Friday, August 12, 2011


The bottom line problem is corporatism has supplanted free market capitalism. Corporatism is the use of the government to guarantee a select few corporations and entities corporate welfare and protection from true free market competition.

There are only two ways for the government to raise revenues - taxes or profits from government owned business.  The government can lower its costs for medicare, medicaid, and medicare part D by simply entering the free market. 

The corporatist through their Republican mouth pieces and the Tea Party have made it clear they will never allow the US government to enter the market place and use the free market to lower its costs.

Medicare part D is costing the US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars for no better reason than the corporatist in the Republican Party have made it clear the US government will never be allowed to buy medications for seniors on the open market.  The VA buys all of the medications for veterans on the open market.  It saves hundred of billions of dollars by being able to buy the medications in the free  market.

VA government clinics are good enough for veterans, but according to Republicans not good enough for seniors on medicare or the poor and disabled on medicaid.  Cities the size of Brownsville can certainly handle a  government medicare and medicaid clinic wherein the doctors are on salary.  But no, the Republicans want your tax dollars to go to support  the corporations and doctors at artificially high prices.

This is the sole cause for the budget crisis.


In this past week because the corporatist opposed raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires the millionaires and billionaire lost millions more in the past week with the 10% down turn in the stock market than the tax increase would have ever cost  them.  Unfortunately, the middle class also lost as their retirement accounts slid downward.

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