Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Today Judge Alejandro issued a TRO against the City of Brownsville as it relates to the firefighters.  I have no idea as to the merits of the ruling.  I have not read the briefs.

I know a lot of people think this is not their issue - but it is - the more unions a community has the higher the wages for everyone. Obviously there is a balance - you do not want wages so high no industry will come to your community. But right now, no one will come to our community because it is run by a bunch of short sided thugs who cannot think beyond the chump change in their own pockets.

As a community we must always be willing to stand with those who protect and serve.   If not, then when our house burns we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Time to recall at least Rick Longoria.


All we hear from Republicans is, Democrats are tax and spend. Obama has only created government jobs with no private sector jobs.

First of all Republicans demand smaller government and then complain the government is not doing enough to create private sector jobs. Pure BS

BUT this morning we have both of Texas Senators demanding more federal tax dollars to create more federal jobs. If these people speak they lie - and why? - because they have saps in their supporters.

The issue of whether or not we need more border patrol agents is not the real issue - it is Cornyn's demand for more federal employees at a time we are broke.

I am on record of not only opposing a VA hospital, but for cutting the VA budget by 20%. The waste in the VA is extraordinary. A competent Secretary can cut the budget while improving services.

The only question which should go into whether we need a VA hospital is, which is more cost effective - maintaining a hospital 24/7 or using the current system of allowing veterans to use Valley Baptist as their emergency care hospital and for overnight surgeries? I can tell you I like the idea of being able to use Valley Baptist in Brownsville a lot more than having to drive to Harlingen. The night I was admitted to Valley Baptist for by gall bladder surgery would have been an even bigger nightmare if I had to wait for someone to come get me in the middle of the night and drive me to Harlingen.

The VA clinic in Harligen does have problems which need to be solved yesterday. The first thing which needs to be done is to fire the entire administrative staff at the supervisory level. VA Region 17, which oversees most VA facilities in Texas also needs to be gutted of its chief administrators. These people see the veterans as the enemy. Their solution to everything is meetings more meetings while Rome burns. Unless Washington intervenes they will not lift a finger to help a veteran.

After I left endless messages for the telenurse in Harlingen and not getting a return phone call after 5 days I complained to Region 17 only to be blown off. The issue was the gabapentin I take for the neuropathy was causing suicidal ideation. This is a consequence of its long term use. I learned on my own to pull back on the dosage and spread the dosage out over more hours. Until Washington intervened and tore some new rectums for the people in Region 17 they could not make the connection between suicidal ideation and urgency. I will be done with the gabapentin once and for all after my final back procedure in September.

If Cornyn truly cared about the quality of care being received by veterans, which he does not, he would be pushing for money for real telenurse care, a walk in clinic with triage, and an explanation as to why the surgical rooms at the new facility were not properly sterilized. The last I checked the taxpayers are paying for specialists who cannot do their procedures in the new facility, while also paying for outside specialists to do the procedures in private hospitals. (Cornyn is silent because the VA rents the facility from Texas - if you will the medical school - had the VA messed up like this Cornyn would be demanding the Secretary's head, but it was the Texas medical school so he is silent.)

The VA also needs to extend the hours of the clinic to 7 p.m. to handle the walk ins. They need to hire 3 PA's immediately to help with the walk ins and the overflow which have the doctors so far behind.

They need to triple the phone staff so that veterans do not have to drive to Harlingen to do things they should be able to do on the phone, but can't because no one answers the phones.

Cornyn could not give a rats ass about the veterans or taxpayers. He sees these issues as vote getters and he is willing to bankrupt the country with needless tax and spend to get what he wants. He did the same cry me a river when NASAs budget was cut.

The issue here is not the need for more border patrol agents - we can debate the merits of that - the issue is the Republicans accusing Obama of tax and spend and destroying this country while they themselves are supporting endless policies of tax and spend so that they can get votes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Up front I want to be clear about something - being a Latino does not make you more qualified to represent Latinos than an Anglo. One only need look to the DINOLINOS of Cameron County for poof.

Joaquin Castro is the twin brother of San Antonio mayor Julian Castro.  Julian Castro is expected to run for governor when Perry's current term is up.

Their is no dispute, for his time Lloyd Doggett has done a good job representing his district.  The problem is, all elected Texas Democrats have failed to convince Texans why it is time to dump the Republicans.  We are not going to get the Independents to vote in large numbers for Democrats until we give them new choices.  We must show them we are changing.  We must show them that the old guard Democrats are a thing of the past.  We need knew blood.

It will be a sad day in the career of Lloyd Doggett if he loses the Primary.  This is not how he should go out.  Washington insiders need to explain the new reality to him and ask that he announce his retirement.

But to be clear - Lloyd Doggett has not done anything wrong - it is simply if the Democrats are to take back the state, we need new blood.

Monday, August 29, 2011


This post is part of a larger post I am preparing as part of my campaign against Gilbert Hinojosa as the Texas Democratic Chair.

We begin with the truth - the hard core fact that the people of Cameron County rejected Gillbert Hinojosa not once, but twice.  According to the racist upstate Anglo Democrats we the Latino community of Cameron County are not smart enough to know Gilbert Hinojosa is a great man.


DINOLINOS are Democrats and Latinos in name only. To a person Cameron County elected Democrats are DINOLINOS.


Who is this right hand man of Gilbert Hinojosa? Tony Martinez has voted to kill the union contract with Brownsville's firefighters. He has voted to turn off the cameras at city commission meetings when the people are speaking. He has decided to stand with Ben Medina, Director Planning and Community Development, and his personal vendetta against one person, to cut off funding for drug counseling for BISD children. All Tony cares about is his little rugrats at Guadelupe Middle School - his motto now is let the kids at BISD do drugs - screw them.


My first experience in Cameron County was with the contemptible Darryl Hester - this turkey never met an act of judicial corruption he would not run cover for as the Administrative Judge. Of course history now records that many of the corrupt judges of Cameron and Hidalgo counties he ran cover for have either killed themselves, been indicted,  or  been forced out of office.

Indicted Abel Limas - I met this guy in court once while he was representing a woman in a family law case.  he could not  form a sentence - he could not form a coherent argument.  Every plaintiff's lawyer in this town who supported this moron for judge knew he was not qualified.  They backed him because they needed someone who would ignore the law in favor of the plaintiff's bar.  They needed someone who was too ignorant to understand the law.  Tony Martinez and his son were key players in the election of this moron.  Yes, they never offered bribes - but they intentionally compromised the integrity of our legal system for personal gain.  This is not a crime - but it speaks to their lack of a moral compass.

Ben Uresti - this guy is so incompetent he would sign his own death warrant because he simply does not care what he signs.  He has signed orders barring defamation and the firing of people.  This guy is so devoid of knowledge of the law or a care for the law he claims to have never heard of the First Amendment or the law.  The law concerning injunctions against firing someone is so basic it is not conceivable that an honest judge could ever have signed an order enjoining BISD from taking action against Art Rendon.  he has signed orders taking away the rights of fathers eventhough no such lawsuit has ever been filed.  Of course Tony Martinez calls Ben Uresti brilliant and a pillar of integrity.

Elia Cornejo-Lopez is a complete and total moron.  She has no conscience and will never allow the law or ethics to get in her way of injustice.  It seems to me she knows she is a one term district court judge and simply no longer cares.

Leonel Alejandro was considered a safe judge to take over Judge Limas' cases.  He avoided indictment by the skin of his teeth over undocumented workers at the port.  He has ordered his court reporter to alter court transcripts.  I am as certain as the day is long the FBI is closely looking at him in the Limas case.  There is a reason he was considered a safe replacement for Limas.

Menton Murray - he is like the priest every parent trusts to bring morals to their children only to later learn the priest had buggered  their sons.  There is a reason he was referenced as a safe judge in the Limas case.  Insiders knew the truth about this guy.  If Judge Olvera has not removed Menton Murray as a  visiting judge, Judge Olvera  could find himself a one term judge as the full story comes out.  The Limas case is growing by the minute  - the only question is will any judges in Cameron County survive.

I can go on - but I think my readers have the picture


This guy is so corrupt it boggles the mind is remains free.  I have to be careful here, but I know for a fact claims of Villalobos or his campaign staff in his name soliciting  bribes has been confirmed. This piece of scum stole $1 million dollars from the taxpayers for use in his office as a corrupt deal with Dannenbaum.  Dannenbaum agreed to pay $1 million to Villalobos for use in his office in exchange for dropping the criminal investigation.  A key player in the theft was none other than - Democrat Carlos Masso - the alleged criminal who seeks to replace Villalobos.  When pushed to the truth Carlos Masso had to admit to using taxpayer money to visit Dannebaum in Houston.  When Villalobos falls over the Dannenbaum mess, so too will Carlos Masso.

There is no dispute Villalobos orchestrated a deal where his former law partner, Eddie Lucio (not the Lucio family in politics), to secure a $500,000 cash bond in the Amit Livingston case as a settlement for the children of the murder victim.  Villalobos in exchange for the $500,000 settlement agreed to allow Amit Livingston a confessed murderer to walk out of court without any bond and on a promise he would return after he got his affairs in order.  Villalobos claimed to have been shocked that Livingston did not return to Cameron County to serve his jail sentence for murder.  For a few minutes work his former law partner Eddie Lucio made a pretty penny - reports showed a 40% interest - this would mean $200,000 - and for that $200,000 to his former law partner Eddie Lucio - Armando Villalobos allowed a convicted murderer to walk out of court free as a bird.


He is Gilbert Hinojosa's boy for Congress.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Cornejo-Lopez is just not incredibly unethical, she is a moron extraordinaire. From the Herald regarding the Limas case.

"Lopez said that she had not been surprised to learn of other charges stemming from the Limas case.

“I expect to read this and much more,” Lopez added."

For her to make these statements means she knew about the corruption at the court house. Of course she knew - she believes it is okay to lie to jury pools and to allow Alfred Padilla to represent the DA seeking the death penalty against a defendant and the defendant at the same time.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I was very disappointed in this film. It is a Guillermo Del Toro film - the artwork which goes into every scene has his signature all over it. While I was sitting there watching the film I sensed scene's right out of "Pan's Labyrinth" This cheapened the film.

The film is a remake of a 1973 film.  Del Toro likes mythical characters.  I guess this is why he chose this film and rewrote the script.  In 1973, the mother as opposed to the child was the focus of these fairies who live beneath the home.  Also, in this case Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes are remodelling the home for resale, as opposed to having just inherited it.

The home is the home of a late artist who was known for his nature paintings.  After Guy Pearce's young daughter arrives from LA, she finds a window into a basement which had been concealed with a wall to its entrance.  She later enters the basement by herself after Guy Pearce tears down a wall to get to its original entrance from the house.  While in the basement she opens the pathway to evil fairies (is that homophobic?).

As the fairies visit her and she learns they are not her friends, but in fact Republicans (sorry evil), she comes to learn no one believes her until it is too late.

The film is a suspense film.  The director never takes you to the point where you jump.  I don't think I heard one reaction from anyone in the audience - and it was a full house.  This was the problem - even when the fairies attack the grounds keeper the audience just sat there waiting to react. 

The film to its credit is not a stupid slasher film with virgins have sex in every other scene.  The attack on the grounds keep is a little violent, but that is it.

The problem with this film is, it never grabs you - a good suspense horror film should be holding you on the edge of your seat.  You do sense suspense, but not in a sustained way.

The colors and scenes in this film are magnificent.  Del Toro made the mistake of turning the film over to a director other than himself.  I am certain had Del Toro directed this  film I would have been on the edge of my  seat - but then maybe not.


I decided I wanted to check this place out, but some how new it was not going to happen. It is located on Price between 77 and Central. It is closer to 77 than Central.

I decided that after the movie I would check out the club. I got there about 10:15. There were like 3 cars in the parking lot. I knew clubs do not start until midnight in terms of a crowd. So I came home and swam some laps. You will never catch me out at midnight - unless I have been suckered into some movie on TMC, I am normally sound asleep by midnight.

Even when I was young I never went to clubs which started up late in the evening. In Houston and Dallas there are clubs for over 40 crowds which are like Cheers. These clubs I like - you go in after work - the music is not too loud - they may have a few pool tables and darts. They also had finger foods you could order while you hung out with your friends. It is relaxing and easy to talk to people. In Houston the one I went too had dancers on Friday and Saturday. I was always home by 10:00 p.m.

Any way for my gay readers check it out - if you see the manager tell him he needs a Friday after work cocktail hour for patrons over 40.

Friday, August 26, 2011

David Marks


I think when local students make good and bring honor to Brownsville and UTB it is important that we profile them for their hard work. Yes teachers matter, but the hard work at the end of the day must come from the student.

"Sixteen undergraduate Latino students from across the United States were selected out of more than 100 applicants for the CHCI Congressional Internship Program. The purpose of the internship is to promote the presence of Hispanics in Congress by exposing college students to the legislative process and providing them with learning experiences and networking opportunities.

Marks will work in the office of the office of Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative for the 47th District of California."


Every year I buy the school supplies for a child. She is now at Stell - 7th grade. BISD needs to deal with reality and accept that the parents of BISD children cannot afford $60.00 worth of supplies for one student. There is no reason for the teachers at Stell not being able to find a way to hold down the costs of school supplies.

For a dollar each students can buy spiral notebooks. You add pens, pencils, extra paper and a UBS drive and you are at $20.00.

It is sad that BISD and at least the teachers at Stell fail to understand that when you task the children with a task they cannot succeed at, they are teaching them failure. I buy the supplies for this child because I know the parents do not have the money. Without me she would show up with none of what the teachers were asking for. She would find herself like many of the students in the classroom feeling bad because her parents are poor and cannot buy what the teachers want.

UTB and BISD need to start teaching these teachers that when you set a child up for failure you impact them mentally. Children who feel bad because they are poor and it is made obvious to the kids who are not poor, are more likely to fail - or simply decide they hate school.

It is sad that our teachers appear to have no training in the psychology of children. Since the teachers cannot figure this out on their own, and the principal seems oblivious to the problem it is time BISD establish a policy which forces the teachers to find ways to keep the cost of supplies to $20.00 or under.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


When I first received in the mail the order of contempt against Montoya for non-payment of his child support, I thought - why is this newsworthy - well by itself it is not. But then I went to the court house to confirm the authenticity of the order and learned when it comes to the VI-D Judge (child support judge)Judge Rosas - game playing will always be his way.

In the documents which I am posting, I am redacting all identifying information related to the children and the mother of his children. They have suffered enough.

The order of contempt shows that Montoya was ordered in August of 2009 to start paying child support of $300.00 a month starting on September 1, 2009. The order also shows that from November 2009 until February 2010, Montoya failed to pay his support, including medical support. The docket sheet shows the Judge Rosas appointed his favorite con artist lawyer, Louis Sorola to be Montoya's attorney.

I say favorite con artist lawyer because in the past the BV did a story on a father who had part of his rights removed after Sorola agreed to an order taking away part of the father's rights. The father refused to sign the order and Sorola nonetheless authorized the judge to sign it against his client's will. The lawsuit was brought by the AG. It was a child support case establishing child support for three of the 4 children and contempt on the oldest child. There was never a lawsuit filed by anyone seeking to remove any of the fathers rights. In fact Sorola refused to pull a CPS case wherein the father was awarded custody of the children. Until this day we do not know who officially had custody of the children. In the end the father was not sent to jail because from the day he received a request for information from the AG he started to pay the child support directly to the AG before a lawsuit was even filed, or a duty to pay was even established by the court as to the other three children.  Before then the evidence showed he was supporting the children directly.

Anyway, on June 10, 2010, Sorola agreed to have his attorneys fees waived. Judge Rosas orders the Respondents to pay the attorneys fees of the court appointed lawyers. The docket sheet shows that not only were the attorneys fees waived so to was a $75.00 fee. By this point Montoya was providing Sorola free coverage in his failed lawsuit against the COB related to the bonds. In fact during this time Sorola's son was demanding the people or Brownsville give his son, Louis Sorola money to pay for the lawsuit or else he would drop it - well we know the result - Louis Sorola refused to do the lawsuit pro bono and it was dropped.

Unlike just about everyone else held in contempt by Judge Rosas, Montoya was fee to walk out of court and given 7 months until January 11, 2011, to report to jail. District Court Judge David Sanchez had no problem agreeing to this order of privilege for Juan Montoya.

After Montoya failed to appear in court (he may have still been in jail on his DWI - but the jailers would have taken him to the court had he simply asked) the court issued a Capias for his arrest.    After months of being allowed to roam free, on June 28, 2011, more than a year after he was held in contempt, Judge Rosas voided the arrest order and the sheriff was ordered to halt his efforts to arrest Montoya.  Judge Rosas then gave Montoya until December 1, 2011, to report back to the court and pay up.

I can assure you this is not how everyone else is treated.  I know the case of a police officer's brother who was immediately dragged from court and put in jail.  His defense was he had no idea where his child was because the mother took off and he had not seen his  child in years.  While in jail he had possessions sold and paid his child support.  Montoya can certainly sell his car to pay his back child support.  I would think the medical care of his children and general welfare is more important than his car.  He can join the club of so many others and take the bus.


His criminal history shows charges dropped for bodily injury related to domestic violence, marijuana possession, and DWI.

Ben Neece remains under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for allegedly converting felony DWI's to  misdemeanor DWI's for the benefit of Montoya and allowing him to repeatedly leave jail without having to post one penny in bail money.


Can one person have this many privileges in our legal system without the benefit of political corruption?

I am taking the case today to the chief of Child Support in the AG's office in Austin demanding an explanation for why the local office is allowing this to happen.  What is the point of their office if parents who refuse to pay child support can remain free indefinitely while his children go without.

I will also be putting this before David Sanchez, the judge who is actually assigned this case.  Why did he sign off on the original order which waived commitment, and why has he taken no action on this second order protecting Montoya from confinement for non-payment of his child support?

Now, I can only go on the information in the court file.  It is possible that since June he has paid his back child support, but it does not change the story.  Judge Rosas clearly provided Montoya privileges not afforded to all the saps sitting in jail for non-payment of their child support.


It took me two months to get the order appointing Alfred Padilla as Ernesto Martinez's attorney.  Judge Cornejo-Lopez who I already documented lied to the jury pool on the day of trial, refused to release the file to the clerk so that I could secure a copy of the order.  I finally secured the order yesterday.  This was two months after I made a written request after my oral request was denied.

Alfred Padilla was appointed on February 10, 2010, at a time he was representing Villalobos without payment.  Of course an appointment in a death penalty case is worth a small fortune.

What happened in this case is a black and white violation of the law.  It appears Phillip Cowen has been appointed as Martinez's attorney for a motion for new trial.  I will be forwarding these documents to his office.  The case law is black and white - the conviction is void.

Further Cornejo-Lopez certainly knew Padilla was representing Villalobos, the DA seeking to put a needle into Martinez.  Her failure to remove him from the case is clear evidence of her contempt for the law and the rules of ethics.

I will be asking the Commission on Judicial Conduct to investigate.   I will also be asking the State Bar to bring disciplinary action against Armando Villalobos, Pete Gilman - prosecuting attorney - Alfred Padilla, and Louis Sorola.  Each of these attorneys knew of the ethical violations involved in this case.  They each acted without regard  for the integrity of or legal system.  Justice must have the appearance of justice. 

Phillip Cowen needs to file a motion to recuse Cornejo-Lopez.  The reality is, with my complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct she would be declared certifiably insane if she did not recuse herself on her own.


I need copies of the original lawsuits filed against Villalobos wherein Padilla was his counsel.  I will be forwarding everything to several groups which fight for the freedom of wrongfully incarcerated defendants.  It is not that I think this guy should go free, I just think 10 years would have been a fair sentence.

I also need copies of any demand letters to Villalobos and any responses by Padilla.  I know  for a fact people know how to send me documents in the mail - the latest documents are my next story to be posted later.


I am working on another story - after breakfast and my morning swim I will finish the story and post it - it is a killer - and Louis Sorola is right in the middle of that one also.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I spent most of the morning at Hanna getting a special needs student who had dropped out enrolled. I will tell you everyone I dealt with at Hanna was 100% professional. The principal came by and did a terrific job with the student in letting her know everyone was going to start with a clean slate, but that in the end it is up to her to succeed. At one point there were 4 administrators working for this student at one time.

I have given the principal at Hanna a hard time when I believed she had messed up, so I must today make clear she gets an A+ for how she conducted herself today and how her staff worked to help this student. If the child does as she was told, she will succeed and graduate in May.


I cannot get into the stories now, but will post them tomorrow. I spent an hour and 1/2 at the court house looking at files in several cases. These stories are good and show just how bad the corruption and influence peddling is at the Cameron County court house.


The BV is fair - I have to agree 100% with Erin Hernandez Garcia - the latest story by the Herald against her and her father was based on a vendetta. I am not saying the story is false. I am saying the decision to go with the story is based on a vendetta.

The Herald ignored all of the evidence against Enrique Escobedo until they decided they wanted Ruben Peña to win the county commissioner race - all of a sudden all of the garbage they knew about Escobedo for a year became newsworthy. Then during the BISD race the same information became not newsworthy and the Herald ran cover for the corruption by Escobedo and others during the BISD campaign.

It is very dangerous when a newspaper acts like a two-bit tyrant and uses the power of the press to manipulate how the public perceives someone. I have no use for Ernie Hernandez or his moronic daughter Erin - in my opinion they both lack even the appearance of a moral compass. But, this does not mean it is okay for a newspaper to be selective in how it reports on elected officials. It is very dangerous to our democracy when a newspaper chooses to act like a dictator and use its pages to destroy those politicians it dislikes while turning a blind eye to the corruption of the politicians they favor.

Erin Hernandez wants to be a JP judge, but seems to have zero knowledge of the law.  The First Amendment protects newspapers from liability related to stories of public figures unless you can show malice.  Further, all the Herald has to show is substantial truth and they are protected.  Erin in her stupid comments made know to everyone she has no respect for the law or the First Amendment.  She also made clear she has thin skin.  I think she killed her chance at ever being elected to anything in Cameron county.  But to be clear - I agree the decision to do the story against her and her father was based 100% on a very dangerous vendetta which does not serve democracy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tony Martinez, Ernie Hernandez, and Pat Ahumada are the type politicians who just keep on giving us fodder for exposing them as dishonorable.

I have been wanting to do this post since July 19th, but needed to confirm what I thought I heard before I did the story - well a surgery and catch-up got in the way.

On July 19th, (see minutes 1:23:28) Commissioner Zamora chose to ask questions about a contract related to the airport.  Tony got mad because he expects the commissioners to just accept everything every COB director or administrator tells them.  No - it is for our commissioners to ask questions when they have concerns.  Further, given Larry Brown's total mess up with Fly Frontera, nothing this guy does should be considered trustworthy,

Tony being the consummate dick he is decided to insult Commissioner Zamora by asking her "any more questions girls?"  If Commissioner Gowen had an ounce of self respect she would have corrected Tony Martinez - but we know where Commissioner Gowen is  on the issues - she is Tony's yes woman - how sad - but then 2013 is around the corner.


Here is an interesting story about a  simple circumcision turning into the removal of the man's penis.

I am a strong advocate of banning circumcision of babies unless it is medically necessary.  There is one know study out of South Africa which suggests uncircumcised men are more likely to contract HIV.  But when the evidence was compared to countries like the UK and Canada where most men still have their foreskin, it did not hold up.  If you use a condom you are nearly 100% safe from contracting HIV.

In my life I only have one major regret.  The campus doctor at UTEP was referring all students with intact foreskin for circumcision.  In my case there was no medical reason for circumcision.  He was adamant in his belief that we all were going to contract every STD under  the sun.  The fact I have never had sex without a condom meant nothing to this guy.  I went to a school district which showed the boys pictures of what STD's look like on men's genitalia.  Trust me by age 12, I knew why you never have sex without a condom.  I think I was like 20 when I realized condoms were also used for birth control.  The woman I was with said I did not need a condom because she was on the pill.  I  ask does the pill prevent STDs?  She said no - so I said for both of our protection I would  still use a condom.

Anyway at age 19 after being scared to death I chose circumcision.  I will tell you sex is a millions times better if your foreskin is still intact.  I do understand some babies are born with a very tight foreskin and require circumcision.  This is what I mean by medically necessary.  On the religious issue, this country would be up in arms if religious groups demanded the right to circumcise baby girls.  So why do we allow for this bogus excuse for boys?  Religious beliefs are not a basis for mutilating the human body of a child.  As an adult  have at it - it is your body your right.
In the case of this man, I have mixed feelings about his case.  Yes he had cancer, but I am not sure why the doctor could not wake him up and get his permission.  But here is the real issue for me, why was he sedated to begin with.  I was fully awake during my circumcision as an adult.  I got 6 needles in the penis and was numb.  Today they should use a block.  I will not lie, I felt a numb cutting, but no pain.  How is it that in 1977, they could do a circumcision without sedation, but not today?  I think the answer is, money - there is more money to be made by sedating the patient.  On this issue I would probably award this guy a large sum - cancer aside - it was his decision to make and not that of his doctor.

Monday, August 22, 2011



The full story is at the Herald.

I have no idea if this man is innocent or guilty, because unlike everyone who will immediately declare him guilty I do not have access to the evidence. Let's not forget the trial of the doctor on the medicaid fraud. Charges were eventually dropped against some and the jury eventually found him not guilty.

But I will say what interests me is the attitude of many, which probably includes this attorney, is the turning of a blind eye to what they clearly knew was wrong. At this point based on Tony Martinez's endless defense of the indefensible, Judge Ben Euresti, I do not doubt Tony Martinez knew then and knows now about all of the incompetence and playing loose with the rules which is ongoing at the court house.

This is my opinion and only my opinion - just because they are not directly soliciting benefits from the incompetent and contemptuous judges, does not mean they do not know the benefit is going their way anyway.  In my mind this makes them equally guilty as Limas and his partners in crime.

These investigations will continue. What angers me most is the silence of the Republicans. If they were any more silent on Ernie Hernandez and the Limas case they would be dead.  They have in the palm of their hand the election for DA and sheriff, but yet they remain silent.  We all know for sure our esteemed hopelessly corrupt DA Villalobos will open no investigations and take no action.  If Cascos does not challenge Villalobos for Congress, Cascos deserves to go down in history as part of the problem

As I have said a million times - the judiciary is the single most direct threat to our democracy. I hate to agree with Rick Perry - but one of his issues is to take away life time appointments from federal judges. We need a process which makes it easier for the Senate to impeach the federal judges who demonstrate a contempt for the law. Until then, the corruption will thrive.


Hanna is a closed campus because of overcrowding. This is not new. Going back a good 10 years BISD knew the future of Hanna. Both current and past school boards get an F on this issue. But the current three idiots, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra may go down in BISD history has the three most misinformed school board members in the history of BISD.

They have voted at every chance to block construction and to not even pay bills for services already rendered. They have made it their personal agenda to attack the current construction to relieve overcrowding.

It is sad when school board members are so misinformed that they would rather have the children fail in overcrowded schools than lead and simply say what needs to be said - we need more schools.

Years ago, past school boards should have planned a 9th and 10th grade highschool to relieve overcrowding at Hanna. They did not - so now the children will suffer. How sad.


Note:  Since being on my no carb diet I have lost 20 pounds.  On Friday my doctor took me off my high blood pressure medicine.  On average my blood pressure is on the low side of normal.  Maybe by October I can go off my cholesterol medicine.  This will leave me with just the vitamin D and testosterone - although there is a chance the gall bladder surgery may resolve both of these.

I had been needing to go to Mexico for some time, but simply will no longer go to Matamoros. A friend is visiting from Dallas so I used the opportunity to drive to Progreso. The drive down Military was actually very nice. It took 50-55 minutes each way. The bridge time on the return was less than 10 minutes.

I had no fear of driving my truck over to Progreso. We shopped for a while before I finally found a store with what I was looking for. I did buy a few things here and there for good prices. But in the end the Galaria had the best prices and in fact was the only store with what I was looking for. While they were packing up everything I bought we ran to Arturo's for a late lunch.

I bought things from three vendors who relocated their businesses from Matamoros. They all talked about having to close their businesses before dark so they do not have to drive on the highway at night while driving back to Matamoros.

I had a good time. If you really want to go to Mexico give Progreso a try.

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"Potential naming rights may include, but are not limited to the following:

Ernie L. Hernandez Human Resources Department
Robert Lopez Standardized Employment Test
Pat Ahumada Debate and Town Forum Center
Mark Sossi Public Comment Interlude Background Music
Charlie Atkinson Olmito Volleyball Courts
Ricardo Longoria Fire Station
Rose Gowen "Biggest Loser" Municipal Golf Course "
TC Activity



A poster posted to the BV last night that Rendon won big in federal court yesterday. Let’s look to the opinions of the court.

 A NOTE TO CARLITO - YES CARLITO Strasburger and Price are paying me 1 billion dollars an hour to advise them in this case, because one of the most prominent law firms in Texas cannot win without my advice - and yes, BISD is doing as I tell them because we all know the majority of Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavedra are dependent on my brilliant advice. 

It blows my mind that one human being can be this much of a pathological liar and still have the ear of elected officials.  Why? - because without a pathological liar willing to put out their lies, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavedra have no one to speak for them. 

Carlito actually believes that when the city managers of Harlingen, McAllen, or Edinburg read his garbage they are going to say - hey this guys is trustworthy - lets give him $2.5 million  for a start up airline.  He truly has no idea.  And Carlito while every lie you tell about me may not be defamation it is still evidence of malice.  You just keep on building those punitive damages for me.

BISD sought summary judgment on 4 issues. They won on three. This according to Rendon’s supporter is evidence of winning big. Still no money - he now faces another motion for summary judgment on whether or not there is any evidence to support his claims of trustee misconduct, fraud, and barratry.

The court granted summary judgment against Rendon on his defamation claim, and violation of the Texas Constitution.

The court granted summary judgment against Rendon on his whistle blower claim - Ben Neece, Frank E. Perez, and Star Jones being the brilliant lawyers they are filed it in the wrong court.  It is highly unlikely that he can file this in state court and win.  Rendon has already been to state court.  Under the doctrine of Collateral Estoppel you cannot go back to state court and file a claim you could have filed the first time.  You do not get to lose in state court and then refile a new claim you could have filed the first time.  Rendon's lawyers can try, but the appellate courts will certainly throw it out on the claim of Collateral Estoppel.

The court granted summary judgment on Rendon’s First Amendment claims based on all alleged wrongful acts which were related to his job. The court found that the First Amendment cannot be used as a defense to employee discipline. If the employee theoretically has a duty to report wrongdoing, then it is not covered by the First Amendment.

Notwithstanding its denial of the First Amendment claims as to Rendon’s alleged complaints of wronging by BISD as it related to his job description, the trial court denied the summary judgment on his First Amendment claims as a matter of law on questions of whether or not Rendon’s rights were violated when he filed claims of trustee misconduct, alleged conspiracy to commit fraud, and barratry. This issue is interesting because the same court granted summary judgment claiming that the First Amendment does not cover the reporting of incidents which are related to his job. On appeal the Fifth Circuit will have a hay day with this distinction.

See pp 16-17 of opinion


Yesterday the court also dismissed all remaining claims against Aguilar, Colunga, Zayas, Cortez, and Brett Springston in their official capacities. In a previous post on December 3, 2010, the BV noted that Rendon on his own motion to avoid being nailed by the court dismissed his claims against each of these defendants in their individual capacity. Rendon has cost the taxpayers a fortune with his kitchen sink approach to his pleadings - plead everything and hope something sticks.

See opinion


See the opinion it is short and speaks to their incompetence and game playing.


BISD has brought in a top notch law firm - Strasburger Price. They have done an excellent job. Their next move is to move for summary judgment on the facts alleged by Rendon concerning barratry, trustee misconduct, and conspiracy to commit fraud. The court has yet to address if there is any evidence to support these claims. The only issue was, if the allegations are presumed true then as a matter of law Rendon still cannot prevail. The court ruled that if it presumes the allegations to be true, Rendon is entitled to a jury trial.  The court has yet to rule if there is any evidence to support the allegations.  This is the next issue for the court.

The next opinion by the court will address if there are any fact questions on these issues - or restated - has Rendon actually alleged any facts which are supported by evidence, or did he simply do a kitchen sink approach in his claims in hopes something comes out true.

Now given the opinion by the court nailing Rendon’s attorneys, it should be interesting to see if they can produce any evidence to support the remaining claims. If they do not nothing short of sanctions to cover all of BISD’s attorneys fees should issue.

BISD's problem is, there may not be enough time before trial to get a ruling on no evidence to support the remaining claim.  The trial court may delay the trial to get to the issue.  I do not know.  But during trial on each issue the trial court can dismiss the claims as Rendon fails to put on evidence.


These people are sociopaths - they  cannot see how obvious their lies really are.  Joe Colunga and Cavasos cannot call the insurance company and demand a new lawyer in the Rendon case.  The Board can vote on the issue, and then Dr. Montoya can make the request.  The insurance company can ignore the request.  Given BISD's big win yesterday - why change lawyers?


BISD's deductible is $50,000.00 not, $250,000.00 as the pathological liar claims.  Let him produce the DEC sheet - this is a summary page about the coverage.  I have the DEC sheet, and when I find it in the boxes I will post it.  (My surgery kind of interrupted my unpacking and organizing.) The $250,000.00 number comes from the renewal of the policies by the insurance company which is covering the Rendon case.  BISD could not afford the new deductible so they switched to a company which offered to continue the $50,000.00 deductible.  But to be clear, Rendon's and Presas-Garcia's lawsuits are covered by the old deductible of $50,000.00.  The insurance company cannot change the deductible after the fact.  It can change the deductible at the time of renewal for lawsuits which are filed after the new policy takes effect.  Rendon's and Presas-Garcia's lawsuits were filed under the old policies.

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How can one human being be such a pathological liar, but yet find people to work with him? - they need a pathological liar to do their corrupt business.

To be clear I have not see or heard from Bob Hedrick (how long will it take you Carlito to spell this man's name correctly) since I along with a lot of the people ran into him in the court house on the day of Jessica Tetreau's first hearing with Atkinson.  Roberto Uresti and I asked him if he knew where the hearing was, since at the time he was more or less standing outside the courtroom where we thought the hearing was.  And to be clear, Hedrick can be convicted of the current charges and still sue Quitanilla and Jim Gallagher for accusing him of being a pedophile.  No such charge has ever been made by anyone. 

On for the record, the federal court house has a complete record of everyone who has been allowed anywhere near Hedrick since his arrest.

Jim Gallagher I am certain will not be happy with Carlito's latest tirade of lies and deception.


I had been holding on this story, but with the indictment of Pan Am President Hedrick, now is a good time to do this hodgepodge.

The thing about the Pan Am deal is the business model. South American countries are not happy with US customs and how long it is taking to get their agricultural products to clear customs. When I returned from Peru I provided Hedrick current information from both Peru and the US which showed the urgency in getting this matter resolved. I later came to learn he just filed it away in a draw. This made no sense to me.

On the China cargo deal, Hedrick told me at the court house that he just signed a contract to start flying the Chinese cargo in September. According the the Dispatch he was one of two companies China signed with and both agreements were not final. Again something did not sound right.

None of this changes the fact the business model is sound.

I have no idea if Hedrick is innocent or guilty. Unlike Carlos Quintanilla I have not been given access to the evidence and had it examined by an expert. But nonetheless Pan Am is showing incredible stupidity in how the matter is being handled.

A competently run company would replace Hedrick on an interim basis pending the final result of the criminal trial. I have made inquiries and Pan Am has no interest in dealing with the issue. Based on how Pan Am is responding to the events I believe it is time Brownsville dump Pan Am.

Brownsville cannot simply dump Pan Am. It needs to be aggressive in picking up on the business model and pursue the cargo companies currently flying in South America's agricultural products. I would begin by going to the Peruvian Embassy and informing them that Brownsville has a facility along with rail, ship, and trucking to receive and distribute their products.

In the hands of the right people Brownsville can convince the various South American countries and cargo companies to use Brownsville as an alternative point of clearance for some of the agricultural cargo.


We do not have a runway which can handle cargo planes beyond the 737. Larry Brownsville has mislead the people of Brownsville so many times on the issue of the runway expansion he is simply  not a credible voice any longer on the issue. Also given his total mess-up on the Fly Frontera issue, I do not believe having Larry Brown involved in any new service is in Brownsville's best interests. He does not seem to understand you need to check these companies out with a proper vetting.

New cargo standards require runways now be 12,000 feet, and not 10,000.  Until we have someone running the airport who will be aggressive on the runway issue and a city commission which understands a 12,000 runway would make Brownsville a major point of entry from South America, this sleeping giant in terms of job creation will remain just that, sleeping.


I have tied to get information from Larry Brown about the runway expansion and a possible 4th airline he seems to be hinting at. Larry Brown is part of this new group of public figures who believes he does not owe the public information beyond his controlled newsreels produced by the City of Brownsville.

Larry Brown has failed the City of Brownsville on the runway issue. A properly managed airport is an economic engine for any community. Larry Brown's mismanagement of the airport is costing Brownsville jobs. It is time a professional is brought in who will be aggressive on the runway and make it happen.

On this fourth airline he hinted at it in a controlled newsreel put out by the city.

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In what any idiot can see, Montoya at Presas-Garcia and Longoria  request printed a bogus story about Jim Hunter and their concerns over his appointment as counsel to mediate the Rendon lawsuit.


These morons think all they have to do is say Cavasos and all of a sudden Brownsville will unite against Cavasos. This is delusional thinking which raises serious questions about Presas-Garcia's and Longoria's ability to function at any level when intelligence is required.


BISD can settle the Rendond lawsuit for a billion dollars and it will have nothing to do with Cavasos or have any impact on Cavasos. There is no conscience there. Montoya lies because the concept of integrity or the truth eludes him.

Second, BISD has already spent the $50,000 deductible. This means 100% of any settlement will come from the insurance company. Nothing will come from BISD or the taxpayers. So this idea only the lawyers will win is bogus. That is the nature of litigation. You do not settle to avoid paying attorneys fees. If you know the plaintiff has no case you take the case to trial. Rendon's claims are bizarre and will go nowhere at trial.

BISD no longer uses the insurance company which is defending the Rendon, Juarez, or Presas-Garcia lawsuits. Because of these lawsuits and the Gonzales litigation which went no where, the insurance company raised the deductible to an amount BISD could not afford. BISD just several months ago switched to an insurance company which was willing to keep the deductible at $50,000.00


Montoya the consummate liar never mentions that the Texas Ethics Commission sanctioned Escobedo because of a conspiracy between Jim Hunter and Escobedo to conceal the fact Escobedo illegally used BISD campaign money to announce is candidacy for county commissioner. Jim Hunter in the ad claimed he paid for it. He did not. The money illegally came from Escobedo's BISD account.

If Jim Hunter was willing to engage in illegal conduct for Enrique Escobedo once, why would he not do it again?  I will be copying the documents to General Counsel for the insurance company.  They need to know they are being set up.

Montoya's entire post had as its stupid purpose Longoria and Presas-Garcia trying to make it appear they are concerned with Jim Hunter when in fact they are 100% behind the appointment.


Legally, BISD cannot request a particular attorney without the consent of the Board.  Dr. Montoya or counsel would then inform the insurance company of the request.  BISD had no such vote on the issue.  This would mean Dr. Montoya is acting without Board authority.  I believe this is what Aguilar is talking about.  I will be asking General Counsel to demand proof that Dr. Montoya has authority to make the request concerning the appointment of Jim Hunter.  If Jim Hunter has as half a brain he will reject the  request.  If the evidence shows Dr. Montoya is acting without legal authority Jim Hunter could have his law firm sued.  My letter to General Counsel for the insurance company will be copied to the Managing Partner of Jim Hunter's law firm.

Monday, August 15, 2011


2011 Cadillac SRX Crossover SUV V6 engine

The BV has rejected every story on this issue because the sources had zero evidence to support any of their claims.  In fact the BV has taken the position that she could have gotten the money from the sale of a large home.  There are a 1001 ways people can come into money.

BUT, a trace on the plates on the Cadillac show it is registered to an Alma Alvarado who works at BISD's aquatic center.  Okay, maybe there is more than one Alma Alvarado in Brownsville.  I called the Aquatic Center and spoke with Alma.  She told me she gave the Cadillac she bought in May of 2011, to her aunt, Caty Presas-Garcia.  When she realized what she had told me she said she needed to hang up and could not talk to me without first talking to Presas-Garcia.

Alma Alvarado is a janitor at the Aquatic Center.  She claims to not speak English.  Now again, maybe she won the lottery, maybe her husband has a good job, maybe she inherited a ton of money.  There are 1001 explanations  for how Alma Alvarado came up with the money for a brand new Cadillac which she gave to her aunt, Caty Presas-Garcia.  I have the documents.  Tomorrow they will go to Miles at the local FBI office, assuming there are not already investigating.

At this point there is no evidence of illegal conduct.  But in my opinion the evidence merits further investigation as to why Alma Alvarado, an BISD janitor would buy a Cadillac and then give it to her aunt BISD Board President Presas-Garcia to drive.  For now the presumption is an investigation will show it is all very innocent.


UPDATE:  The BV is about evidence.  two people have been trying to get me to publish garbage against the BISD majority.  When I ask for evidence they get mad.  In one case they claimed Saavedra's husband is doing insurance work for the company they want to give the insurance contract to.  I asked for proof - none - I  checked with the state to see if Mr. Saavedra is authorized to sell insurance.  The state had no information.  I checked with the company where he was allegedly working.  They never heard of him.  I refused the story.  They got mad. 

You see Jill Graves and Elizabeth Johnson (of Oklahoma) are worse than Presas-Garcia - they claim to be better, but then throw temper tantrums when the BV refuses to post their garbage.  BISD will always be a disaster so long as people like Jill Graves or Elizabeth Johnson are involved.  All they care about is making sure their side gets what they want.  They have no interest in facts, just rumors and destroying anyone they do not like.  The BV will not play. 

The last email I got from Elizabeth Johnson follows:

"I am very disappointed in your post today. I did not think that you would so blatantly post the email I shared. Sorry there will be no more info from me. I know you sometimes think I do not have good info but time will show I do. The insurance mess is coming up but I will be silent on that because of this."

First, at no time was I told I could not use the information provided by Jill Graves concerning Aguilar's claim Dr. Montoya is running the district without the board's consent.  When you provide such a bomb to a blog you are incredibly stupid if you think it is not going to be used.  This is how Jill Graves and Elizabeth Johnson play it.  They are cons - they want to play games and do not give a rat ass about BISD or the children. 

They made excuses for Springston's FERPA violations when he discussed a case involving a student with Rick Zayas in an attempt to get me to drop the claims.  This was all the proof I needed to know neither of these women care about children.  It would do Aguilar well to run from both of these women - they will hang him and every child in BISD to get what they want.  They are Presas-Garcia light.

Further, Elizabeth Johnson is clearly saying she has the information about the corruption involving the insurance contracts, but she will remain silent - she is mad and going to tell her mommy how Bobby hurt her.  Translation - she has nothing - which is why she remains silent - or she is saying she is going to remain silent and allow BISD to be injured.  Either way she is not a credible person.

Original Post:

Myself along with others have been trying to get Aguilar, Colunga or Peña to answer a simple question as to how the vote went on the Healthsmart, Rendon and Juarez lawsuits. To a trustee they refuse to answer the question. Peña responded to one person, but the answer is evasive. I am not sure if she is being evasive, misleading, or simply does not know how to form a sentence in the English language.

Colunga and Peña outright refuse to respond to my requests. Newsflash Colunga and Peña - grow up and act like adults. I pay property taxes and vote - it is my right to seek information about BISD Trustee votes. If you were adults or knew how to act like adults you would not be playing this stupid game of "Bobby said mean things to me so I no longer have to answer his questions even though he is a voter and taxpayer."

Aguilar sent me two emails refusing to answer any questions. In the first he said something is wrong and that he would respond to me after he met with Dr. Montoya. That is when I got another email from a 3rd party wherein Aguilar to them claimed in his opinion Dr. Montoya is now running the school district without Board consent.

Now we all know Aguilar - he is a spineless little weasel who will do nothing to stop Dr. Montoya. He will allow the corruption to continue without any public comment.

While Hector Gonzales was going through his removal the BV always maintained that the discharge of Gonzales was 100% political, although on merit he needed to be fired. But they fired him for political reasons. Rolando Aquilar and Joe Colunga were willing participants in this act.

BISD is the political mess it is because Presas-Garcia saw first hand how Rolando Aquilar and Joe Colunga acted in all cases political without regard for the best interests of the children. While I am certain Presas-Garica is close to crashing and burning for her over the top political acts, this does not mean she is not acting in some regards exactly as Aquilar and Colunga did when they were in charge.

November 2012 needs to see every trustee up for reelection thrown out. Until we clean house of all trustees there will be no possibility of BISD becoming a place where children come first.

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Hollywood has lost its creativity. I will not pay to see endless remakes. The new "Planet of the Apes" for example has not got good great reviews because of a new creative script or idea, it is getting great reviews for the application of technology to the apes. I can tell you, I saw the original and the world was blown away by how real the actors looked. The story was original and new.

In terms of comedies Hollywood decided to go to smut, light porn, and raunchy to get laughs. This is what happens when you no longer have writers who can write. Oh, maybe there are such writer, but the producers and directors have no interest in quality.

"Fright Night", "Final Destination", how many times can we watch the same film over and over again. Where is the creativity?

Now, because I trust Guillermo del Torro as a director I will be going to see his new horror film "Don't be Afraid of the Dark."  I will be very upset if he disappoints.

I have no problem going to see a mindless comedy.  But I will not pay to see farts, diarrhea, soft porn - all under the guise as being funny.  It has shock value - "Bridesmaids" was shocking and different so we liked it - but after a week or so I decided I was conned by the shock value.  I no longer like it.

So when Hollywood decides to put out something new and original the BV will have a review.  Really? - aliens and cowboys?  Aliens which can travel across galaxies and all they want to do is attack defenseless people.  How old is that story?  Where is the creativity? 

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The bottom line problem is corporatism has supplanted free market capitalism. Corporatism is the use of the government to guarantee a select few corporations and entities corporate welfare and protection from true free market competition.

There are only two ways for the government to raise revenues - taxes or profits from government owned business.  The government can lower its costs for medicare, medicaid, and medicare part D by simply entering the free market. 

The corporatist through their Republican mouth pieces and the Tea Party have made it clear they will never allow the US government to enter the market place and use the free market to lower its costs.

Medicare part D is costing the US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars for no better reason than the corporatist in the Republican Party have made it clear the US government will never be allowed to buy medications for seniors on the open market.  The VA buys all of the medications for veterans on the open market.  It saves hundred of billions of dollars by being able to buy the medications in the free  market.

VA government clinics are good enough for veterans, but according to Republicans not good enough for seniors on medicare or the poor and disabled on medicaid.  Cities the size of Brownsville can certainly handle a  government medicare and medicaid clinic wherein the doctors are on salary.  But no, the Republicans want your tax dollars to go to support  the corporations and doctors at artificially high prices.

This is the sole cause for the budget crisis.


In this past week because the corporatist opposed raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires the millionaires and billionaire lost millions more in the past week with the 10% down turn in the stock market than the tax increase would have ever cost  them.  Unfortunately, the middle class also lost as their retirement accounts slid downward.

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Mark Ciavarella, center, leaves the federal courthouse in Scranton, Pa. in February.


"Mark Ciavarella, center, leaves the federal courthouse in Scranton, Pa. in February.

A Pennsylvania judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison in connection to a bribery scandal that roiled the state's juvenile justice system. Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was convicted of taking $1 million in bribes from developers of juvenile detention centers. The judge then presiding over cases that would send juveniles to those same centers. The case came to be known as "kids-for-cash."

I have said many times, the judiciary is the single greatest threat to our freedom. Until Congress ends the judicial activism which protects judges from accountability, nothing will change. Further, we need a DOJ section which works on nothing but judicial corruption. We need a very aggressive DOJ campaign against the judiciary.


UPDATE:  This morning true to form for Carlos Quintanilla as part of his scam to take $2.5 million dollars from the poorest of the poor for his bogus airline has announced that Melissa Zamora's company is to be paid $600,000.  His proof;

From the Herald:

"The Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, based on a recommendation from the Brownsville Economic Development Council, on Thursday voted to approve subsidies of up to $500,000 for a year to help AeroMexico get established here. In addition, GBIC has pledged $100,000 for marketing and promoting the Brownsville-to-Monterrey service on both sides of the border.. 

Carlos Quintanilla knows how to read English.  he knows he lies - why does he lie?  He is a con artist.  GBIC has agreed to spend $100,000 on advertising.  This for sure is taxpayer money being spent.  The other $500,000 may never be spent - it is money to be paid to Aeromexico if their passenger loads drop below a certain number.  It is possible not one penny of this $500,000 will ever be paid to Aeromexico.

Compare this - Quintanilla who claims to care about the poor attacked everyone under the sun when his bogus airline did not get a guarantee of $1.5 million dollars without ever having to fly one plane and with a possible additional $1 million dollars in the long run.

Yes it is true Aeromexico tickets are higher than the proposed prices of Fly Frontera.  But Fly Frontera's prices were based on the poorest of the poor in the United States paying to subsidize the cost of the tickets so that Quintanilla could make a living on the backs of people who cannot pay their bills.  Under Quintanilla's plan so he could make a buck the poorest of the poor were bound to pay for part of the plane ticket for Mexican nationals, while the people of Brownsvill go hungry. Without these subsidies from the poorest of the poor Carlito do tell us how much Fly Frontera was going to charge for the tickets.

Yes Aeromexico is more expensive - but to date the cost to Brownsville taxpayers for the tickets is zero, whereas had Carlito gotten his way he would have pocketed $1.5 million without any guarantee there ever would have been one flight.

NOW, WHILE I TRUST AEROMEXICO as a company and believe they will do well and Brownsville will do well under the deal - I DO NOT SUPPORT - these behind closed door deals.  Brownsville does not serve its image when its money is being given away without the people first being allowed to be involved.  We saw how badly the BEDC messed up with Fly Frontera and only got its facts right when pressured to do its job. 

The people have a right to know what due dilegence was done and what were the results.  BEDC and GBIC are not trustworthy organizations.  The City Commission needs to act to prevent these turkeys from spending any further taxpayer money without first providing full transparency to the people.


Carlito wants everyone to know that Presas-Garcia has agreed to be an advocate for Fly Frontera. He is hopeful her history of integrity and brilliance will convince the City of Edinburg to give him somewhere between $1.5 -$2.5 million dollars to start up Fly Frontera out of Edinburg. I have verified his claims as being true. Presas-Garcia drove him to Edinburg to meet with city officials wherein Presas-Garcia vouched for Carlos Quintanilla.

My sources are telling me Edinburg's interest in the project ended at about the point the door hit Carlito in the ass. If he is now begging a city like Edinburg for money, it means Harlingen and McAllen have turned him down.

Exactly why would people who are flying into Edinburg stay in Edinburg? They will do one of two things - get a hotel in McAllen and go shopping in McAllen, or go to the outlet mall in Mercedes. The benefit to Edinburg is zero.


Reality check - during the last city charter review the issue of recall was on the top of every one's list.   the community fought hard to make recall easier.  Where was Erasmos and chezmeh - nowhere - but now they claim credit for making recall an issue.  Some wanted to change the 25% signature requirement to 15%, but others like Melissa Zamora demanded that it be lowered to 10%. When it was all done and over Melissa Zamora won and the signature requirement was lowered to 10%.  Again where was cheezmeh - nowhere to be found.  The hero in the battle to use recall against  city commissioners is none other than Melissa Zamora and those who stood with her.

Where was Erasmos and cheezmeh - no where to be found. He claims the BV and others are calling him crazy for wanting to use recall to get rid of politicians. As I have said before, if Erasmos speaks he lies. No one that I know of has ever said recall is a bad thing - it never happened. What is being said is, he wants to recall Melissa Zamora without cause and in fact based on a need to be able to claim he is a king maker - delusional.

He has not been able to refute the evidence which shows Melissa Zamora lead the battle against Fly Frontera, to restore the cameras to the public comment section, and to make it easier for the people to recall politicians by lowering the signature requirement to 10%. He has yet to produce any evidence Melissa has ever done anything wrong as a commissioner in terms of taking money from a vendor. His group just posts their lies in hopes people will believe them.

AGAIN NOT THAT REALITY MATTERS - But long since anyone heard of this idiot and his bogus group which now only consists of his sister and Laura Miniel, along with a hand full of posters who have no say in the direction of the group, activists on the BISD issue have been raising money to remove Presas-Garcia. As is always the case Erasmos does nothing and then claims credit for the invention of recall.


His group's near dead silence on the corruption at BISD comes from his "personal" relationship with Rodrigo Moreno. Rodrigo Moreno has been documented as a strategist for the corrupt majority on the BISD Board. Erasmos Castro does nothing without the consent of Rodrigo Moreno - hence the dead silence on the BISD corruption.

IT GOES FURTHER, Rodrigo Moreno and Laura Miniel have a personal score to settle with Melissa Zamora. They worked to destroy her reputation in the election against Cisneros. This group cannot articulate any reason why Melissa Zamora should be recalled. The latest is she will not meet with them.

They trashed her and tried to make  her look like a slut with their lies. They put out endless lies about her, and now they complain she will not meet with them. Delusional is all I can say.


Erasmos brazenly announced that his group will go after Rick Longoria after they remove Melissa Zamora. NEWSFLASH YOU MORONIC EGO ON ACID - The unions do not need your permission to organize a recall against Rick Longoria. Based on what I have been told, they will distance themselves from cheezmeh like a bad STD.

This idiot actually believes the unions will not act until they have his permission.


The call for recall of Tony Martinez and Ricky Longoria is based on real events - not made up lies. Hence people have a real and valid reason to seek their recall. They both voted for union busting, and to silence speech. Not that reality matters, but Melissa voted to save the union and to restore speech.

sorry got long - Aeromexico tomorrow

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin GOP senators won four of six recall elections, which means they will maintain majority control in the state Senate.


BUT FIRST: BISD: I have no idea what happened at last nights meeting. What I do know is indictments will be coming down in 2012. The new BISD Board will able to sue anyone the current majority conspired with and get back the money and then some. All we can do is wait - jail time is coming for some of the BISD Trustees. It is standard, indictments take 3-5 years. Be patient - justice is coming.


Yesterday in Wisconsin over the union busting 2 of 6 targeted Republican state Senators were recalled. Not perfect, but it was something. Someone posted that under the rules we need to wait 6 months after the last swearing in of any commission the target of the recall. That would be November. This is not bad. It could take until November to put everything into place for a successful recall campaign. The unions need to be able to organize and commit their membership to walking the community for the signatures.

There is no doubt in my mind if the unions put their mind to it they will succeed in getting the signatures. On the actual recall I am 100% certain they will succeed as to Longoria. I admit Martinez could be a long shot, but merely putting him through the process will cause major damage. Further with the loss of Longoria he will become a lame duck mayor.

The message will have been sent to Gowen. The organization will be in place to insure she is sent packing in May 2013.


If the unions fail to organize a recall then they deserve to have their unions destroyed. This is their battle. They must lead. But if they do lead, the BV will certainly be there helping them win the battle.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A leader raises taxes.  My property taxes are about $3,000.  The city can raise them to $3,200.00, and I would support the commission.  This is less than $20.00 a month.  I cut my TMobile bill by $20.00 a month by getting rid of my home phone, something which was not even connected for over a year, and by getting rid of my internet access.  People can find $10.00 a month in their budget.  People like myself if they are complaining about $20.00 then they are living in a home way too big for their budget.  I do not want to hear about seniors and the disabled.  Their taxes are frozen.  Two packs of cigarettes, a movie ticket, or 2 hamburgers is all it takes to afford a tax increase for the poor.  Life is not free.  What really angers me is, the first people to complain about taxes are the same complaining about poor city services and potholes.

There is endless corruption and misappropriation of taxpayer money within the city and nothing is being done about it.  The BV in the past succeeded in getting two city employees fired and indicted for theft.  No supervision was held accountable.  In fact Cabler lied to the press about the matter.

Ben Medina's office is an example of mismanagement.  The city attorney has taken from the taxpayers without justification.  The city manager has lied about theft and mismanagement within the city.

Tony Martinez is working 24/7 to protect these individuals.  But yet he had no problem attacking our unions.  The firemen and women protect us every day.  They put their lives on the line everyday for us.  Tony Martinez solution is to attack them.

The golf course is a drain - dump it. 

Commissioners Zamora, Tetreau, and Villarreal voted for the union.  Martinez, Longoria, Gowen, and Chavez-Vasquez all voted to kill the unions.

Tonight we will learn if the recalls in Wisconsin work.  Now if you want a recall I say target Longoria and Martinez.  I am certain the police union will stand with the fireman union.  This is a recall which can and will work.  The BV will work with anyone willing to work for a recall of Martinez and Longoria, on this issue - and Longoria's support of Fly Frontera.

We need leadership -  it is better to raise my taxes than kill a union.  What we do not need are the stupid ideas of the speaker calling for an end to public transportation and the library.


Commissioner Zamora is challenging Sossi on his lies.  He is trying to make the people believe that during the public hearing comment section on specific issues people cannot make false statements - it is so stupid it boggles the mind Tony Martinez is remaining silent.

Sossi is arguing that by not televising the public comments more people are commenting - but they are commenting to dead air - so what is the purpose?.  Commissioner Zamora is taking on Sossi.  Tony Martinez the great union buster is threatening to throw people out of the meeting.

We need to recall Tony Martinez and Longoria on the union vote, while adding Fly Frontera to the Longoria argument.  We need to look for a viable candidate to run against Gowen.  If the unions do not unite within 7 days to form a recall of Martinez and Longoria they will lose their right to organize in the future.  They fought back in Wisconsin - we can fight back in Brownsville.

Sossi could not produce one example wherein a city has ever been sued for statements made during public comment.  It is one big lie

I thought I heard 4 votes to restore, but the mayor never announced the results.  Chavez-Vasquez appeared to support the motion but then she raised her hand as a nay.

So the great false Democrat Tony Martinez voted to kill a union and free speech.  He is a scumbag first class who needs to be recalled.  He looked the people in the face and called for a moment of silence for the Special Forces who died this week defending our right to freedom of speech.  This man is a sociopath with no conscience.  He then intentionally poured salt into their open wounds laughing at their dead bodies thinking - saps.