Friday, June 10, 2011

Super 8 (2011) Poster


Before I forget - do not get out of your seats when it is over. While they run the credits they show the film the kids made. It is worth your time.

Also, while all of the actors were good, the two child actors who played Joe and Alice will become well known actors as adults. They are very good.

When I was about 11, several of my friends and I made our own Super 8 movie.  I still have it - it is the type memory which stays with you.  It was our last summer as a group.  Middle school tends to send friends in different directions.

Anyway, several friends decide to enter a film competition.  They decide to make their version of "Night of the Living Dead." sort of.  During the filming at the train station they become witness to an event which then defines the movie.  The train is carrying an alien and its ship. (no spoiler here - you know something is up at the train wreck scene.)

The movie is very good.  It is about friendship, forgiveness, and right from wrong.  The Air Force plays the bad guys.  But they pretend to be the good guys.

I highly recommend this film.  It is probably okay for most kids over 10.  The adults really liked it.   There is some violence, but not much.  The train crash is awesome.

Take your kids to the movies and enjoy.

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