Thursday, August 4, 2011


What is becoming increasingly apparent is, Laura Miniel, Jim Barton, and Erasmos Castro stand for anything  but transparency.  I am going to repeat part of yesterday's post because it is important to today's post.

When someone supporting Fly Frontera started to do criminal background checks on the cheezmeh leadership the BV called on Camarillo among others to denounce these actions. Cheezmeh's Eramsos Castro not only deleted my posts on this issue but that of others. Eramos Castro instead chose cut a deal with Rodrigo Moreno to protect Camarillo. This was not withstanding the fact the picture evidence proved Rodrigo Moreno was working with Carlos Quintanilla, Pat Lehmann, and Enrique Escobedo in executing the corruption at BISD.

It must also be remembered that Rodrigo Moreno's campaign against Melissa Zamora through the use of smut and using the same old garbage used against strong and independent woman by small penis misogynists of claims of slut, whore, and easy, failed. If a recall petition is started there is no doubt in my mind the people of Brownsville will respond overwhelmingly in favor of Melissa. The women of Brownsville are tired of small ego misogynists like Rodrigo Moreno, Jerry McHale, Jim Barton and Erasmos Castro.

During the campaign when Erasmos Castro started to make posts originally created by Rodrido Moreno, I challenged him.  This is when I was banned and he went on a tirade with bizarre posts directed at me. 

Laura Miniel, the consummate con artist, accused me of being paranoid.  At no time did she deny my posts were deleted on the issue of demanding Camarillo denounce those doing criminal background checks on cheezmeh leadership.  Castro outright lied on the issue and only banned me after I was able to prove my comment was in fact posted before he deleted it.

You see Laura Miniel knew the truth.  Laura Miniel calls for transparency, while hiding the truth about who she is and her motivations.

Guess who worked the phone banks against Melissa Zamora during her campaign against Carlos Cisneros?  You got it- Laura Miniel.  She has been working with Rodrigo Moreno since day one.  This is the same Rodrigo Moreno who was working with Carlos Quintanilla and Edward Camarillo..

Fly Frontera was nothing more than a false claim by cheezmeh to appear important to the community. 

The BV has now proven that Melissa Zamora is an effective commissioner.  It has proven she in fact took the lead and attacks on the very issues cheezmeh claim they care about.  So why try and get rid of her.

Three commissioners are up for reelection in 2 years.  Gowen, Zamora, and Villarreal.  Laura Miniel who has been gunning for Melissa with lies and deception for some two years, Jim Barton and Erasmos Castro have decided  Melissa would be the easiest target.  Laura Miniel knew based on the Cisneros campaign she would have no problem putting out lies against Melissa.

These people are dangerous and against transparency.  They have no use for Brownsville.  They are prepared to destroy an innocent city commissioner so they can claim they are king makers.  This is sick.


Jimbo says he believes in human rights.  Second to the right to life is the human right to your reputation.  This low life scumbag in search of being able to claim to be a king maker is prepared to lie  about anyone and everyone.  He does not care about how their human right to their reputation is destroyed.  He wants his power and he will do whatever it takes to get it.

He says he hates liars, but he has intentionally spread lies about Dr. Atkinson and Melissa Zamora.

Jim cannot run from the evidence - so his solution is to attack me rather than dispute the facts.


For over a year  I have been calling for a community watchdog group.  I tasked this group to find candidates against all the BISD Trustees up for reelection. 

The BV will be the first to endorse and promote any true community watchdog group.  A true watchdog group puts out the truth without regard for where the axe falls.A true community watchdog group does not hide the fact they have worked with Rodrigo Moreno while continuing to do his dirty work


Anonymous said...

Bobby, what credentials would be appropriate for BISD Trustees? How likely do you think it would be for Brownsville to have a true watchdog group?

Anonymous said...

Laura Miniel and Jessica TK are on the outs already. Just check out Jessica's page. A free for all with accusations flying all around---even threats of lawsuits.

Have a beautiful day!
Get well!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know Bobby, not all BISD trustees are bad, but you get angry with them cuz they don't do what you want. You want them to go to the press and make a circus out of a bad situation. Why do you not run for BISD trustee. So you can report from the inside. Even thou we like your blog and you do help the community with it; you have a temper that can go out of control and be of no good to anyone. Not even good for you. Oh, well!