Monday, July 25, 2011

Defenbaugh & Associates Inc.


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Carlos Masso in the BND theft of $21.4 million dollars was a key player in the cover up.  As a representative of the people he turned a blind eye, and in fact supported Villalobos' decision to release Dannenbaum of criminal liability in exchange for $1 million dollars being paid to Villalobos' office.  The money paid to Villalobos is money the taxpayers remain on the hook for in terms of the bonds.  At the time, the BV pointed out in a nearly identical case the DOJ gave the so called forfeited money to the victim and did not keep it for themselves. 

Masso tried to run from his history by failing to note in his campaign web page his service on the BND.  He only agreed to change it after the BV pointed out he was running from his service on the BND because he did not want the people to remember his role in the mess and support for Villalobos theft of $1 million dollars from the taxpayers.

Masso in exchange for the support of the corrupt 4 on the BISD board has agreed to fund the corrupt 4's mouth piece.  In exchange for his payments to Montoya he gets positive press and no mention of his part in the Dannenbaum theft of $21.4 million from the BND taxpayers.

Montoya cannot run from his writings.

"It should be noted that Carlos Masso, an assistant DA in the White Crimes Unit, was one of the BND members voting for the settlement. Villalobos has stated in the past that Masso had no role in his investigation or the presentation to the grand jury."

"Between September 2006 and early February 2007, public records show Arambula made three trips to Houston and Masso made four.

Masso said only one of the trips involved an actual mediation session.
He said another trip was to meet only with the mediator. A third trip, that both Masso and Arambula made, was to meet with James Dannenbaum and Louis Jones of Dannenbaum Engineering and their attorneys."

Masso sold the people out in the Dannenbaum mess and he is now selling the people out with the corruption at BISD.

MASSO ANSWER THE QUESTION:  As a candidate for DA do you or do you not see a problem with BISD's hiring of Defenbaugh?  People, if he answers the question honestly, the corrupt 4 will have their political machines work against his election.

He wants to be our DA but finds what is happening with Defenbaugh to be okay?  Carlos Masso lives for the back door deals.  He is not even elected yet and his is presumptively making deals with the corrupt 4 in exchange for their support of their political machines.

He knows he is buying Montoya's silence as to his role in Dannenbaum.  He also knows that by financially supporting Montoya he is buying political machine support from the BISD corrupt 4.  Carlos Masso knows nothing about ethics and he proved that in the case of Dannenbaum.


Montoya gets an F in math, ethics and journalism.  Presas-Garcia sends him bogus information and he prints it.  His paid cover up for Healthsmart could cost the taxpayers $15 million dollars.  It is not about the children it is about making a profit on public corruption.

Montoya's words -

"If Cortez and his three allies on the board felt that the increase from 2007-2008 to 2009-1010 in BISD's health costs from $34 million to $41 million ($7 million) were the result of HealthSmart "taking advantage" of the district, what are they saying now that MMA's costs are projected to increase from 2009-2010's $37 .8 million to 2011-2012's $51 million ($14 million, twice as much)?"

Assuming his numbers are accurate - which is doubtful given his long history of lying - by his own admission BISD health costs went down after Healthsmart was removed.  They went from $41 million to $37.8 million in one year.   Even a 1st grader can see this is a savings.  But the savings does not end there.  According to Montoya inflation is a non-existent reality and perhaps a communist conspiracy.

In 2007 when health cost inflation was rising above regular inflation, BISD's new provider actually reduced costs.

"Health insurance premiums in 2007 rose 6.1 percent, the lowest growth rate in eight years but still well above inflation and worker earnings, according to the latest annual survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation."

In 2010 the rate of healthcare inflation was even higher.  7.32%

When you consider inflation, BISD health insurance costs are holding steady.  It is believed that because of healthcare reform inflation for 2011 may be less than previous years.


The corrupt 4 are going to have Defenbaugh review the healthcare numbers.  Remember Defenabaugh already prepared a bogus audit for Healthsmart.  Notwithstanding that audit, Healthsmart had to pay $850,000 to the City of Lubbock  for a frivolous lawsuit filed John Barr on behalf of Healthsmart.

How is this not a black and white conflict of interest on Defenbaugh's part.  BISD taxpayers are going to pay the costs  for an audit which will find Healthsmart did nothing wrong.  The audit will be done by Defenbaugh, the same man who already wrote one bogus audit for Healthsmart.

This is why Presas-Garcia had Montoya make his bogus post on the issue and manipulation of the numbers while never  ever mentioning the inflation factor.  The deal is done.

This is why Healthsmart is paying a fortune in attorneys fees to stop the release of the audit in the City of Lubbock case.  They are currently paying lawyers to fight the release before both the Dallas and Travis Counties court of appeals.  They do not want this audit public until after Presas-Garcia succeeds in getting the Healthsmart lawsuit dismissed.

The current owner's claims that Ted Parker has nothing to do with Healthsmart is bogus.  This is a coordinated effort.  If Danny Defenbaugh had a half of brain he would notify BISD he is no longer interested - he will not - he is about money and not integrity.


Anonymous said...

Great post! The citizens should see this coming.

Anonymous said...

Base on the facts, it is apparent Caty Garcia is breaking the law. It is a major conflict of interest. I would bet the house Caty Garcia had prior meetings with her attorney and the forensic auditor. Where is the board attorney on per said issues? The Brownsville Herald needs to investigate the relationship with Health Smart and Caty Garcia. I pray that Joe Colunga, Rolando Aguilar, and Minerva Pena have a press conference ASAP. If the shoes were in the other foot Caty Garcia would be leading the pack. Wake up Board Members enough is enough! No Mas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough! Without expecting a penny in return, I brought a service to Brownsville that has positively impacted tens, tens of thousands of families in our beloved Brownsville! Is there any attorney out there that loves his town enough to do some pro-bono work to get these tyrannts removed from the BISD board???? Email me at Maybe once we get the ball rolling we can get some expense monies? There are plenty of grounds for removal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is obivous that Presas-Garcia and Defenbaugh are breaking the law. I guess Defenbaugh does not know when to leave well enough alone. He was a disgrace to FBI now he wants to be a disgrace to BISD. He might not have been prosecuted for the FBI mess but I can assure you he will be prosecuted for the BISD mess. Oh well, he made his choice as to where to disgrace his family name; in good old Brownsville, Texas.

Lguero said...

Mr. Masso used his position as an assistant DA to get on the BND board. His whole campaign was, "who better qualified than me to get to the bottom of the 20 million dollar fisaco?" At the VFW, while initially campaigning, he referenced getting to the bottom of the fiasco and bringing about justice at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, Mr. Masso is just a cog in the political machine finding rivets to serve his own self-serving ends. I wish it was not so and I wish the Brownsville taxpayers would not have been taken for a 20 million dollar ride on a a fantasy rainbow bridge from the port to Mexico.

If he was voted in on one platform and he flipped on the only platform on which he stood, what kind of politician is Mr. Masso?