Sunday, July 10, 2011


The modern discussion of Joshua begins with a series of books by a retired priest named Joseph F. Girzone. His first book is simply entitled "Joshua." Yehushua, is the Hebrew. There is a growing number of Christian churches abandoning the name Jesus in favor of his Hebrew name. The reasons vary - but remember Jesus is the name given to him by the Romans - his so called assassins.

I cannot speak for Father Girzone.  But here is a pretty good statement by Father Girzone which I believe defines his mission.

"Many religious leaders don't want it [unity]. they talk about unity and dabble in it, and feign attempts at oneness, but deep down they don't want to give up what they have so they postpone critical commitments to unity. They also contend that differences in belief are the great obstacle to unity. They say this because they presume purity of beliefs among their followers, which is false. People don't all believe what their leaders teach them, nor do all Catholics or Lutherans or Methodists believe the teachings of their bishops. Charity should be the first step to unity. Then, when people are worshiping together and working together as a Christian family, their love will make possible a unity of belief and a willingness to accept the guidance of Peter."
Joseph F. Girzone
I do not know where Father Girzone and I differ.  But I know where we are united.  We must strive to live the message of charity, love, compassion and commitment taught by Joshua.  In the end everything else will come into place.
The churches spend all of there time demanding loyalty to them and the myth that salvation comes through reciting magical words that you believe salvation is in accepting Jesus as you Savior.  The churches put the emphasis on the words and not on living a life which gives meaning to the words of Joshua.
My faith is deep.  I have no doubt in  the existence of God or Joshua.  Every day I strive to live by his words.  This is one reason I hate blogging - so much of what I do in terms of blogging is not living the teachings of Joshua.  It is a painful conflict I strive to understand on a daily basis.  Judging your fellow man is a difficult task - it is a conflict between trying to bring good to the community without making the heart of the message the wrongs of others. 
My writings may change as I strive to put greater emphasis on what needs to get done to make Brownsville a better place.  I must begin with the weeds in my own yard - I will then expand out.
I will continue to expose the wrongdoing, but in a more what needs to get done way. 
Joshua means different things  to different people - but in the end we should all be able  to agree that if we simply focus on his teachings about compassion and charity, we can move our community forward in a positive way. 
You know people - find one child to mentor - make sure he or she has what they need for school.  I do this every year.  During the hard years after daddy died I hated the fact I did not have what I needed for school.  Only once I started to deliver Newsday did I finally have my own money.  I bought school supplies and books.  School became so much easier.  Mom did her best.  In time she finished her studies at Hofstra and became a social worker - life got a lot better - but we each still had to help ourselves.
It is time we stop obsessing about loyalty to a given church and start acting on the teachings of Joshua and give them meaning.  It is not an easy path. 
START YOUR JOURNEY with the first book - it has been made into a movie.  If you belong to Netflex maybe you can get it as part of your monthly package.  You will be hooked.
I will do my best to discuss different parts of the message of Joshua as discussed by Father Joseph Girzone.  This may become a Sunday regular post.
Today I am barbecuing a Vietnamese pork loin.  I will let you know how it comes out.  I will be doing some type Asian barbecue on a regular basis.  As I try the recipes I will post them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, You ARE so right! Sometimes when we speak about the enemies of the community, which is what I call people who hurt the community, we do not do it lovingly. But even in the Bible it states that there comes a time when you pick up your sword and fight for what is right under God's teachings. "Judges 7", make of it what you want. We have the right and are obligated as christians to stand up and fight those who try and harm our community. Especially those out for vengeance. Because after all God does say that "Vengeance is HIS"! So anyone out for vengeance has no mercy from God. Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

A road well traveled in reference to you and your family's lean years and it not being an easy road for us as human beings.
I appreciate what you do for our community.

Please post how your Vietnamese pork loin turns out.

Have a blessed day. :))