Friday, July 8, 2011


As a county we are where we are because we never looked for others to lead. Everything we have is because as a people we have taken the lead - even in terms of modern liberties.

The US now follows in terms of human rights and civil liberties. When third world countries are recognizing gay marriage and the US cannot seem to get beyond its ignorance, it is fair to say we have lost our role as the leader.

Third world counties and Muslim countries such as Pakistan have elected either female presidents or prime ministers.  The US is not there.

The lack of leadership on so many issues is why we cannot lead the world out of this recession.  We are so busy not leading and playing politics, as a nation we are slowly dying.  This is Brownsville's plight.

Part of the problem believe it or not is gay marriage.  Why in hell are we discussing the states' authority to regulate marriage.  Where in the federal constitution does it empower the federal government to even speak to the issue?

US American conservatives ( in reality not conservatives) have run to State Houses demanding state constitutions be amended to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  For me this is bizarre - how can you be a conservative and then demand greater government interference with our private choices.  They claim this is social conservatism.  Social conservatism in this context is an oxymoron.  Whenever you argue for government interference in anything you are not a conservative - period


Since Reagan these bogus social conservatives have been demanding greater government control over our lives.  When you mix this with US American Liberalism (in reality not true liberalism) which also calls for greater government interference in our lives, what we have is an entire nation enslaved to government.  Both groups have created dependence on government.  In the process the government has pulled back in key areas in terms of innovation.

It is not that gay marriage is the cause of anything bad, it is the policy of calling on greater government interference in our lives that has created a greater dependence on the government.  Instead of spending money on defining marriage, money should have been spent on innovation and job creation.


In 1957 my mentor got his electric bill.  In the bill the company included news summaries.  In his bill was a news report that the US was to be the first in space.  Within days the news came out that the Soviets had launched Sputnic.  We were second in space.  We will now pay the Russians to bring our men and women to the space station.  How did this happen?

There is no innovation or leadership among our leaders - that simple - everyone is so obsessed with politics and playing politics, policy is not even on the table.


If I were mayor I would call a press conference and demand that TSC accept its mission of job training and immediately start training in airplane mechanics, robotics and medical training.  I  would demand that the TEA take control of BISD along with demanding the resignation of all 7 board members.  I would go to Austin and demand the head of the TEA and governor help.  I would demand Texas pay TSC the money which is owed or face suit by the people since it is clear the cowards on the TSC Board will never bring the lawsuit.  I would meet with the governor and demand a special session which allows for the sale of the port.  The port is an unnecessary burden on the people.  We can sell it and pay off the debt and end its taxing authority.  In the hands of a private company it will make money and create good paying jobs.

In a perfect world the port would be making money and paying over the proceeds to the people in a dividend.  It continues to operate on a deficit because there is no leadership.  It is a cash cow for local yokels without vision.  Brownsville should be the port of entry for all of  Latin of America.  This is why I am so excited about Pan Am - I truely want them to succeed.

But I deal in reality - none of these things will ever happen.

Tony Martinez's vision for Brownsville is water conservation as a water policy and development of downtown.  Unless he changes his vision and decides to lead, Brownsville is in for 4 years of malaise.

Again, the local business community must take the reigns of leadership.  They have every legal right to form an organization which makes the same demands I have made.  Tony Martinez and United Brownsville will never lead.  It is up to the business community to lead.  It is up to the business community to show innovation,  We must stop looking to the government.  Elective office is where those who cannot lead go to appear important.  Of course there are exception.  Julian Castro of San Antonio is amazing.  He is expected to run for governor.  He wants to serve two more years as San Antonio's mayor before taking time to explore a run for governor.  It is sad we have to wait 4 years before Texas has any hope for leadership.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post!

Anonymous said...

One of the US's major export is it's military hardware and technology.

50% of the R&D came from NASA and DoD research cooperatives.

I wonder if that's gone.

BobbyWC said...

That R&D also gave us teh internet - titanium and endless products we use every day - I can only hope the R&D continues

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

I think that the upper middle class Mex-Nationals that move to the valley will be the folks that move us into prosperity. Our local elected officials haven't a clue.

Downtown development is a complete waste of time and resources.

Brownsville needs to reinvent itself.

Boca Chica area development is the way to go.

Put that on the PUB grid (with a weir) and watch the interest from all over the world come salivating for a slice of the pie.

Our leaders think like big fish in little ponds. It's really funny to see them try and impress the locals with their worldly knowledge.

Think outside the box all you B'ville leaders. Keep putting lipstick on a (downtown) pig isn't working.

C'mon! Exploit the Boca Chica! It's the american way....Manifest Destiny! Take it! It's our future.

Thanks BWC for the forum to express...

BobbyWC said...

thanks for adding to the discussion.

I am clueless why Boca Chica is noty promoted. We do not want to lose its wildness, but there are things they can do. Every visitor I get I take to the mouth of the river - It is an interesting lesson in borders - a simple mouth of a river separates a 1st world country from a 3rd world country .

I think at the entrance they can promote business, maybe a restaurant or two, public facilities, but they need to basically keep it wild.

But I do believe with vision the wildness can be kept while making it a big tourist destination

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

With your new format will you stop doing your movie reviews? :-(

Anonymous said...

Bobby are you saying that some development on Boca Chica may be possible? Can this happen if some of the area is kept wild?

Anonymous said...

Bobby get a grip "If you were anything" you might still be "Nothing at all". Blogging is the best thing you know how to do. That is the only place you can just complaint all day long and accomplish nothing at all. Right!

BobbyWC said...

First to the idiot - you speak without a name - so for that matter what have you ever done.

The BV made the criminal complaint which got several COB employees fired and charged with criminal conduct for improper use of city credit cards.

The BV secured multiple findings against BISD over several complaints for violation of the rights of special needs children.

The BV filed and secured Ethics violations against Escobedo - more to come as to other elected officials.

The BV flew to Washington years ago and put on FBI Director Mueller's desk evidence of criminal conduct by Judge Limas and others. The greater investigation remains ongoing.

My work on civil liberties has been profiled on national TV by Ed Bradley.

When the Mexican American Democrats needed free legal representation LA RAZA leader Dr. Jose Angel Gutierzez came to me - I gave well over $100,000 in free legal representation on various issues.

The BV exposed Escobedo's desire to hire Olivera and posted the story - he could not even get a second.

The BV documented Linebarger's attempt to buy BISD - the BV posted the story - Linebarger could not get the votes when it came up for a vote.

Do I really need to go on for the coward who posts as an anony


As to the movies - are you kidding - next week is Harry Potter.

I may go tonight to review a film about an undocumented worker.

I just bought a house and moved. I am nervous about the money. My budget says I have more than enough - but I am being very conservative with my spending. I've been in the house for 10 days. The pool was a disaster - it cost me the money I had saved for patio furniture. But the pool is now great - $500.00 later.

OMG the yard is huge - the grass had not been mowed since before I moved in. The infection I had made working on the yard a challenge - well a friend came over and it took two hours to mow 3/4 and bag it (I will go to the dumps on Monday) My friend helped with the mowingand trimming.

We then had rib eyes and went swimming

Yesteday it took me an hour to finish the last 1/4. The yard was infested with ticks. My poor dogs - I have sprayed twice - we shall see if I got them all.

I am very happy in the house. I finally got the dinning room set I wanted and placed the table clothe on it I bought in Cancun some 25 years ago.

Anyway movie reviews will continue. I will also try and start a Sunday special on Asian BQE and on Joshua - on Joshua a retired Catholic priest has written on the issue and I will use his writings.

On Boca Chica I think the county and state can find a way to keep Bpca Chica wild while promoting limited development at the entrance - a store, a small restaurant, public facilities, and a large place for dumping garbage.

the county needs to post a larger sign about everyone needing to police the beach. When I get there I set up three bags - plastics, cans, and trash. I then have my friend's kids work on policing the area for garbage and wood. We always leave the beach cleaner than we found it. The kids hate the policing, but they love the food - they know I will have just about anything they want. All they have to do is have fun and periodically yell out an order for food.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

On the limited development on Boca Chica, what would you suggest as the water supplyfor the area?

Anonymous said...

There will be no such thing as limited development at Boca Chica Beach. Once that door is opened it will never be closed. Besides, this is Cameron County. If the county puts an outhouse on or near the beach they will want to charge an entry fee to the beach.
In Boca Chica we have the best acessible beach in the state of Texas. Why would you want to ruin that? And why now when the feds have at last moved to halt raking of the beach? All that sargassum weed that washes up that everyone seems to hate is one of the main attractions for the birds that everyone seems to like. The sargassum is filled with small shrimp, crabs and lots of other stuff that is an important food source for sandpipers and gulls. Next time there is a bunch of sargassum on the beach watch the sandpipers and plovers (two of which are threatened species) pick through it, gleaning protien to help them on their migration or, in the case of resident birds, just make it through their day. And with the recent successful attack on the Open Beaches Act by the state supreme court any develpment of the beach could end up restricting activity on the beach. If you require a beach with development, head on over to the Island. They would love to have you.
In regards to the litter problem, I suspect that a litter enforcement officer, working only weekends, could generate enough in fines to pay his salary.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy about your casita.
It sounds like you will give it the final touches to turn it into your personal domain.
Make sure you have it blessed or you bless it yourself with holy water.
Wishing you many happy-healthy years there. :))

BobbyWC said...

while I am most;y unpacked it will still take another week to do the small stuff - I cannot find my iron - I really need it - I have lots of little things I really need

My kitchen is everything I needed - I have so many cabinets - It is so much easier to cook when you have a big kitchen an lots of cabinets.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...