Friday, July 15, 2011


Do not waste your money on the 3D - for those who have read the book, I thought the battle scenes would have been amazing in 3D - yea nothing there.

These books can be seen as simple adventure for children or simple minded adults, or an amazing journey about hope, friendship and the evil of power.

From book one when Harry, Hermione, and Ron kill the troll to the last great battle, Harry is just the focus of a team effort.  Without the help of Neville Longbottom, Harry would have lost the last battle.  This is important because it goes against the concept of power for one.  In the final chapter Harry makes two great decisions, one is the ultimate sacrifice (will not spoil for those who have not read the book) and then when handed ultimate power he tosses it away.

These books were never about magic.  They were about the power of unity of good to defeat evil.  They were about opposing power in favor of unity of purpose.

The first hour and a half can be slow, but the last half hour really gives meaning to the entire series.  If you did not understand until now it was never about magic, you should understand based on the last half  hour.

I highly recommend this film.

Oh, about my headline - Shakespeare never found a big audience - yes his words may have been witty, but he never reached the world with his writings.  Harry Potter brought the gift of reading to millions of adults and children alike.  The stories are simple for children, but complex and  filled with endless symbolism for adults.  The words form pictures which bring the reader directly into the scene.  This may be the greatest literature overall in our times.  If you did not read the books, you missed out on something great.  For the long time fans the journey is over, but the lessons will live on in our lives until the day we pass on.

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