Monday, June 13, 2011


BISD is what it is because the corrupt 4 know the people will never take a stand. Our elected leaders are feckless fools who fail to understand that the failures of BISD are the failures of our community. It impacts business and the ability to recruit new businesses.

The reason car dealers like Fruia and Tipton donated to Mayor Martinez's campaign is because they believe he was the best option to improve the local economy. This matters to car dealerships because only with an improved economy will their sales go up - or said another way - profits.

A school district and its reputation is important to the ability of any city to recruit new businesses. BISD is not a poster boy of good school districts. But further, prospective businesses look to how elected officials respond to community problems. I called out every candidate for mayor for their lack of response to the pending disaster at BISD. No candidate showed an ounce of leadership on the issue or even cared.

I have no hope of any elected official outside of BISD taking a stand. Hell Aguilar, Colunga and Peña have been as feckless as humanly possible in taking the issue to the public. In many regards they are as responsible for this mess as the corrupt 4. Presas-Garcia, Peña, Aguilar and Colunga are all up for reelection come 2012. Not one of the 4 should survive that election.

I do not believe it will make a difference - but if you want you can email Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos and demand they ask that the TEA take control of BISD.

Judge Cascos' web page does not list an email - here is his phone number

Phone: (956) 544-0830

Here is a scoop - only the children matter - no one else. You people who are always taking sides based on the players are not for the children - your are for the politics which support your ignorance.

Further all of you people putting out rumors about Presas-Garcia and defending Springston are not for the children.  You are not helping anyone but your own dirty politics.

The TEA needs facts on the corruption nothing else.  If you send them down a path of false claims they will not take our community's concerns as legitimate.


Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

WHAT DO YOU WANT? The minority of this group has fought hard and you say they are feckless. Well what about you? You have a huge following and been be able to get NOTHING done. Why? Because the majority 4 have many elected officials in their back pockets. Many have done things that they do not want their families to know and there is one BISD board member who holds these things over their heads. It is nothing but embarassing for their families, but they rather see a school district destroyed than have their embarassing actions made public. You Bobby are as bad as those you accuse of doing nothing. All you do is sit in pain and write this blog. Don't get me wrong, you write some interesting and sometime factual stuff, but it changes NOTHING. WHY?????????????

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that someone told Cata Presas-Garcia that she is the Queen of BISD and BISD is her kingdom and she can do with it what she wants. Her knights and protectors are Escobedo, Saavedra and Longoria. Well, we all know what happens to Kingdoms with bad rulers. They crumble piece by piece. I just feel bad for the people. What can anyone do??????? The High and Mighty 4 are out to pay back and make pay while they are in power. Brownsville, how does it feel to know that you voted in BISD's worst Board back in 2010????

BobbyWC said...

I have been telling Aguilar, Colunga and Pena for months they need to call a news conference - they refuse - had they called a news conference back in December things may be different today - why should other elected officials in Brownsville care if the 3 are unwilling to stand before a camera and say what needs to be said.

I have never said the BV can do anything - the change and voice must come from the community - the community seem happy with things as they are - I cannot force anyone to do anything - what I can do is the research and inform people of the facts.

Only the community can act - I have no power - but the 3 have teh power to call a press conference - they have not - Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos have a voice which will be heard if they go to the TEA.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby you have done alot! The research and time you have put into this is more than enough. I and several others are now well-informed about local politics thanks to BV. BV informs its readers about the facts by cutting through all the politician double talk. You also warned people not to vote for this and they chose to be conned. If the 3 board members don't stand up nor the district employees than this what they will get. They have mastered winning elections by lying to voters that do not become informed when voting.

Anonymous said...

Another bites the dust, S. Fox out S. Atkinson in as interim AS HR. It will explode in Caty, Lucy, Saavedra, and brother-in-law Escobedo, soon!!!

Anonymous said...

so now Sylvia Atkinson will be the interim for Susan Fox.....sad sad sad

BobbyWC said...

can you give me your source on the Fox allegation?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It never and times in a sleepy town. Live a little be a gypsy get around. Adm. Halsey.

Anonymous said...

The story about Fox is in the online Herald.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the next person moved is Drue Brown.

This way the info that goes out through public info requests can be somewhat controlled. The attorney for BISD can rule against release and also request an opinion form the Attorney General.

Can you imagine? Fox has been assigned to a position that does not exist in the coming budget.

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out that Fuller had been put on leave for insubordination for failure to change the budget in some way to satisfy someone even though it may have been against state or local policy to do so?

When one country plans to invade and take over another country, it may first take out strategic targets.

The district lost it's attorney, it's ins. consultant, it's bank, it's super, and it's HR head.

It may lose it's tax collector, it's health ins. provider, and God only knows who will be next.

Is BISD under siege? Will BISD become an occupied territory?

Anonymous said...

If Montoya has any brains, which brownsville now believes he does not, he will stop this attack on personnel and start acting like a class act superintendent. Only time will tell. The only problem here is that the more education the person has, the harder it is for them to function properly. Oh well!