Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I first watched this video I thought this is a really bad ego on acid. It is about 100% self promotion and deception.

These liars claim credit for killing Fly Frontera. They also claim Melissa Zamora must be removed from the commission as ineffective. These people hate reality and facts. One commissioner and only one commissioner publicly stood against Carlos Quintanilla and Fly Frontera - that Commissioner was - Melissa Zamora.

The BV had formally announced it was shutting down - I think that post lasted several hours. When I read the attacks against Melissa Zamora on the issue I knew a con job was amidst. Perhaps that one post by Montoya did more than anything else to kill Fly Frontera. When I first read about Fly Frontera I saw no reason to investigate - all the post said was they were going to be flying between Monterrey and Brownsville. It was something I had been advocating for, for some time.  On the passenger load issue, Quintanilla and I agreed the passenger load was there.  That was not the issue - it was the business model.  It was Cheezmeh which just fabricated an expert report concluding the passenger load was not there.  Aeromexico has proven Cheezmeh wrong.

[Side note:  You know Jim Barton has no interest in reality or facts when he puts the BV in the position of defending Quintanilla.  Jim Barton's claim to Gallegos that Quintanilla had multiple lawsuits pending against him while the Fly Frontera deal was pending is simply false.  It is just one of Jim Barton's many lies.  This ego on really bad acid has no interest in facts or reality.]

But then the attack came against Zamora on the same day the BV shut down. I realized Quintanilla was part of the deal and they were asking for public funds. I realized that the city commission was doing everything behind closed doors.  For me this all smelled bad. 

BUT MELISSA ZAMORA stood alone against Carlos Quintanilla. Where was Cheezmeh - no where to be found. Cheezmeh only got interested in the matter after Craig Grove copied and pasted over to their facebook page all of the research done by the BV.   When they appeared at the city commission meeting and forced a discussion they walked out thereby giving Quintanilla a 30 minute self promotion commercial.  These people give new meaning to incompetence.

When someone supporting Fly Frontera started to do criminal background checks on the cheezmeh leadership the BV called on Camarillo among others to denounce these actions. Cheezmeh's Eramsos Castro not only deleted my posts on this issue but that of others. Eramos Castro instead chose cut a deal with Rodrigo Moreno to protect Camarillo. This was not withstanding the fact the picture evidence proved Rodrigo Moreno was working with Carlos Quintanilla, Pat Lehmann, and Enrique Escobedo in executing the corruption at BISD.

It must also be remembered that Rodrigo Moreno's campaign against Melissa Zamora through the use of smut and using the same old garbage used against strong and independent woman by small penis misogynists of claims of slut, whore, and easy, failed. If a recall petition is started there is no doubt in my mind the people of Brownsville will respond overwhelmingly in favor of Melissa. The women of Brownsville are tired of small ego misogynists like Rodrigo Moreno, Jerry McHale, Jim Barton and Erasmos Castro.

The BV will always stand with strong and independent women. If you have evidence someone has engaged in corruption or wrongdoing, the BV will post it. But the BV posts it because it is wrongdoing, and not because it is being done by a women.

One final note, Jim Barton's and Erasmos Castro's evidence Melissa Zamora is making money on the Aeromexico deal - Carlos Quintanilla and Juan Montoya. It just goes to show how desperate they are to destroy an innocent person so they can claim to be king makers.

They are nothing more than an ego and really bad acid.

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How sad for Brownsville!