Monday, August 15, 2011


UPDATE:  The BV is about evidence.  two people have been trying to get me to publish garbage against the BISD majority.  When I ask for evidence they get mad.  In one case they claimed Saavedra's husband is doing insurance work for the company they want to give the insurance contract to.  I asked for proof - none - I  checked with the state to see if Mr. Saavedra is authorized to sell insurance.  The state had no information.  I checked with the company where he was allegedly working.  They never heard of him.  I refused the story.  They got mad. 

You see Jill Graves and Elizabeth Johnson (of Oklahoma) are worse than Presas-Garcia - they claim to be better, but then throw temper tantrums when the BV refuses to post their garbage.  BISD will always be a disaster so long as people like Jill Graves or Elizabeth Johnson are involved.  All they care about is making sure their side gets what they want.  They have no interest in facts, just rumors and destroying anyone they do not like.  The BV will not play. 

The last email I got from Elizabeth Johnson follows:

"I am very disappointed in your post today. I did not think that you would so blatantly post the email I shared. Sorry there will be no more info from me. I know you sometimes think I do not have good info but time will show I do. The insurance mess is coming up but I will be silent on that because of this."

First, at no time was I told I could not use the information provided by Jill Graves concerning Aguilar's claim Dr. Montoya is running the district without the board's consent.  When you provide such a bomb to a blog you are incredibly stupid if you think it is not going to be used.  This is how Jill Graves and Elizabeth Johnson play it.  They are cons - they want to play games and do not give a rat ass about BISD or the children. 

They made excuses for Springston's FERPA violations when he discussed a case involving a student with Rick Zayas in an attempt to get me to drop the claims.  This was all the proof I needed to know neither of these women care about children.  It would do Aguilar well to run from both of these women - they will hang him and every child in BISD to get what they want.  They are Presas-Garcia light.

Further, Elizabeth Johnson is clearly saying she has the information about the corruption involving the insurance contracts, but she will remain silent - she is mad and going to tell her mommy how Bobby hurt her.  Translation - she has nothing - which is why she remains silent - or she is saying she is going to remain silent and allow BISD to be injured.  Either way she is not a credible person.

Original Post:

Myself along with others have been trying to get Aguilar, Colunga or Peña to answer a simple question as to how the vote went on the Healthsmart, Rendon and Juarez lawsuits. To a trustee they refuse to answer the question. Peña responded to one person, but the answer is evasive. I am not sure if she is being evasive, misleading, or simply does not know how to form a sentence in the English language.

Colunga and Peña outright refuse to respond to my requests. Newsflash Colunga and Peña - grow up and act like adults. I pay property taxes and vote - it is my right to seek information about BISD Trustee votes. If you were adults or knew how to act like adults you would not be playing this stupid game of "Bobby said mean things to me so I no longer have to answer his questions even though he is a voter and taxpayer."

Aguilar sent me two emails refusing to answer any questions. In the first he said something is wrong and that he would respond to me after he met with Dr. Montoya. That is when I got another email from a 3rd party wherein Aguilar to them claimed in his opinion Dr. Montoya is now running the school district without Board consent.

Now we all know Aguilar - he is a spineless little weasel who will do nothing to stop Dr. Montoya. He will allow the corruption to continue without any public comment.

While Hector Gonzales was going through his removal the BV always maintained that the discharge of Gonzales was 100% political, although on merit he needed to be fired. But they fired him for political reasons. Rolando Aquilar and Joe Colunga were willing participants in this act.

BISD is the political mess it is because Presas-Garcia saw first hand how Rolando Aquilar and Joe Colunga acted in all cases political without regard for the best interests of the children. While I am certain Presas-Garica is close to crashing and burning for her over the top political acts, this does not mean she is not acting in some regards exactly as Aquilar and Colunga did when they were in charge.

November 2012 needs to see every trustee up for reelection thrown out. Until we clean house of all trustees there will be no possibility of BISD becoming a place where children come first.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

I tell really can't make all this drama up!! Forget movies..(sadly) what we have here is a living soap opera sans the gorgeous actors!!


Til next time...

Anonymous said...

Do a public info request.

Anonymous said...

Ask Cata Presas-Garcia. Let's see what kind of answer she will give you. She is the board president.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not allowing ANYONE to bully you one way or the other.
The two you mentioned are nothing but TROUBLE. They are for themselves and their hold on the union. They have NEVER cared about our children. They are not well liked by many people because they are wolves in sheeps clothing.

So happy you are well on road to a healthy recovery. :))

Anonymous said...

Jill Graves lives in Maine according to her facebook page.
What is her interest making waves for BISD?
Just let it go ALREADY!!!!!
Move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be part of the solution and not part of the problem!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Bobby for you no nonsense approach.

Anonymous said...

In a time of a limited budget for the school district, why does the department of special services need to have three level five and one level six administrators (S.M.,J.W.,L.G.,S.P.) to run the department? Poor administrative decision and a waste of good taxpayers money. Move some of this individuals so that they can earn the money that they are being paid.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, is it true that the district's insurance carrier has hired Mr. Hunter for purposes of settling the lawsuits?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - but I have a post for tomorrow on the issue

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Thanks for letting Brownsville Know that the two Ladies you are trashing are so much like you. Remember you would curse your mother if you had the chance. You are just that type of moody person. Hope you feel Better.

Anonymous said...

In reference to Rolando Aguilar, I finally heard him say something smart at the last school board meeting when he corrected Caty's comment about the previous administration and board. Se quedo callada la Gata! It was about time Rolando spoke up. Now we have to wait for Colunga to open his mouth and say something that we can all understand and that he does not repeat 17 times.