Thursday, June 16, 2011


It has occurred to me that the Tea Party people are in many ways like the Zetas. The Zetas began as an enforcement arm of one of the Mexican cartels but the cartel lost control of them and all the cartels (and the rest of us) are now paying the price for their creation. The Tea Party people were supported by the republican party (from hence came many of it's members.) They used them to float extremist idealism that the party wasn't sure would fly, like immigration "reform", and to attack policies and people when the republican party didn't want to be tainted by the attack. The republican party was then able to assess the public's reaction and gauge what they wanted to publicly embrace and what they wanted to distance themselves from. But, like the cartels, they soon lost control of their enforcers who turned on them. And now the tail is wagging the dog and the republican party is supporting issues I think they never would have in the past (at least not so overtly) for fear of angering the extremists. And all of us are paying the price.


Note to Mescalero:  If you do not like the pic I will consider something else.  I have a lot of native American artifacts.  This is one of my loves.


Anonymous said...

This would make a great flag for a TEX-Mex militia unit. Seriously, them boys up north have thiers, why not have ours.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Up North they are called the Minutemen. In South Texas they would be called Mescaleros. Awesome. That is unless the name is already a biker gang name.

BobbyWC said...

that would be an insult to Mescaleros - they are part of Apache tribes

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am afraid for Texas.

Texas senator calls Spanish ‘insulting’ during hearing