Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will have an update on what is happening in Modern Venice - as of yesterday the governor had not signed the legislation creating the taxing district.


This week the Supreme Court refused to hear a case out of California wherein the lower courts refused to stop California's policy of allowing undocumented students to pay in state tuition.  The program will now expand under California's Dream Act, which is expected to pass into law any week now.  It is sad there is not such federal law.  President Obama refused challenge the abusive use of the filibuster by Republican Senators thereby causing the federal Dream Act to die.


"Lawmakers over the last several weeks have enacted the largest tax increase in Connecticut history and approved the nation’s first law to mandate paid sick leave for some workers. They voted to extend protections for transgender people, to charge in-state college tuition rates to illegal immigrants, to extend an early-release program for prisoners and to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana."

If these policies see Connecticut moving forward while the rest of the country continues to wallow in a recession, an argument can be made for tax increases.  This is the thing, no one wants to pay taxes, but everyone wants the government to provide. 

My initial prediction was, early voting would produce about 2000 votes total.  I now think I under estimated the vote.  Maybe we will get to 3000.

During the first two days of early voting we was a total vote count of 527. Monday and Tuesday respectively were 278 and 249.  This is the type election wherein the harvesting of mail-ballots can decide the election.  We shall see what the numbers look like on election night.


On Monday I voted a blank ballot.  Lopez has been evasive about Fly Frontera.  City Hall sources have Quintanilla still pushing Fly Frontera - this is not a mistake we can afford.  When Quintanilla goes out of his way to post on the internet that Fly Frontera is definitely not going to fly out of Brownsville, you have to know that means he is still working behind the scenes to get his $1.5 million in guarantees.   Be careful on this one people - demand they put in writing their position on the issue before you vote.

I am providing my readers a list of the candidates in the runoff and related links. The list is alphabetical and does not indicate a preference.  

Estela Chavez-Vasquez!/pages/Estela-Chavez-Vasquez-for-Brownsville-City-Commissioner-At-large-A/197639150256909?sk=info

If you read her statements in the collegian article she seems confused. Someone forgot to tell her the city commission has no control over education. Given this simple reality, it is dishonest for her to make promises concerning education.


Robert Lopez

The following sentence from the above link concerns me. "I know the big topic right now that has recently surfaced is Frontera Airline, and I’ve heard a lot of discussions on it. There is a good opportunity to drive more industry down here to Brownsville." Other candidates made clear statements denouncing this deal. The best face on this statement is he refused to take a position, the worst is he saw it as an opportunity for growth.

I cannot find a facebook page, campaign page or email for Mr .Lopez. If someone knows them let me know and I will add them.

John Villarreal


I have emailed John twice trying to learn his position on Fly Frontera - he has refused to answer the question. Why?
Tony Zavaleta

contact, but not email:

I cannot find a Facebook page for Tony, if someone has it let me know and I will add it. I can tell you everyone I know in District 4 will not be voting. There is a strong dislike for Tony. His role in the UTB/TSC mess and the hiring of his wife who was clearly not qualified when compared to the large pool of candidates looking for work has soured people towards Tony He is seen as part of the institutionalized corruption which has destroyed Brownsville. The problem is, John Villarreal has taken the position of a pompous ass who is not accountable to the people. In District 4 we are screwed.

I suggest my readers email the three who have emails and demand they commit in writing they will not agree to put Fly Frontera back on the agenda. I am telling you there are sleepers out there. Now, the chances of them doing something at this point are not very good. Atkinson was their last hope and he appears to be gone for good. Note, yesterday before going to court Atksinson took the time to post on the internet a trashing of Pan Am along with support for Fly Frontera. Quintanilla has announced that he will have an announcement on the issue on June 15, 2011. These two see a scenario where they still get the $1.5 million guarantee. It is up to us as voters to be diligent on the issue.

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