Thursday, June 30, 2011


It blows my mind every time someone turns to the Bible for morality. Yes, stoning your children to death as punishment is something we can all agree to be moral.

My long term readers know I live by the teachings of Joshua (Jesus). He was moral and imperfect. Being moral means being imperfect at times. Sometimes it is not about the result as much as it is about the motivation behind your actions.

I have zero tolerance for Christianity of Catholicism, but I accept their right to exist.  I do not believe they are remotely based on any of the teachings of Joshua.  The heart of the problem is a lack of  affirmative morality.  Moral to these groups is control and not acting in an affirmative way to give meaning to the teachings of Joshua.  Salvation is not based on giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, but on pledging allegiance in a mystical way to a belief salvation is only though Jesus.  Joshua is not Jesus.  There is no duty to live the teachings of Joshua as a condition of salvation.  You simply say the magical words and you are saved.  Catholics go one better and allow you to overcome your deficiencies through confession.  There is no affirmative tenet in Christianity or Catholicism that salvation comes through giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua.  Most actually believe that regardless of how you live your life and how hard you work at giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, you will not be saved because you have not said the magical words.  Christianity and Catholicism are faiths of form not substance and therefore are the fertilizer which feeds our amoral society.

So long as we are guided by the mysticism of Christianity and Catholicism morality will have no place in our society. I cannot call them immoral because they have no concept of morality - good or bad.

When you consider how much time these groups spend on genitalia how can they possibly know anything about morality.  Every year they glorify themselves by spending over $14 billion dollars on Easter related merchandise.  But yet, millions of children are dying of hunger and disease.  You cannot be moral as a group when you spend in excess of $14 billion for Easter while children go hungry.

In the end, with a society obsessed with genitalia, Easter Lilies, and themselves - how exactly can we come to expect even the semblance of moral leadership from our elected officials.  After all they are only a reflection of the society at large.

Morality is knowing how to help your fellow man without enslaving them into dependency.  This dependency is the essence of American Liberalism, which is why I reject it as amoral.  Morality is acting in aid of your community because it is simply the right thing to do.  Capitalism is amoral because it has as it impetus acting for yourself. 

When politicians come to believe constructing a chapel in their own backyard is moral, we are screwed.  "Hey God look at me, I built a chapel to celebrate your existence."  "But my son, Joshua had no chapel but the purity of his faith, are you better than Joshua?  He worshiped and walked among the people, while you seek to worship in your backyard.   Joshua's chapel was the free air among the people.  I can see my son, at Lola's you sat with the moneychangers and not the workers."

Editor's Note: A friend suggested I should try writing a bit more about things which will hopefully get people thinking.  We shall see if this helps for a while.


Anonymous said...

Having pondered the subject for many, many years I think it's all a bunch of hoohaw but I like the point you made with the image.

Anonymous said...

I think you should look into ethics, especially the Kantian ethics called Deontology. Universal principles can be muddled and not as easy to carry out when applied to every situation, which can be inherently different from one another. And yet, we as a "civilized" society tend to assume that there can only be "one way" to make ethical choices. In reality, what is once a bad thing can change to commonplace in a century's time. Evolution of thought has come a long way from pastoral society. and even further still from when we wrote on cave walls. It's important to think about those things in an age of technology--which has accelerated our changing views exponentially.

Anonymous said...

Some keep the Sabbath going to Church--
I keep it staying at Home--
With a Bobolink as a Chorister--
And an Orchard, for a Dome--

One of your many followers said...

Write on anything, just keep writing

Anonymous said...

People write with such certainty as if THEIR god or gods actually exist. It's mostly for self-amusement. It's called preaching.

Mel said...

I believe in the first paragraph, when talking about stoning children you meant immoral.

Anonymous said...

Love the last paragraph. I guess moneychangers helped build that chapel.

A Loyal Reader

Anonymous said...

"Morality is knowing how to help your fellow manwithout enslaving them inro dependency". So true!!!

Anonymous said...

As to that last paragraph, doesn't Eddie Lucio have a chapel in his backyard?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

please don't stop writing. If you get fatigued, you can cut back, just please continue writing and posting. Please!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Lucio's chapel is in his house, not the back yard.

Anonymous said...

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