Wednesday, June 15, 2011


“If you want to know why we can't pass legislation in Texas, it's because we have 37, no, 36 Hispanics in the Legislature. So, that's part of our problem, and we need to change those numbers,” said Rebecca Forest, a co-founder of the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas. “We need to do something about that in fact.”

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The article goes on to say some Republicans have rejected the teabagger's statements.  Really?  Did I miss their repudiation of the over 100 anti-Latino bills introduced by the Republicans during the 2011 legislative session?  These Republicans are liars and now seek to run for cover out of fear of the 2012 elections.

UPDATE:  The Texas Senate approved a bill which allows law enforcement to demand proof of immigration status.  It is exected to be passed by the House and the signed by the governor.  But yet Republicans are outraged by the comments of a Teabagger.

"This bill is open season on Latinos," said Sen. Mario Gallegos, D-Houston, "This bill is the most racist, Latino-bashing, anti-immigrant bill I've ever seen."


Anonymous said...

GOP strategy session note 1998 -

" No, you listen to me. We cannot alienate the Hispanics in Texas until they reach 50% of the population base!"

Anonymous said...

So comparing every Tea Party activist or repub to this clown is akin to saying all Mexicans are corrupt, drug dealers, murders (fill in the blank) because a few actually are? You preach tolerance for all through the promotion of hate against those who you do not agree with... very classy and educated.

BobbyWC said...

You are new to the BV or forgot another post I made on the issue. there are at least 2 Tea Party Groups - one is very focused on the budget - the other one is obsessed with social issues and immigration.

I have made clear in the past the group focused on the social issues and immigration issues are the teabaggers - those focused on the budget are not.

The group I refer to as teabaggers have a clear national record of putting out garbage like this. It is not one person

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why even use a sexual term to define a group? It's clearly wrong of you to say that whether you agree with them or not. I agree with the other anon that says you are not preaching tolerance just because of one person. You are no better than Colonel Ray or Rush Limbaugh trying to insight commentary by using such filth. And yes, I fell into the trap, but I just want you to know how we don't appreciate your filthiness. Stay classy.

BobbyWC said...

i appreciate your comment - but I defy you to find any comment wherein I have ever called for tolerance - I oppose tolerance - i have always preached acceptance - there is a big difference - I will be the first the defend their right to say what they want to say - I will be the first to defend their right to exist.

But I then reserve my right to denounce them as wrong.

Filth is as filth does - and again - there are two Tea Party groups - one is serious about the budget - Ron Paul and his son are good examples of this group - I have published positive comments about both of these men.

The TEA baggers have been promoting division and racism with comments like these and use of the term "reconquista."

they are not the same groups - again trash and filth is as trash and filth act.

We must always defend their right to speak and organize - but we must also always denounce their conduct.

this acceptance not tolerance

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

to be fair on this issue - there are in fact a lot of Hispanics who are very much in favor of stronger enforcement.

My questions is - what do you think will happen to the national economy if we deport 10 million people?

Law enforcement agencies all over the US oppose these laws because they reduce the effectiveness of community policeing and increase crime on undocumented immigrants.

This issue of undocumented immigrants is separate from how we fix the problem. It is clearly wrong for how long the government turned a blind eye to the problem - but now that they are here we must face that reality and accept that deporting 10 million people will cause our economy to tank

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pos now que we are a "Global" economy? If one of the problems of "Free Trade Agreements" is the displacement of populations (consumer/worker), then lets add it to the discussion of such agreements. All we ever hear is how much corn or corn-fed beef, or corn-fed pork, or corn sweetner we sell to some poor schmucks who can't afford it so they have to borrow from the World Bank. So who's making money from this?
And then there is the Racist component, which can not be offset by religious dogma. You are "my brother" only if you are or at least look like me, whomever that might be. It's easier to blame the wrong people for our problems.
Keep up the good work, bro. Thank for the soapbox.

BobbyWC said...

Last night I saw Blake Farenthol arguing for cotton subsidies. The World Trade Organization has issued sanctions against the US in favor of Brazil to the tune of $147 million a year as it relates to US cotton subsidies.

Blake is dressed in a white suit with a pink tie and a 1970's hair cut arguing for why the American people can afford these welfare payments to cotton farmers.

Now I realize when you drive from Brownsville to Corpus during cotton season it looks like snow - but we will never balance the budget so long as people like Blake Farenthol are in Congress

Will the Tea Party who supported him denounce him for this welfare to the cotton farmers - we shall see.

We are a world economy - we must play buy the rules - American farmers given the chance can export more, but it will not happen so long as isolationists continue to define policy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It has occurred to me that the Tea Party people are in many ways like the Zetas. The Zetas began as an enforcement arm of one of the Mexican cartels but the cartel lost control of them and all the cartels (and the rest of us) are now paying the price for their creation. The Tea Party people were supported by the republican party (from hence came many of it's members.) They used them to float extremist idealism that the party wasn't sure would fly, like immigration "reform", and to attack policies and people when the republican party didn't want to be tainted by the attack. The republican party was then able to assess the public's reaction and gauge what they wanted to publicly embrace and what they wanted to distance themselves from. But, like the cartels, they soon lost control of their enforcers who turned on them. And now the tail is wagging the dog and the republican party is supporting issues I think they never would have in the past (at least not so overtly) for fear of angering the extremists. And all of us are paying the price.


BobbyWC said...

I think you are 100% correct - I do want to stress though there is a Tea Party group trying to do good work on the budget - they may be extreme in some regards and not dealing in reality as to economic consequences - but they are limited in their focus to the budget and not the social issues.

I will also note the problem is not new - Reagan brought out the religious right - by the time Bush I was facing reelection the American people came to fear them and moved left to Clinton.

What has happened since then is, the corporatist arm of the Republican party has engaged the radical right on social issues. This is the worst possible alliance for the American people.

Unfortunately people are so angry over the bad economy they may just make the mistake of giving this alliance absolute power through the HOUSE, Senate , and White House - and by extension the federal courts.

Bobby WC