Thursday, June 16, 2011


In terms of the students Trey Mendez's priorties are  completely misplaced.  Is the reason for this his lack of an understanding of basic ethics.

When dealing with a conflict of interest the issue which gets most people in trouble is not an actual conflict, but their refusal to even acknowledge the appearance of a conflict of interest.  This is the basic problem facing Trey Mendez.

He is in business with Dennis Sanchez.  He is proposing a land swap with his business partner.  The fact he has no financial interest in this particular deal does not change the fact he is promoting a business deal with his business partner.  There is a clear appearance of a conflict of interest.  The people are being asked to believe how Trey votes on this deal will have no impact on how Dennis Sanchez deals with him in the future.


Trey Mendez and the rest of the new majority have very misplaced priorities when it comes the to TSC students.  Any money which exists to spend on discretionary matters needs to go to reducing tuition or providing textbook scholarships.  A veteran friend of mine who has been out of work for over a year intended to use his Hazelwood (Texas VA benefits) to go back to school for job training.  The financial aid office informed him that although he is unemployed, his income from 2010 was too high to qualify for financial aid.  He has to wait until summer of 2012.  A textbook scholarship program would put him in school now - getting job training.

TSC is a "community college"  key word "community."  The students live here.  Student housing should not be even on the list of things which need to get done - this land swap is totally unnecessary and in fact commits TSC to new student housing it neither needs nor can afford.

If the money is coming from the bond money - I say no - just use that money to pay down the bonds so as to free up more money in the general budget for the students.  It is even worse if the money was to come from the general funds.

The immediate needs of the students are more important than Trey Mendez pushing business deals for his business partner.  It is clear evidence of his lack of priorities or interest in the students.

The students are desperate for textbook scholarships and a reduction of tuition.  But no, where is Trey Mendez? - he favors spending money to benefit his business partner over helping the students with testbook scholarships or lowering tuition.

Guys this divorce was never about the students - this bogus land deal proves it.  Think about it - TSC can just sell the Cueto building and use the money to grant more scholarships or pay for textbooks.  Trey Mendez and his new majority now driven to control the budget for the benefit of their cronies and business associates says no to the students - "Dennis Sanchez needs the money more than you do, my business dealings with Dennis Sanchez aside."


Anonymous said...

Exactly! I agree with you on this. When I read it on the BH and heard the Trustee's explanation, I thought "Does he really think we are that stupid...?" of course this land "swap" deal is gonna benefit him, he's promoting it for his "business partner." If it goes through, cha-ching$$$$. Focus on getting better quality education programs first, just like it was promised during campaign. This is just my opinion and more and more, people strive to get on boards for the wrong reasons.

Thanks for the report Bobby!

Anonymous said...

Another example of politics not being a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your OBJECTIVE review of this blatant conflict of interest issue with Trey Mendez and the lack of vision by this disappointing TSC Board. Where is the outcry from the Cheezmeh "watch dog" crowd? How hypocritical- they would never hesitate to say cronyism if Charlie Atkinson pulled something like this.
FYI- NOT a fan of Charlie Atkinson at all.

Again, you nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

That is the difference between a biased voice and an unbiased voice.