Thursday, July 21, 2011


While I could be wrong, I do not think I will ever use a Kindle unless my hands are forced.  I love reading on the beach or around the pool.  Just too many opportunties for it to get damaged.  I hate reading on the computer.

I am certain it is generational - but I miss delivering a thick Newsday on Sunday morning while during the quiet of the morning I can hear Long Island railroad.  On more than one occasion while in NY I have been known to run out in the snow in my boxerbriefs to the mailbox to get Newsday.  I love the feel of the paper.  I actually miss the days when the ink rubbed off on your fingers.  I hate that Brownsville not only does not have a real paper in term of journalism, its paper is a little thicker than a serving of toilet paper.

There is something about opening a crisp book and making it your own.  How you bend the binder.  How you fold over the page to mark where you were.  When I read non-fiction I love making notes in the margin about my thoughts or connections to another chapter or some other fact I learned from another book.

When I would get to the movies early I would wonder over to Borders bookstore.  They always had a discount section.  I would always buy some kids book to give away.  I have Isabella, to be 2 in October, in lover with books.  How do I do that with a Kindle?

In Dallas down the street from my home there was a discount book store.  I use to buy children's books all of the time and give them away to kids I knew needed help with their reading.  The book was theirs to read at home away from an audience of morons wanting to make fun of them for reading slow.

We cannot fight technology.  It is sad the Borders never learned how to keep people interested in hard copy books.  Maybe someone else can.  Maybe Brownsville will get lucky and someone will open a new bookstore.  A bookstore wherein the owner is smart enough to have book fares where parents can bring their children and sit down in the childrens section and teach them a love  of books.


Anonymous said...

I am in my early 30's, and I can't fathom ever using an e-reader for the reasons you mention. There is something about the experience of holding a book, of smelling the ink and paper, the tactile sensation of skin on paper, the sound of the pages as they are turned, the organization of the words on the page. There is something magical, too, about the environment of the bookstore-the wonder of finding a good book you didn't expect or talking to strangers about good reads. These experiences are missing in the technological bookstore. Whatever limitations our little Waldenbooks has, at least it was there. Now, there will be nothing. And my senses (and business) will be in McAllen.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, holding a book makes me feel the author's "mind." The electonic ... not the same.
Yet my kids love it.
Sigh. Old age.