Saturday, August 27, 2011


I was very disappointed in this film. It is a Guillermo Del Toro film - the artwork which goes into every scene has his signature all over it. While I was sitting there watching the film I sensed scene's right out of "Pan's Labyrinth" This cheapened the film.

The film is a remake of a 1973 film.  Del Toro likes mythical characters.  I guess this is why he chose this film and rewrote the script.  In 1973, the mother as opposed to the child was the focus of these fairies who live beneath the home.  Also, in this case Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes are remodelling the home for resale, as opposed to having just inherited it.

The home is the home of a late artist who was known for his nature paintings.  After Guy Pearce's young daughter arrives from LA, she finds a window into a basement which had been concealed with a wall to its entrance.  She later enters the basement by herself after Guy Pearce tears down a wall to get to its original entrance from the house.  While in the basement she opens the pathway to evil fairies (is that homophobic?).

As the fairies visit her and she learns they are not her friends, but in fact Republicans (sorry evil), she comes to learn no one believes her until it is too late.

The film is a suspense film.  The director never takes you to the point where you jump.  I don't think I heard one reaction from anyone in the audience - and it was a full house.  This was the problem - even when the fairies attack the grounds keeper the audience just sat there waiting to react. 

The film to its credit is not a stupid slasher film with virgins have sex in every other scene.  The attack on the grounds keep is a little violent, but that is it.

The problem with this film is, it never grabs you - a good suspense horror film should be holding you on the edge of your seat.  You do sense suspense, but not in a sustained way.

The colors and scenes in this film are magnificent.  Del Toro made the mistake of turning the film over to a director other than himself.  I am certain had Del Toro directed this  film I would have been on the edge of my  seat - but then maybe not.

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