous society we live in when corrupt politicians like Hernandez and Masso can buy lies from a convicted drunk.


As promised the documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon. Now they want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money because the insurance companies refuse to settle.


On April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted to keep Art Rendon under contract.


He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Enrique Escobedo and Jaime Escobedo claim 55 Galonsky as a business address.

Hey Enrique if you want to spend the next 20 years on your knees drinking protein drinks you just go ahead and vote to complete the conspiracy.   There is no doubt in my mind the FBI is just waiting for this vote before completing its paperwork for presentation to the grand jury - at least on this issue.  It may still take until 2012, for the FBI to complete the entire indictment process which will include Healthsmart, and the Compass bank mess.

In the past we have seen how Presas-Garcia jumped the gun on this issue.  We shall see what happens tonight.

As to Antonio Juarez the matter remains pending before the court of appeals.  Why spend taxpayer money to settle this lawsuit when it is possible the court of appeals will simply throw it out.  Experienced attorneys know that if the appellate court agrees with the trial court it can and often does simply issues a one page opinion affirming the trial court.  There is no predicting the result, but the longer it takes the better it is for BISD.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, thank you for informing the taxpayers the plans that some trustees have with their money! It seems like BV continues to be the only unbought voice for Brownsville!

Anonymous said...

Is it ethical for the spouse of a BISD employee to vote for or against any medical coverage company? I am referring to a spouse who also is on the school board.
This does not pass the smell test for me.

Anonymous said...

What is your email address?

Anonymous said...

Bobby....what are Dr. Escbobedo's brother credentials?? Can you give more info about him?

Anonymous said...

Just saw Quintanilla limp into the BISD board room. Well it could be a limp or his rock hard Stacey Adams shoes! Old Pachuco, what a piece of art! He's waiting for the Health Smart item to come up, it will be a long wait for that one.

Anonymous said...

like i hsve expressed before....look in to escobedo's security company....find out how and why he has secured ALL city contracts....that no other security company can out bid....Cemetery, BPD, Events center...ect...i am certain and can atest that he is GREAT friends with Cabler...he also sponsered 13 out of 18 holes at the Chief's last golf tournament at $1,000 a hole....and who does all camera/surveillance work at PD? Mr. Esbobedo....

BobbyWC said...

I will chech on this - I jard pressed to beleive he has all of the contracts - but he may have a lot - I can say for sure in the BHA case his brother helped him with Lehmann and Rendon to get the million dollar contract

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobby. Buy yeah man, is the brother a Dr. also??

BobbyWC said...

It blows my mind how Quintanilla and his supporters will never end the deception

Fact - Quintanilla is being paid by Public Charter - in fact under the initial agreement he was president of Fly Frontera - really he was not going to make money on the deal? Do you really believe people are that stupid.

Further if your claims about Melissa were true - Charlie Atkinson would have made them front page headlines - the more you lie the more the people know how desperate you really are.

Bobby W C