Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry for the late post - I woke up with a bad headache and just now got up again.  The article which follows in part is about whether gay conservatives will support Jon Huntsman because he is for civil unions.

What this quote shows is, this gay conservative cares more about the financial meltdown than having the state sanction civil unions.  This is important because it is part of the Plantation politics of the Democratic Party which keeps the valley poor.  More on that below.

"Other Republican gay leaders said they would rather see more conservatism and less gay-friendliness.

“There is not a gay conservative buzz around Jon Huntsman,” said GOProud’s chairman Chris Barron. He added that the candidate has “challenges” connecting to conservatives, gay or straight, because he served as ambassador to China in the Obama administration and supported the expansion of S-CHIP, or taxpayer-funded health insurance for children.
As for the email appeal, Barron said: “I’m not sure how this is going to be helpful to Huntsman.”
“I know more conservative gays who support Herman Cain than Jon Huntsman, because [Cain is] out there talking about issues conservatives care about.”
Same-sex marriage is not one of those issues, said Barron: “I don’t think anyone has the stomach for this debate right now. We’re on the brink of a financial meltdown.”

Several months ago I went after Boyd Richie, Chair Texas Democratic Party, for this quote that Latinos and Blacks better see one new congressional each and that this would mean more seats for Democrats.  We are not owned by the Democratic Party.  We are not all the same.  We have different views on different issues.  There are many Latinos for legitimate reasons who believe the Democrats are soft on immigration.  Unfortunately in their rush to be angry over a legitimate issue they fail to see how 100 anti-Latino laws introduced by the Republicans promotes racism against all Latinos,regardless of citizenship status.

The point of this piece is to highlight that being gay does not mean the marriage issue is your only issue - some gays, because they are human first, care more about the financial mess we are in than getting permission from the government to marry someone.

The same for the Latino community - in Texas I would venture to say being pro abortion is not an issue Latinos embrace.  We are told to just get on board because they are not Republicans.  Sorry Dems it does not work that way.

The Latino community such as the gay community is very diverse in its political views.  The essence of Democratic Party Plantation politics is, we as Latinos just need to do as we are told by the up-state white masters because they know better than we know.  Sorry guys - this arrogance will never fly in South Texas.  We are diverse in our values and politics and we do not want up state Anglos telling us otherwise or how to think or right from wrong.

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