"Hernandez said he didn’t know anything and that neither he nor his assistant, former city Fire Marshal Raul Salazar, or any of his acquaintances had pressed anyone into taking the exam for Cadriel."

Raul Salazar... now where does that ring a bell? Oh yeah, THAT former city fire marshal Raul Salazar. The one who pleaded guilty in 2002 to one count of bribery and one count of theft by a public servant:

Does any one else detect a weird pattern here, or am I just overly paranoid?"
No Micah, you are not paranoid - you brought to the attention of the community that Ernie knowingly hired someone who would break the law for his own benefit, while stealing from a charity and compromising the fire safety of all Brownsville.
"Hernandez said he didn’t know anything and that neither he nor his assistant, former city Fire Marshal Raul Salazar"
"The brib-ery count stems from charges he took money in return for granting afavorable fire inspection.

The theft count is connected to money stolen from the Brownsville Fire
Departments Christmas Charity Fund, which Salazar headed for about eight


Ernie seems driven to hire dishonest people so he has reliable people to do his dirty work.

"Cadriel (Ernie's brotherinlaw" went through neither a background check nor reference check, the Herald learned.

He listed state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., a clerk at Brownsville’s City Hall, and City Manager Charlie Cabler as references in his application.

“No one called me,” Cabler said Friday.

Cabler was already city manager in 2006 when Cadriel, employed by the city as code enforcement officer, was indicted by a Cameron County grand jury, following an investigation into allegations that he and another city employee abused their position by soliciting and taking bribes from local mechanic shop owners between 2005 and 2006. They were accused of selling building permits."

Does anyone know if Ernie was on the city commission during the time Cadriel and Salazar were violating the law?  If so did Ernie know what was going on?  Is this why he hired Salazar?  To buy his silence?

We know for sure Villalobos will not investigate.

If the Republicans fail to take the lead on a grand jury referral they are no better than the Democrats.