Monday, August 22, 2011


Note:  Since being on my no carb diet I have lost 20 pounds.  On Friday my doctor took me off my high blood pressure medicine.  On average my blood pressure is on the low side of normal.  Maybe by October I can go off my cholesterol medicine.  This will leave me with just the vitamin D and testosterone - although there is a chance the gall bladder surgery may resolve both of these.

I had been needing to go to Mexico for some time, but simply will no longer go to Matamoros. A friend is visiting from Dallas so I used the opportunity to drive to Progreso. The drive down Military was actually very nice. It took 50-55 minutes each way. The bridge time on the return was less than 10 minutes.

I had no fear of driving my truck over to Progreso. We shopped for a while before I finally found a store with what I was looking for. I did buy a few things here and there for good prices. But in the end the Galaria had the best prices and in fact was the only store with what I was looking for. While they were packing up everything I bought we ran to Arturo's for a late lunch.

I bought things from three vendors who relocated their businesses from Matamoros. They all talked about having to close their businesses before dark so they do not have to drive on the highway at night while driving back to Matamoros.

I had a good time. If you really want to go to Mexico give Progreso a try.

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