Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Industry, meaning jobs, look for communties with viable water policies.    Regardless of what you thought of Pat Ahumada, at least he had a water policy in terms of the weir dam.  Brownsville and in fact Cameron county cannot grow without a water policy.  Tony Martinez during the course of his campaign stated his water policy would be conservation.  Translation - no new industry.

Imagine Brownsville may go down in history as one of the biggest con jobs on the people.  We continue to fund this empty hole with no returns.  Other than spend money they have done nothing.  In fact in hopes of someday it will accomplish something it forces elected officials to pretent to support one another even in the face of extreme corruption.

Presas-Garcia's mouth pieces attack Tony Martinez without any evidence to support their claims, while Tony Martinez refuses to address the corruption by the BISD majority.  Not only has Imagine Brownsville accomplished nothing, it is now a tool for silencing dissent between and among entities which form Imagine Brownsville - well, save the most corrupt.

Imagine Brownsville should be about taking on all elected officials demanding a water policy.  They should be taking on TSC demanding they create a  certificate program for robotics, airplane mechanic, and the remaking of the medical training programs - but no - unless you are  the most dishonest of the elected officials - the policy is silence.

Brownsville demands leadership.  Tony Martinez believes conservation is a viable water policy.  Again I  call on the business community to form their own organization and take the lead on all of these issue.  Until someone - anyone is willing to lead - Brownsville will remain stagnant.


Anonymous said...

Remember that everyone in Brownsville is related therefore no one is willing to rock the boat. I guess it's a way of survival for so many.


Anonymous said...

You have made mention on your site several times that the mayor or county judge should hold the b.i.s.d. accountaqble for thioer corruption. What exactly do you expect them to do? They have no power over those boards that i am aware of. I may be wrong. Could you please explain?

BobbyWC said...

They have no power - but as the highest elected officials in Brownsville and the county they can go to the TEA to get their attention or go public. The Mayor Castro got very involved in SA ISD and was reelected with over 83% - he had the courage to speak up

It is about jobs - new industry looks to the ISD's BISD is a mess - it is about jobs

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby spoken like a true "TEA PARTY PATRIOT"!!!!
What ties us together is shining the light at corruption. We may disagree HOW we discribe corruption, in the end corruption is corruption.
The AMERICAN people are FED UP even in Browtown !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cascos will never say anything because he and his firm are the auditors for BISD. And he is not goin to bite the hand that feeds him. And Tony Martinez will just sit there and pray that the problem will go away.