Friday, June 3, 2011

'X-Men: First Class' Official Site


As prequels go, this was a good movie. I wish it had been the first. It clearly puts into context how the two groups came together.

It is 1944. Kevin Bacon plays a Nazi trying to force Eric (Magento) to harness his powers. Charles Xavier is just learning there are others like himself.

Fast forward and Kevin Bacon is trying to use the differences between the Soviet Union and the US to force a nuclear war - "The Cuban Missile Crisis." Magento and Professor Xavier work together to stop Kevin Bacon. Although Magento proves they will never be accepted and that in fact both sides want them all dead, the two split into two groups - which is where most of us picked up the story years ago.

The story for me has always been interesting because of the civil rights implications. What is really interesting about this one is, it is Magento who really pushes the idea of self acceptance while Professor Xavier sees them as mutants. It would make for a great party discussion.

While the film is good for children over 10, remember it is just over 2 hours long - your kid may not be able to last that long. The story is slow at times, and complex. But there is enough action and interesting visuals to keep everyone interested.

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Anonymous said...

This movie was worth the $50. I spent for 4 tix and popocorn and cokes!