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Thanks for all of the nice comments - I also appreciate I did not see anything negative in terms of posts or in other blogs. I am very grateful for the civility.  I am blogging now because I am being allowed to use my laptop in my room.

I am well - but I remain in Valley Baptist.  At the last minute  the doctor cancelled the second surgery.  When he scheduled it I was bleeding about 6 ounces an hour.  Several lab reports did not show my blood count to be dangerously low.  My blood pressure was dropping - but there were conflicting signals as to what was happening.

The bleeding since yesterday has slowed a lot.  I am now bleeding about 6 ounces every 24 hours.  The surgery was difficult.  It was done the old fashion way with a regular incision.  I am glad I made this choice,  Congressman Murtha died from this surgery because he chose the laproscopic method.  If your gallbladder is really diseased and you have a fatty liver the safer option is an old fashion incision.  I will just tell people I was stabbed at a Republican convention. (note choice between Villalobos and Cascos I will vote for Cascos).

If I understood my doctor he may have missed a small bleeder when he cut the gallbladder off of the liver.  Apparently a diseased gallbladder can attach to  the liver.  I am not worried.  I consider this to be within a reasonable spectrum of possible complications.  I have 100% confidence in my surgeon.  He is being very attentive to my needs.  My blood count is being checked all of  the time.  I could not ask for better care.

With the exception of 2 nurses the care has been A+.  The ER nurse tried  to inject me with a painkiller without checking my allergies.  I informed her of her mistake and she stopped before injecting me.  The doctor instead chose a different pain killer


On the previous Tuesday and Wednesday night I woke up feeling like someone slammed the center of my back. My abdomen was swollen.  On Thursday I had a nurse at the VA check it but because there was no fever or other symptoms I was told to just keep an eye on it.  On Monday night going into Tuesday I woke up in unbearable pain.  I tried the left over pain killers I never used and after an hour of screaming I somehow got in my car at about 2:30 a.m. and drove to Valley Baptist.

Had I not forced the ER doctor to do a cat scan which led  to a sonogram he was going to send me home. 

People you must learn to be very proactive with their healthcare - you know your body.

Even after the mistake of trying to give me a painkiller I could not take no one bothered to put  a red wrist band on my arm to warn other nurses and doctors.  The next day when I woke up in a room I  told the nurse and she immediately tagged my bracelet.

On the ward with the exception of one nurse they all get A+ - same for the aides - the cleaning staff - respiratory staff - and even the people who bring you your meal.  They all make you feel special.  It has made this entire experience so much better.  I cannot say enough about the staff and my surgeon.  There are no words to express my gratitude.

I am concerned a sonogram at Valley Regional missed the diseased gallbladder.  But maybe they never got a clear picture of it - I do know if the report said normal.  We shall see when I investigate it.  I could be wrong.

Anyway, I do not miss sex (7 years) but boy did I miss the internet.

Monday is a special day - it is the day I remember mom - she died of heart disease because of malpractice.  I always use August 1st to discuss the issue and to remind women to be proactive.  I will also post on the issue of the BISD audit - people will be surprised I am not opposed to the audit - I am just opposed to the auditor.  A true audit will not make any of the board members look good.  There is a truth and it is time we get to it.
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Bobby is resting well and re cooperating  from the surgery at the hospital.  He should be back home by Monday.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

BV  will be. down until Monday
Bobby had second surgery due to complications.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BV down until Friday.

Bobby's surgery is today.

The surgery was delayed because of as infection.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bv will be down for few days.
Bobby is having his gallbladder removed at Valley Baptist.

Juanito Panito

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Defenbaugh & Associates Inc.


Editor's note: The BV will post by 10 a.m.


Carlos Masso in the BND theft of $21.4 million dollars was a key player in the cover up.  As a representative of the people he turned a blind eye, and in fact supported Villalobos' decision to release Dannenbaum of criminal liability in exchange for $1 million dollars being paid to Villalobos' office.  The money paid to Villalobos is money the taxpayers remain on the hook for in terms of the bonds.  At the time, the BV pointed out in a nearly identical case the DOJ gave the so called forfeited money to the victim and did not keep it for themselves. 

Masso tried to run from his history by failing to note in his campaign web page his service on the BND.  He only agreed to change it after the BV pointed out he was running from his service on the BND because he did not want the people to remember his role in the mess and support for Villalobos theft of $1 million dollars from the taxpayers.

Masso in exchange for the support of the corrupt 4 on the BISD board has agreed to fund the corrupt 4's mouth piece.  In exchange for his payments to Montoya he gets positive press and no mention of his part in the Dannenbaum theft of $21.4 million from the BND taxpayers.

Montoya cannot run from his writings.

"It should be noted that Carlos Masso, an assistant DA in the White Crimes Unit, was one of the BND members voting for the settlement. Villalobos has stated in the past that Masso had no role in his investigation or the presentation to the grand jury."

"Between September 2006 and early February 2007, public records show Arambula made three trips to Houston and Masso made four.

Masso said only one of the trips involved an actual mediation session.
He said another trip was to meet only with the mediator. A third trip, that both Masso and Arambula made, was to meet with James Dannenbaum and Louis Jones of Dannenbaum Engineering and their attorneys."

Masso sold the people out in the Dannenbaum mess and he is now selling the people out with the corruption at BISD.

MASSO ANSWER THE QUESTION:  As a candidate for DA do you or do you not see a problem with BISD's hiring of Defenbaugh?  People, if he answers the question honestly, the corrupt 4 will have their political machines work against his election.

He wants to be our DA but finds what is happening with Defenbaugh to be okay?  Carlos Masso lives for the back door deals.  He is not even elected yet and his is presumptively making deals with the corrupt 4 in exchange for their support of their political machines.

He knows he is buying Montoya's silence as to his role in Dannenbaum.  He also knows that by financially supporting Montoya he is buying political machine support from the BISD corrupt 4.  Carlos Masso knows nothing about ethics and he proved that in the case of Dannenbaum.


Montoya gets an F in math, ethics and journalism.  Presas-Garcia sends him bogus information and he prints it.  His paid cover up for Healthsmart could cost the taxpayers $15 million dollars.  It is not about the children it is about making a profit on public corruption.

Montoya's words -

"If Cortez and his three allies on the board felt that the increase from 2007-2008 to 2009-1010 in BISD's health costs from $34 million to $41 million ($7 million) were the result of HealthSmart "taking advantage" of the district, what are they saying now that MMA's costs are projected to increase from 2009-2010's $37 .8 million to 2011-2012's $51 million ($14 million, twice as much)?"

Assuming his numbers are accurate - which is doubtful given his long history of lying - by his own admission BISD health costs went down after Healthsmart was removed.  They went from $41 million to $37.8 million in one year.   Even a 1st grader can see this is a savings.  But the savings does not end there.  According to Montoya inflation is a non-existent reality and perhaps a communist conspiracy.

In 2007 when health cost inflation was rising above regular inflation, BISD's new provider actually reduced costs.

"Health insurance premiums in 2007 rose 6.1 percent, the lowest growth rate in eight years but still well above inflation and worker earnings, according to the latest annual survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation."

In 2010 the rate of healthcare inflation was even higher.  7.32%

When you consider inflation, BISD health insurance costs are holding steady.  It is believed that because of healthcare reform inflation for 2011 may be less than previous years.


The corrupt 4 are going to have Defenbaugh review the healthcare numbers.  Remember Defenabaugh already prepared a bogus audit for Healthsmart.  Notwithstanding that audit, Healthsmart had to pay $850,000 to the City of Lubbock  for a frivolous lawsuit filed John Barr on behalf of Healthsmart.

How is this not a black and white conflict of interest on Defenbaugh's part.  BISD taxpayers are going to pay the costs  for an audit which will find Healthsmart did nothing wrong.  The audit will be done by Defenbaugh, the same man who already wrote one bogus audit for Healthsmart.

This is why Presas-Garcia had Montoya make his bogus post on the issue and manipulation of the numbers while never  ever mentioning the inflation factor.  The deal is done.

This is why Healthsmart is paying a fortune in attorneys fees to stop the release of the audit in the City of Lubbock case.  They are currently paying lawyers to fight the release before both the Dallas and Travis Counties court of appeals.  They do not want this audit public until after Presas-Garcia succeeds in getting the Healthsmart lawsuit dismissed.

The current owner's claims that Ted Parker has nothing to do with Healthsmart is bogus.  This is a coordinated effort.  If Danny Defenbaugh had a half of brain he would notify BISD he is no longer interested - he will not - he is about money and not integrity.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Defenbaugh & Associates Inc.


For the record, Defenbaugh had nothing to do with the arrest or conviction of Timothy McVeigh.  A basic FBI investigation into the VIN number on an axle and a basic stop for no plates on his car lead to Timothy McVeigh's arrest and eventual conviction.

"Shortly after the bombing, while driving on I-35 in Noble County, near Perry, Oklahoma, McVeigh was stopped by Oklahoma State Trooper Charles J. Hanger from Pawnee, Oklahoma.[50] Hanger had passed McVeigh's yellow 1977 Mercury Marquis and noticed that it had no license plate. McVeigh admitted to the police officer (who noticed a bulge under his jacket) that he had a gun and McVeigh was subsequently arrested for having driven without plates and illegal firearm possession."

In the Dallas case between the City of Lubbock and Healthsmart, John Barr asked that an auditor be allowed to review the evidence.

 Defenbaugh in his "independent audit" found that the claims against Healthsmart were based on  flawed standards and replete with omissions.


If Defenbaugh's audit was so accurate, why did Healthsmart pay the City of Lubbock $850,000 in attorney fees for its frivolous lawsuit as filed by John Barr?  Answer - Danny Defenbaugh is a paid hack.  He was reprimanded by the FBI for withholding key documents in the Timothy McVeigh case.  His client, Healthsmart, was forced to pay $850,000 to the City of Lubbock after his independent audit failed to result in a valid defense for Healthsmart.

Here is the case.  John Barr - represents Healthsmart, Ted Parker, Carlos Quintanills, Danny Defenbaugh, and Presas-Garcia.  Presas-Garcia with full knowledge of all of this seeks to have the taxpayers pay for a preconceived report by Defenbaugh which relieves Healthsmart of liability, and then as a distraction make claims against former board members which no law enforcement agency will take.

Next week I will put all of the documents before the FBI and the TEA.  I will research the licencing agencies for Defenbaugh and his staff and file formal complaints.

Where is the Herald - not newsworthy.  Has Cavasos been paid off by someone to keep this story covered up?

What will Aguilar, Colunga and Peña do?  Nothing - absolutely nothing.  I believe one or all three are being blackmailed.  This is why they refuse to call a press  conference.


Below is the FBI affidavit in support of the search warrant on the City of Lubbock related to allegations of criminal conduct against Ted Parker and Healthsmart.

¶¶ 65-75 give you a good sense of how the FBI goes about collecting evidence while giving you an insight into what they were looking for.

Here is the document which lists what the FBI was looking for.

This will never end because no elected leaders in Brownsville give a crap and none of the millionaire lawyers are willing to donate the services for an action to have Presas-Garcia removed from office. This audit that John Barr wants suppressed could prove pivotal in BISD proving its case. The problems in Lubbock are essentially the same as in BISD.


¶ 109 - This paragraph contains the text message of Ted Parker which shows his use of inside information to be able to bid on the COL contract. If anything gets him indicted it will be this evidence. Remember when the corrupt 4 rejected the winning bid on a security contract when Escobedo's brother did not win the bid. His brother is now being given a second shot at the contract.

During this period who was defending Ted Parker? John Barr. This is conclusive evidence of using inside information to get what he wants. Parker now has his attorney John Barr working with Presas-Garcia. There needs to be legal action to remove John Barr from representing Presas-Garcia. This key piece of evidence could be instrumental in getting the TEA to take control of BISD.


I want to say thank you to the source who told me to check this out.  I do not know why but the first time I google Defenbaugh and Lubbock audit it did not come up.  This time it was the first item.  Brownsville thanks you for your help in this matter.
Garabato's Grill


About once a month an old friend and I go to lunch. We lived together in the dorms at UTEP.  I find the Mexican food in Brownsville insulting to Mexico.  There is so much more to Mexican food than tacos, enchiladas, and tostadas.  God what I would give for a good taco of huitlacoche.

Garabatos does serve some Mexican food more commonly seen in the Taco Bell type menu seen in most Brownsville restaurants.  There is not much but a few items. 

I had a grilled chicken breast covered in a cream chipotle sauce.  On the side was fried potato slices with a hint of cilantro.  The soup which comes with every meal is lentil.  I could have eaten a large bowl of lentil soup along with a nice piece of fish and been very happy.

They do serve a swai with a Mexican flavor.  I may try that next time.  Swai is a farm grown fish from Vietnam.  It is a white fish.  I got so bored with tilapia I stopped eating  fish on a regular basis.  I do love my salmon, but you need more than one fish in your diet.  Anyway, swai is a very meaty fish.  The fillets are big like steaks.  I prefer mine on the stove  top with garlic, onion and sliced tomato.  But last weekend I had people over for a fish and shrimp fry.  You can do this outside with a good hardwood charcoal.  You just need to keep on feeding the fire.  This fish fries up just nicely.  You can get it in Walmart.  I have not seen in at HEB.


I had a hard pastry.  It was filled with a guava paste or jam.  It was very, very good.  My only  disappointment was they did not have coffee ready to go.  I guess it is an Anglo thing that they do not drink coffee at every meal.  I love my coffee at the end of a meal.  They offered to make a fresh pot - but I declined.  My friend had to get back to work.


They are located on Harrison and 11th.  I will not drive to South Padre for dinner.  It is not worth the drive.  I know Dirty Al's is a tourist restaurant which is always packed.  It it is exactly that.  The menu is limited.  The Sea Ranch is over priced for second rate food.  I have eaten there twice and been disappointed.  The cook had no idea how to make  Huachinango al la Veracruzana.  When Captain Bob's first opened in Brownsville, I had some very good Huachinango al la Veracruzana.

But for Garabatos, I will not think twice about the drive to Harlingen.  I am told the owners are interested in opening a restaurant in Brownsville.  We shall see what happens.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Time Warner Cable is worthless. In three weeks in the new house my internet has been down for 5 days. It went down yesterday at about 10:07 a.m. Their recording that there is service problems is your area is all lies.

Twice they simply restored my service by resending the signal, notwithstanding the fact they claimed service problems in the area. Yesterday after nearly two hours on the phone with several supervisors and a threat to go through the corporate offices in New York, they finally agreed to send someone out to find out why my box is not accepting the signal.

These people are so bizarre. One supervisor refused to work with me because she claimed I did not have service with Time Warner. She was adamant. Bizarre people.

Anyway - there will be no movie review - nothing worth going to see.

I do have a new recipe I want to post - the BV should be up sometime tomorrow.

Sorry for the late approval of the various posts. I am now at the Central Library. I really do not have the time to be here researching and posting stories.

The BV should be in full swing by Monday - but I do expect weekend posts.  There will be a restaurant review.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Defenbaugh & Associates Inc.


I remember Danny Defenbaugh well.  It does not shock me the likes of Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra would run to hire a disgraced former FBI agent to do their hatchet job.  Defenbaugh oversaw Dallas at a time public officials ran crazy with their public corruption.  Who ever heard of an audit wherein the requesters are specifically directing the investigator to find evidence of criminal conduct.  An honest audit leads to the facts what ever they may be.  You do not order the auditor to find what you want to hear.

"In a March 19 report, the Justice Department recommended Defenbaugh and three other agents be disciplined for the FBI's failure to turn over thousands of pages of documents to McVeigh's lawyers until days before his scheduled execution."

This disgraced FBI Agent nearly blew the case of the US's more notorious domestic terrorist, Timothy McVeigh.  This disgraced former FBI agent will get BISD sued over the audit.

It should shock no one, Gary Long one of the most incompetent journalists in the history of the Herald missed this.  A real journalist would have check out who Danny Deffenbaum really is, as opposed to just printing the disinformation passed to him by Presas-Garcia.


Who is Presas-Garcia's attorney - John Barr.  the other companies who bid on this contract need to file a formal complaint.  We need an investigation of insider information being passed on to Danny Defenbaugh.  We need an audit of how Danny Defenbaugh came to get this contract.

Defenbaugh will find Healthsmart is a victim of the former trustees.  This is a con job on the taxpayers.  Where is Gary Long on this story - nowhere to be found. 


Criticized FBI agent retires at 51

Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2002

DALLAS (AP) - Danny Defenbaugh, the special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI office who was heavily criticized in a report last month for withholding information in the Timothy McVeigh trial, announced his retirement Wednesday.

The 32-year FBI veteran said he would step down at the end of April.

"It's been a long time," he said, declining to comment further.

Defenbaugh, 51, was named head of the Dallas FBI office in 1998, after leading the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

In an e-mail Tuesday night to colleagues, Defenbaugh wrote: "I have been so fortunate to live a dream beyond my dreams. I plan on staying in the area and begin my search for a new and challenging career."

In a March 19 report, the Justice Department recommended Defenbaugh and three other agents be disciplined for the FBI's failure to turn over thousands of pages of documents to McVeigh's lawyers until days before his scheduled execution.

Defenbaugh was not pressured to step down as a result of the report, FBI spokeswoman Lori Bailey said.

"This was his call," she said. "All he said was he's had a great career and he's ready to retire and ready to move on."

The 192-page report found no evidence that FBI agents meant to hide information.
The report said most of the mislaid or destroyed paperwork contained no significant or new information for McVeigh's defense team.

However, it acknowledged that the lengthy investigation did not determine whether all destroyed documents had been disclosed.

Defenbaugh released a statement March 19 accepting the criticism.

"I made decisions concerning the documents based on my honest evaluation of the situation, my many years of experience and out of my desire to do the right thing," he said.


I cannot find any evidence to support your claim.  If you have it - give me a link to the evidence.


.Defenbaugh & Associates Inc.


While I could be wrong, I do not think I will ever use a Kindle unless my hands are forced.  I love reading on the beach or around the pool.  Just too many opportunties for it to get damaged.  I hate reading on the computer.

I am certain it is generational - but I miss delivering a thick Newsday on Sunday morning while during the quiet of the morning I can hear Long Island railroad.  On more than one occasion while in NY I have been known to run out in the snow in my boxerbriefs to the mailbox to get Newsday.  I love the feel of the paper.  I actually miss the days when the ink rubbed off on your fingers.  I hate that Brownsville not only does not have a real paper in term of journalism, its paper is a little thicker than a serving of toilet paper.

There is something about opening a crisp book and making it your own.  How you bend the binder.  How you fold over the page to mark where you were.  When I read non-fiction I love making notes in the margin about my thoughts or connections to another chapter or some other fact I learned from another book.

When I would get to the movies early I would wonder over to Borders bookstore.  They always had a discount section.  I would always buy some kids book to give away.  I have Isabella, to be 2 in October, in lover with books.  How do I do that with a Kindle?

In Dallas down the street from my home there was a discount book store.  I use to buy children's books all of the time and give them away to kids I knew needed help with their reading.  The book was theirs to read at home away from an audience of morons wanting to make fun of them for reading slow.

We cannot fight technology.  It is sad the Borders never learned how to keep people interested in hard copy books.  Maybe someone else can.  Maybe Brownsville will get lucky and someone will open a new bookstore.  A bookstore wherein the owner is smart enough to have book fares where parents can bring their children and sit down in the childrens section and teach them a love  of books.

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But for now, a call for help - did anyone hear Tony Martinez say something unusual at the end of item 12. What he said is so bizarre I will not go with it until I get confirmation that someone else heard it - so readers let me know.


When Pat Ahumada was first elected I sent an email to all the commissioners asking that they set up a blogspot for the purpose of keeping the people informed about their efforts on their behalf. To a person they all rejected the idea.

Many of the commissioners are on FACEBOOK. Many are not. FACEBOOK can be an asset to the commissioners if they choose the option which opens the Wall to everyone whether they are on FACEBOOK or not. This is an option. Commissioners who are on FACEBOOK who choose to not open their Wall to the public are sending a clear message - transparency is not an option.

I encourage the commissioners to use FACEBOOK or any other social network to keep the electorate informed as to their efforts on behalf of the people. Keeping the people informed is the best way to avoid being the victim of endless lies by convicted felons (more than one), convicted drunks, and purveyors of smut.   If the commissioners continue to not engage the people with open FACEBOOK Walls, then they have nothing to say when they are a victim of lies.

"ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The chief criminal judge in New Mexico's busiest judicial district was arrested Tuesday by Albuquerque police on rape and other charges stemming from a prostitution investigation."

More and more federal and state judges are being put in jail.  Why?  The system and the press are not doing their job.  Everything is declared not newsworthy until someone in law enforcement is willing to put their job on the line and conduct an investigation.  these stories should first be covered by the press - but everything involving public corruption is declared not newsworthy.

The press simply needs to shut down.  Corporate ownership of the press has killed the news.  This simple fact has encouraged more and more corruption by public officials.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Herald is reporting Henrick's attorney is Juan Jose Martinez, out of Olmito. He has 27 years experience. For now Pan Am is making no comment. The presumption is Henrick is innocent. These computer cases can sometimes be a challenge. I am not saying it will be a challenge in this case. I for example lock my computer when I am out of town. I am responsible for what people look at on my computer. You cannot control what other people look at on your computer when you are not there.

In this case the DOJ appears to have it locked down to Henrick using his computer and his user name. This would make it a lot tighter case.   Only a final verdict will tell.  But for now the Pan Am Board needs to remove Henrick.  The company is more important than any one person.

But I warn people, be careful who you allow to use your computer.  If they log on to this vile smut, you can be charged with viewing it even though you were not present.  I am not saying this is the case here.  Like I  said, if what the DOJ is saying they have a pretty tight chain of control.



BUT FIRST, The "Fly Brownsville" initiative related to United Brownsville is actually a good thing.  The objective is to encourage United Brownsville participants to Fly Brownsville.  I will note the last couple of times I  checked Southwest they were the most expensive airline.

BUT SECOND, Yesterday Melissa Zamora post to the BV that she has in fact gone to the City Secretary and sought to put on the agenda turning the cameras back on during the public comment period.  Apparently not even the queen of cheezmeh is willing to support free speech - what will cheezemeh say about Jessica's opposition to free speech?

This is not the artwork I ordered.  I am going with my post nonetheless.  The picture is the cover from a book some of you might want to read.

Starting in the 70's long term Democrats started to move towards Independents.  By the late 80's a lot of Hollywood types also started the move.  By the 90's large numbers of average Joe Democrats started to become Independents.  The reason - the slavery associated with the Nanny State.

American Liberalism is anything bit liberalism.  It is based on an idea that the people need a big daddy to provide for them and think for them.  President Johnson's "Great Society" epitomized the Nanny State.  It is in fact a State of Slavery.

True Liberals and Progressives have rejected American Liberalism and the Democratic Party.  Any and all social safety nets should be just that, safety nets, and not programs which make people dependent on the government.  After daddy died in 63' and mom eventually went on welfare, as a mother of 7, the youngest at  the time being 3 or 4 (the year we actually went on welfare is not clear) the government made her work and go to school.  7 children at home was not a basis to avoid work or school.  She eventually became a social worker.  When she died in 77' and we sold the house, the State of New York rightfully so garnished $10,000 as reimbursement for the welfare.  This was a good system.  No excuses for staying home and no creating an estate on the backs of the taxpayers.

Tony Martinez stands for the Nanny State.  He has no use for the people thinking for themselves or acting in their own best interests.  He believes he must be the daddy.  You see this in his politics of going along to get along.  He wants to be daddy to everyone.  He thinks he can save everyone - well except those who call him out and then he engages in childlike name calling.

The problem with people thinking for themselves is, the Nanny State has created a nation of non-critical thinkers on both the left and the right.  If we leave the people to their own thoughts they will hang themselves.  This is a consequence of the Nanny State.  For the record, Reputrican Talk Radio  does the same.  They force feed their lemmings endless lies while demanding they accept every word while never thinking for themselves.  Repubtrican Talk Radio is an intricate part of the Nanny State which seeks to destroy independent thinking.  We need to end the Nanny State while promoting independent thought based on facts and critical thinking.

This begins in our schools - unfortunatelly BISD and TSC teaches with multiple choice exams and handouts.  We have a long haul in front of us.  We begin by rejecting the Plantation Politics of Tony Martinez which seeks to enslave people to a need for a daddy to take care of them, and begin to demand our schools do a better job in promoting critical thinking and self reliance.


I have no idea what is in this audit, but Healthsmart is spending a fortune in attorneys fees for themselves and in judgments in favor of the City of Lubbock to keep this audit secret.

Yesterday an Austin judge ordered the audit released after affirming the Attorney General's opinion that it is a public record. The Lubbock news is not reporting if the court has given Healhsmart time to seek a stay before the court of appeals.

In Dallas the judge ordered the release 10 days after he signed his order. The order was formally signed on July 14th. The judge specifically found the audit was not covered by a protective order issued in the underlying case. This is the case wherein Healthsmart agreed to reimburse the City of Lubbock $850,000, in attorney's fees for having filed a frivolous lawsuit in the first instance.

I have no idea how the two orders by the two different judges interact with one another. Technically the Dallas Court of Appeals could stay the release while the Travis County Court of Appeals could order it released. At that point Healthsmart would have to take it to the Supreme Court on an emergency basis.

Of course the fact all of this relates to BISD means nothing to the Herald. You will never read this in the Herald. They have yet to report the $850,000 paid to the City of Lubbock because of a frivolous lawsuit filed by John Barr, Presas-Garcia's lawyer.


I had solar screens put on the house. I used a company called Advanced Solar Screens. I am happy with the workmanship all around. He came out to the house on Thursday and did all of the measurements. He installed them yesterday. Based on my estimates (low side)I should save about $40 a month on my electric bill. The cost was $620 for 7 windows, but I was charged for 8 because of the arch in one window which counts as a separate window. It should take me 16 months to come out even.

I think this is an investment everyone should make.

The web page for the company is here.

Monday, July 18, 2011



UPDATE:  This story is 100% newsworthy - along those lines I have informed Tim Logan of the St; Louis Dispatch.  Why?  It relates to their efforts concerning the Chinese Cargo hub.

The Herald has the story.

It seems to me this ends Pan Ams plans, unless a new president is voted in by the Board of Directors. I do not see how investors continue to invest. When I would see Homeland Security researching him, I always assumed it was part of a routine background check.

I am just now getting to the story. My internet has been down all day. This is sad first and foremost for the children who are victims. Like any other case, these are allegations. The question remains allegations until a trial wherein he is convicted, or he pleads guilty.

But in the end, I do not see how investors continue to invest, unless someone else takes control of the corporation.


On the first level, assuming for arguments sake only, the allegations are true, that someone who knows they are under the scrutiny of Homeland Security would do such a thing - it just blows my mind.

Second it blows my mind that scum of the earth like Quintanilla and Montoya would use the alleged abuse of children as a way to make money - scum is as scum does.

First of all regardless of how vile the act of child sex videos are, nothing changes the fact Fly Frontera during the subject time never registered to do business in Texas, was asking that Brownsville pay its employees a per deim, pay to transport the planes to Brownsville, and be allowed to commingle the funds with another company.  The fact according to the BEDC they did not even have the proper permits to bring international commercial passenger service to Brownsville (as opposed to charter flights for which they did have the permits) means nothing to them.

I  cannot imagine the sickness which goes through the brains of evil like Quintanilla and Montoya that they seek to use the sexual abuse of innocent children for personal gain.  I hope Harlingen knows what they are getting into with Jim Gallagher - using the tragedy of sexually abused children to defend his bad business decisions.  For the record, I will bet the farm Fly Frontera will go no where with Harlingen.  Aeromexico will succeed.  The BV has always been 100% on board to the idea and belief the passenger load is there.  Why would people fly into Harlingen when Aeromexico will bring them to Brownsville on larger planes with greater luggage capacity?


Quintanilla and Montoya are going to tell you a story about how the city was negotiating with Aeromexico while also negotiating with Fly Frontera.  What they will not tell you is, they were negotiating in fact with Pan Am first.  This is business.  This is how capitalism works.  We as a city are allowed to negotiate with a 1000 airlines at the same time - it is called business.  Harlingen is on notice Jim Gallagher and Quintanilla will never tolerate normal business practices.


Quintanilla and Montoya, even in his current post, have attacked me for exposing State Bar lawyer Darryl Jordan, other lawyers and judges and their acts to protect the Dallas Diocese from a $119 million judgment taken against the Diocese for the acts of child molesting priests.  I cannot imagine the level of evil in a person's heart needed to use this story about Bob Hedrick as a means to make money.  Sick at a level which must shock the conscience of even the devil himself.

And for the record, if Hedrick is guilty he should get the maximum punishment.  Those who look at child pornography are as guilty as the players and producers.  No one guilty of this crime wants me on the jury.  I will always give the maximum sentence - there is no excuse.


I am still waiting on the artwork I want to use with my post on Tony Martinez. If I do not get the artwork today, I will go with the post tomorrow one way or the other.

As to the claims that the city commissioners are bowing to Tony Martinez - it is merely the rantings of frustrated queens looking for satisfaction.  They need drama to keep their drivel going so they create stories.  The polls are fake, the interviews are fake, the associations are fake.  Brownsville needs critical  voices, not drama queens looking for satisfaction in all the wrong closets.


The agenda for BISD tomorrow night is most interesting for what is not there - the firing of Thompson Horton.  If we remember, Presas-Garcia as the only man on  the board shot her load before getting permission from her fellow board members to fire Thompson Horton.  The real story is why did she want to fire Thompson Horton.  Was she stopped because Escobedo realized firing Thompson Horton would only set the TEA on BISD.  The claim is Thompson Horton met with either  the TEA or some form of law enforcement office.  The meeting was not discretionary.  They had no choice.  The story is, this set Presas-Garcia going psycho.  Look people, if you are hit with a request from an investigatory agency whether in a civil or criminal context - you answer the request.  Only a complete moron like Presas-Garcia would force a subpoena.

Now the real question is, why has a bid not gone out for a permanent legal counsel?  Why is BISD 6 months with a  temporary legal counsel?  It is time BISD seek bids on a permanent counsel.


The only interesting thing on the agenda is item 7.   The issue is a "Fly Brownsville" travel policy for United Brownsville.  I have no idea what this means.  But the meeting is worth watching just to see what this is all about.

The issue of restoring the people's right to be heard is not on the agenda.  Jessica has had more than enough time to speak out on the issue.  It is clear she opposes speech.  Maybe it is time we recall Jessica as a pathological liar.  The claims Melissa has not spoken out on this issue is just false.  It is the same old drivel of the same old drama queens looking to make drama for no better reason than sport.  This does not help Brownsville's image.  People who help promote this drivel are the reason Brownsville will never thrive.  We can only hope rational people can see the drivel as made up drama.

Melissa Zamora  was the only commissioner to denounce the policy (turning the cameras off during public comment) when it was announced.  Facts do matter.  The problem is, she cannot get Jessica or anyone else to put this matter on the agenda.  Zamora cannot change the policy on her own.  But unlike Jessica she has spoken out on the policy.  This will be the last week John Villarreal and Estela Chavez-Vasquez will be able to clam they need time to study the issue.  We know for sure Tony Martinez opposes speech.  He will never do anything which angers Sossi or Cabler.  He has  made it know to both of these men - he is  their bitch.  The real problem is not commissioners following Martinez, it is Martinez making it known so long as he is mayor he will be Sossi's and Cabler's bitch.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Do not waste your money on the 3D - for those who have read the book, I thought the battle scenes would have been amazing in 3D - yea nothing there.

These books can be seen as simple adventure for children or simple minded adults, or an amazing journey about hope, friendship and the evil of power.

From book one when Harry, Hermione, and Ron kill the troll to the last great battle, Harry is just the focus of a team effort.  Without the help of Neville Longbottom, Harry would have lost the last battle.  This is important because it goes against the concept of power for one.  In the final chapter Harry makes two great decisions, one is the ultimate sacrifice (will not spoil for those who have not read the book) and then when handed ultimate power he tosses it away.

These books were never about magic.  They were about the power of unity of good to defeat evil.  They were about opposing power in favor of unity of purpose.

The first hour and a half can be slow, but the last half hour really gives meaning to the entire series.  If you did not understand until now it was never about magic, you should understand based on the last half  hour.

I highly recommend this film.

Oh, about my headline - Shakespeare never found a big audience - yes his words may have been witty, but he never reached the world with his writings.  Harry Potter brought the gift of reading to millions of adults and children alike.  The stories are simple for children, but complex and  filled with endless symbolism for adults.  The words form pictures which bring the reader directly into the scene.  This may be the greatest literature overall in our times.  If you did not read the books, you missed out on something great.  For the long time fans the journey is over, but the lessons will live on in our lives until the day we pass on.



Politicians know one thing about the people - the people take pride in being SAPS.

Here are some basic facts about oil which the corporatists Republicans do not want you to know. Increasing the amount of drilling in the US will have zero impact on prices or US dependency on foreign oil. The US can increase its drilling by 100 million barrels a day and nothing would change. A great deal of US Alaska oil is shipped to Japan while we import from Saudi Arabia. Why? Markets and shipping routes - it is that simple. OPEC will only allow for so much oil on the market on any given day. They want a specific price.  If the US increases its production OPEC will decrease its production.  The end result is the price of oil is the same.

There is no law which mandates domestic production only be sold in the US - hence Alaskan oil goes to Japan.   The corporatists use the ignorance and hate the right has towards everyone as a way to dupe them into believing that if the US gives away its resources to Exxon somehow the people will be better off.  It is a myth.  A myth the SAPS run to and then complain about  and then  blame communists when the truth comes out.

What frustrates me most about SAPS is, it is so obvious they are being played.  Think about it, who  believes OPEC will not lower its production if US production is increased thereby causing a reduction in prices?  Smart people believe leaving the oil in the ground until there is a real shortage worldwide - the US will then have the oil while the rest of the world looks to the US.  Our security is in conservation until it is needed, and not in giving our resources away to Exxon when in fact increased US production will have zero impact on the price of oil.


Let me begin by stating it blows my mind that Tony Martinez in record speed has managed to turn every social media outlet against him.  I will have more on this on Monday.  I am waiting on some artwork to go with the article.  My source tells me I will have it by close of business today.  The heart of the problem is American Liberalism (which is in fact not liberalism) - its goal is Plantation politics.  It is evil at its core.


It is purported Jim Barton made the following statement " the mayor made a move rendering Brownsville city government more exclusive, less inclusive."  It is so laughable it blows my mind.  Jim Barton and Cheezmeh choose to close their Facebook pages to only people who worship them and do not challenge them.  Myself along with a lot of other people have been banned from even  reading Cheezmeh.  Jim Barton and his partner in crime Laura Mineal call this inclusive.  It is exclusive - it is anti-transparent.  Until this con artist choose the Facebook option which opens their pages to everyone they do not get to use the accuse anyone of being "exclusive."

Look, what happened with the PUB appointments was outrageous.  Tony Martinez (note I never call him mayor- he has disgraced the  title) is clearly an elitist who has very little use for the people.  He clearly wants a club of exclusive community voices who make it appear all is well.  Such closed government never works and this will become his legacy.


No one is trying to take the appointments away from the commissioners.  I defy all of these liars to post the quote where this proposal has been made.  It never happened.  This discussion by Cheezemeh and others is really a discussion about not getting what they believe is their entitlement for working on the elections.  It is whiners complaining and lying because they fear  they will now not get their payoffs.  Like I said self anointed community watchdogs are only watchdogs for themselves.

In a perfect world all of these appointments should go to the most qualified person, and not to political appointees.  The reality it they go to incompetent people as rewards for working on campaigns.  True community watchdogs would demand a strong vetting process of the candidates to insure the most qualified person is getting the appointment.  This is not Cheezmeh's and Barton's discussion - they are angry that their people may not get the calabaza payoff they believe is their right for working on Jessica's campaign.  God save Brownsville is these con artists are allowed  to choose who will serve on Boards.

Committees to chose appointees are not new.  President Carter used them for federal appointments.  The process was hailed as a success.  Reagan abandoned the process.

This morning President Obama said we do not need a constitutional amendment to balance the budget - we need elected officials willing to do their job.  While I personally prefer the commissioners to do their job and only select the most qualified people to serve on these boards, but we all know that is not going to happen.  The essence of Jim Barton's tirade is - "hey - we want our people appointed" - no Jim the people do not want your people - they want the most qualified people.

If a committee has as its true purpose to vet applicants and then present a list of qualified candidates to the commissioners for recommendation,  then I support the committee - the bottom line is, under the city charter the commissioners will be free to ignore the recommendation of the committee and appoint political payback appointees approved by Jim Barton, Laura Miniel, and cheezmeh. 

People this is not about United Brownsville and some ghost government which is exclusive - this is about Cheezmeh, Jim Barton, and Laura Miniel wanting to run a ghost government wherein anyone who dissents against them is barred from reading their comments or even counter their comments on their facebook. 

People the complaint is a con - the only one seeking a ghost government is Cheezmeh, Jim Barton and Laura Miniel - god save Brownsville if Laura is appointed to a board - she has proven herself to be opposed to open and transparent government and appointment based on competency as opposed to being  rewarded for having worked on a campaign.

People the law is clear - unless the City Charter is changed any appointment by anyone but a commissioner is void.  Any attempt to force a commissioner to appoint any particular person is illegal and unenforceable against the commissioner.  The entire discussion is a con over Cheezmeh and others demanding control over the City of Brownsville - the people own the City of Brownsville -

Bottom line is - these exclusive con artists at Cheezmeh who regulate who can even read their drivel fear that if the candidates are vetted based on competency their people may not make the cut.  Well here is a news flash idiots - your Jessica will still be free to appoint  your people - she will just have to explain to the people why she ignored the recommendations based on competency.  This is the bottom line - they fear if the candidates are vetted based on competency their con artists supporters will not make the cut.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


SIDE NOTE:   For those following the saga of the missing iron, I found it this morning.  Here is a statistical improbability.  This is my third home.  For this purpose the second does not count.  I was given an interest in a home already purchased by my ex.  My first home was a Pulte - new construction.  My first day in the home it flooded.  The sewer line was ruptured.  In this home, the first day the water line at an elbow near the meter started to leak.  It took until today to get the PUB to send the right people out to the home to make a decision if the problem is mine or theirs.  It is mine.  It is no big deal - we dug the hole.  For less than $10.00 I will be able to repair it.  After this post I am off to Home Depot - or Homo Depotr as they call it in Dallas.  It is a Dallas inside joke.

But what are the odds that I buy two homes, and in both homes I have an outside water/sewage leak on the first day?  If I only had such luck with the lottery.  Oh wait I do, for 13 years I have played the same numbers and have only won $100.00, once and nothing else big.  I few times I have won on 3 numbers.


I am listening to the debate over the debt ceiling and am blown away by how this Cantor idiot is prepared to send the world economy into a tail spin.  Sarah Palin has declared every major conservative and liberal economist incompetent.  What is shocking is, there are actually people who agree with Sarah Palin and Cantor.  Sarah Palin who has no training in economics according to these Tea Party nut jobs is more qualified on this issue that seasoned PhD economists.

Bill Clinton had the courage to shut down the government.  After the shutdown we had a budget surplus as far as the eyes could see.  George Bush II comes along and lowers taxes on millionaires, billionaires, creates Medicare Part D as a welfare subsidy for corporations and starts two unfunded wars,  and now we are in a financial mess.  Who does Sarah Palin and all the rest of the corporatists Republicans blame, Obama.

In a  way they are right - Obama lacks the courage to shut down the government.


He needs to declare that he will shut down the government unless the Bush tax cuts are repealed, Medicare Part D is  reformed to make the government the pharmacy for seniors, all tax loopholes are shut down, and subsidies to the oil industry is halted. 

He also needs to end the wars.  It is time - Afghanistan is going to become the opium capital of the world and it is time we accept this.  It is insane we continue to lose American lives in hopes of preventing this reality.  It is time all troops are brought home from Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Obama does these simple things, our economy will boom as Wall Street sees real change in our budget deficit.

In the end Obama will cave because leadership is not in his blood.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The esteemed Brownsville city commission has silenced dissent. It's leader is lawyer Tony Martinez, who when it is convenient claims to believe in civil rights. Tony Martinez is leading the battle cry to protect the sensibilities of city manager Cabler and city attorney Sossi. Tony Martinez is confused - he does not serve incompetent and unethical city employees - he serves the people. But true to form like any other American liberal (not true liberalism) he enslaves the people with the notion the people need to be lead and told what to do because they are too ignorant to know what is best. American liberalism at its heart is an attack on freedom of speech because it finds the voices of the people intolerable.

I present to you Brownsville's Hall of Shame

Before I am accused of posting a bad picture of Villarreal, know the COB has not yet posted his professional portrait to the COB web page.



In politics, transparency is introduced as a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption. When government meetings are open to the press and the public, when budgets and financial statements may be reviewed by anyone, when laws, rules and decisions are open to discussion, they are seen as transparent and there is less opportunity for the authorities to abuse the system in their own interest."

In 2013 Zamora, Gowen and Villarreal are up for reelection.  Villarreal is not serving a full term.  They better get their act together fast.  When you fear the public's comments you are sending a message that you have something to hide.  Let there be no mistake Tony Martinez is going to run cover for Cabler and Sossi.  The question is, will the other commissioners follow Martinez down this path of self destruction.

We saw when Zamora was initially elected how Sossi ran interference to silence a speaker who sought to speak out over her conflict of interest with a city vendor.  Zamora did resign her association with the firm so as to avoid any conflict of interest.  Sossi ran to represent Jessica without the permission of the city commission.  This was a black and white violation of  city policy, and in fact the law. 

Sossi is smart - make it known to the city commissioners you will run cover for them, and they will run cover for him.  This is not transparent government - it is the essence of corruption.  Where is the outrage against Jessica? - oh yea - she is a sacred cow for the self anointed watchdogs of Brownsville.  The self anointed rarely represent anyone but themselves.

There is no Freedom without speech.  Tuesday night the people should have been heard on the incompetence surrounding Aeromexico.  To be clear no one has presented an ounce of evidence of wrongdoing by anyone.  But that is not the issue - it was Tony Martinez 's total mismanagement of the deal which brought into question the business practices of Aeromexico.  This is not how you run a city or treat international corporations.

Tony has survived his entire career by going along to get along.  He has made his money on the mega litigation against manufacturers.  When you see a commercial looking for plaintiffs to sue a pharmaceutical or other major corporation for a defect in a product, those cases locally in part go to Tony Martinez.  The big firms hire him to manage the cases locally while they handle the science and the overall litigation.  Tony has not made money by being brilliant or a great civil rights lawyer, he has made money by being the local counsel for large national law firms in major tort litigation.  Hardly evidence of a stellar career.

Tony Martinez is an intellectual lightweight who has probably never thought out any complex problem or social issue in his life.  Brownsville is in for four long years of malaise.  Remember his water policy is conservation.  The sad part is, he is still better than Camarillo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


People always find it odd that I am a strong supporter of President Nixon. The reality is under today's standards he would be considered a moderate democrat. He inherited a worthless war. He had no choice but to find a way to extricate us from the war without appearing weak.  His policies set the Soviet Union on a path of self destruction. Without Nixon the Soviet Union would have existed an additional 5-10 years - at least.

Nixon was a leader. He did not care if he was popular. The average Joe only knows the negatives about Nixon because the negative feeds the addiction to their ignorance. This man with strength opened the door to China and the Soviet Union. Through his actions he brought the Revolution of Rising Expectations to Russia and its eventual demise. Reagan actually delayed the demise of the Soviet Union.



It is time to pull our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our economy cannot sustain these wars.  In case you have not heard - we are broke.

As the Revolution of Rising Expectations was putting demands on the Soviet government for more freedoms, consumer products, and improved housing and infrastructure, the Soviet leaders obsessed over their need to appear strong. They spent themselves into bankruptcy with a needless war in Afghanistan. They spent on their military to the point the people suffered.

The Soviet Union since Nixon was no longer a closed society. They knew the truth about the outside world. It was no longer a time when people like my Russian instructor would smuggle in typewriter parts so that dissidents would have access to typewriters. She would smuggle out transcripts in her panties. These days were gone and the Soviets could no longer pretend all the world was worse off than the Soviets.

The US needs to stop policing the world and end its spending on needless military adventures.


I do not doubt we need to reform medicare. Let's begin by getting rid of Part D and replacing it with a government pharmacy wherein the government at competitive rates buys the drugs on the open market. The Republicans oppose this because they are not capitalists who believe in free market mechanisms. The Republicans are corporatists who favor compelling the people to buy their prescriptions in a non-competitive market place.

We need to create government clinics with salaried staff for medicare and medicaid recipients. If this is good enough for veterans it is good enough for seniors, the disabled and poor. This will save billions on an annual basis. Again the corporatists are opposed to this because they oppose free and open markets. They want total control by the doctors and hospitals.    Why should the doctors and hospitals not have to compete with the government?
BUT no, Obama just wants to cut services to seniors as a way to balance the budget. He is a coward. He is no Nixon. Nixon did what he believed needed to be done. Obama is obsessed with being liked. Screw being like - lead. Go to the the American people and tell them the truth about the Republicans.

Think about it, Obama refuses to call for tax increases on billionaires, but is willing to cut services to the poorest of the poor, disabled, and seniors. Social Security and medicare are just fine. We need to demand our elected officials raise taxes on billionaires and the top millionaires and use the money toreimburse the SS trust fund. We then need to invest that money. On medicare we need to reform it as I indicated above and save billions.

BUT no, this is Washington - where courage and leadership are equated with having an STD.