Thursday, August 25, 2011


It took me two months to get the order appointing Alfred Padilla as Ernesto Martinez's attorney.  Judge Cornejo-Lopez who I already documented lied to the jury pool on the day of trial, refused to release the file to the clerk so that I could secure a copy of the order.  I finally secured the order yesterday.  This was two months after I made a written request after my oral request was denied.

Alfred Padilla was appointed on February 10, 2010, at a time he was representing Villalobos without payment.  Of course an appointment in a death penalty case is worth a small fortune.

What happened in this case is a black and white violation of the law.  It appears Phillip Cowen has been appointed as Martinez's attorney for a motion for new trial.  I will be forwarding these documents to his office.  The case law is black and white - the conviction is void.

Further Cornejo-Lopez certainly knew Padilla was representing Villalobos, the DA seeking to put a needle into Martinez.  Her failure to remove him from the case is clear evidence of her contempt for the law and the rules of ethics.

I will be asking the Commission on Judicial Conduct to investigate.   I will also be asking the State Bar to bring disciplinary action against Armando Villalobos, Pete Gilman - prosecuting attorney - Alfred Padilla, and Louis Sorola.  Each of these attorneys knew of the ethical violations involved in this case.  They each acted without regard  for the integrity of or legal system.  Justice must have the appearance of justice. 

Phillip Cowen needs to file a motion to recuse Cornejo-Lopez.  The reality is, with my complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct she would be declared certifiably insane if she did not recuse herself on her own.


I need copies of the original lawsuits filed against Villalobos wherein Padilla was his counsel.  I will be forwarding everything to several groups which fight for the freedom of wrongfully incarcerated defendants.  It is not that I think this guy should go free, I just think 10 years would have been a fair sentence.

I also need copies of any demand letters to Villalobos and any responses by Padilla.  I know  for a fact people know how to send me documents in the mail - the latest documents are my next story to be posted later.


I am working on another story - after breakfast and my morning swim I will finish the story and post it - it is a killer - and Louis Sorola is right in the middle of that one also.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure pay records are under the Open Records Act...Paddy was there quite a while as a "contractor" so no reason to not release those records of payment to you. If I recall he was an employee of the DA also back in the 07-09 period.

Anonymous said...

You're swimming now? What about your wound?

BobbyWC said...

Both my regular doctor and surgeon released me for swimming. I use a noodle across my chest - this allows me to swim with greater easy - when I say laps that means back and forth - so ten laps means 10 round trips before the surgery I was doing 20 round trips - yea not ready for that.

I am more concerned that several times I had to get out of the pool at night because it felt like the pool was a bucket of ice. The VA did some blood work to check my hemoglobin and other variables - remember there was a time I was losing 100 cc of blood an hour - when he pulled the drain I was losing 100 cc in 24 hours. That was 10 days after the surgery. I am sure I am fine - but I fatigue real fast - I will know on Thursday - some of the blood work had to go out to outside labs.

My scar is coming along just fine - I am using Mederma - it really works - I am very very happy with the progress

Now I cannot lift anything over 10 pounds until mid September.

I think I am just pushing myself too hard and that is why I fatigue so fast - just because everything appears healed on the outside does not mean it is healed on the inside.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't push yourself too hard because then you don't blog and I look forward to reading your articles.