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UPDATE:  The corporate office of Compass bank continues to research Presas-Garcia.

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I have been warning Brownsville of this disaster for a year now.  If you read the Herald, other than on line, you are 100% the problem.  They ran cover for Presas-Garcia, Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla.  They continue to run cover for Ted Parker.  Daniel Cavasos and Presas-Garcia are the same person - they will destroy everything in their path to settle a personal score.  Cavasos chose to ignore all of the evidence compiled against Hector Gonzales and substantiated by the TEA because he had a person dislike for Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.  We now have a financial mess.  Bill Jorn of NBC 23 is equally guilty of willful cover-up.  He chose to label as not newsworthy when the corrupt 4's mouth pieve,  Carlos Quintanilla called Bill Jorn and threaten him if he did not run a commercial which had verifiable defamation.  If you watch NBC 23 news you are supporting the problem.

If you subscribe to the Herald and do not cancel your subscription today you have no right to complain.  There must be consequences for the Herald and their actions.

No one can deny that I called the truth about Carl Montoya - people there was a violation of the open meetings act.  How did Montoya first thing in the morning on day one of the job know that Tony Fuller needed to be suspended?  He cut a deal in a meeting with the corrupt 4 to suspend Tony in exchange for the position of superintendent. His appointment can be voided if it can be shown he engaged in a walking quorum with the corrupt 4 in advance of his first day on the job.  Carl Montoya has no idea how close he is to being brought into the criminal investigation.  If he had a half of brain he would resign today - he will not - he is as emotionally devoid of a conscience as Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Saavedra and Longoria.

In a world of non-cowards Brett Springston and Tony Fuller would bring immediate legal action against Presas-Garcia for releasing personnel information on both of them to Juan Montoya and Carlos Quintanilla.  Tony Fuller can certainly sue Carl Montoya for conspiracy.  Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya did not have the good sense to wait a week so at least he could say he had an opportunity to review Fuller's performance before suspending him.  Carl Montoya may go down as the dumbest person to ever work for BISD.

There must be a lawyer in Brownsville willing to represent Tony Fuller pro bono, and in effect the community, by bringing an action to void the appointment of Carl Montoya as a violation of the opening meetings act as incident to a walking quorum.  If we do not fight back and fight back hard and now, the financial disaster will only get worse.


In the  past two weeks the FBI agreed to release the affidavit which supported the search warrant on the City of Lubbock as it related to Ted Parker.  In the document which  follows ¶ 5 shows Ted Parker is being investigated for conspiracy, false statements, and health fraud.  During this time who was his attorney - John Barr - who is John Barr? - Presas-Garcia's attorney in the Joe Rodriguez case.

Ltr. from John Barr related to FBI investigation and other matters.  His letter clearly shows his intent to mislead the people and obstruct the investigation.

Below is the FBI affidavit in support of the search warrant on the City of Lubbock related to allegations of criminal conduct against Ted Parker and Healthsmart.

¶¶ 65-75 give you a good sense of how the FBI goes about collecting evidence while giving you an insight into what they were looking for.

Here is the document which lists what the FBI was looking for.


¶ 109 - This paragraph contains the text message of Ted Parker which shows his use of inside information to be able to bid on the COL contract.  If anything gets him indicted it will be this evidence.  Remember when the corrupt 4 rejected the winning bid on a security contract when Escobedo's brother did not win the bid.  His brother is now being given a second shot at the contract.

During this period who was defending Ted Parker?  John Barr.  This is conclusive evidence of using inside information to get what he wants.  Parker now has his attorney John Barr working with Presas-Garcia.  There needs to be legal action to remove John Barr from representing Presas-Garcia.  This key piece of evidence could be instrumental in getting the TEA to take  control of BISD.

Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla were caught red handed in participating in unethical conduct in the Lubbock election.  Their candidate was sanctioned for their conduct.  We know John Barr ran cover for Parker during this time the FBI had him dead to right on using inside information.  We know Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla got their candidate sanctioned for concealing campaign contributions.

Here is the Lubbock article and Texas Ethics Commission findings.

Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate failed to report in kind donations from these two -


I have noted in past postings, San Antonio mayor, Julian Castro had no problem going after the problem trustees in the school district.  It is this type leadership which got him reelected with more than 80% of the vote in a field of 5 candidates.

Mayor Martinez needs to step up to the plate and take the lead among community elected and non-elected leaders in sending an immediate letter to the TEA demanding their immediate intervention.  This letter should be on the desk of TEA Commissioner Robert Scott's desk by Monday.  The first two signatures should be Mayor Martinez, and County Judge Cascos.  Every single city commissioner and county  commissioner should sign off on the letter along with BISD Trustees Aguilar, Colunga and Peña.  Community leaders along with key businessmen and women should sign off on the letter.

Now is the time for Mayor Martinez to show leadership.  This letter can stop the Wells Fargo con job on the people.  I am certain there are former and current BISD Board Members who can help him outline the complaint.

The first order of business of the TEA needs to be the suspending of Carl Montoya pending an investigation into a conspiracy with Presas-Garcia, Saavedra, Escobedo, and Longoria.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath, Bobby. Apathy reigns supreme in our community. Wish it sere not so, but it is what it is.

Nevertheless, thanks for digesting all the political double talk and presenting the real meat of the matter to the general public. Rest assured, you've done your part, the rest is up to the community.


Anonymous said...

The Brownsville Community needs to rally together and get rid of the cancer Presas-Garcia. This evil women is already ruining BISD and if we let her to continue it will take years to fix. DOWN WITH PRESAS-GARCIA!!!

BobbyWC said...

You are correct - Brownsville will watch itself burn before it calls the fire department.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is the price that the community must pay for misinformed voters that fell for the bs. Lets hope they do not re-elect her or one of her cronies.

BobbyWC said...

Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra are in until 2014 unless they are indicted or removed by a lawsuit

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

1.The Herald is a rag full of yellow journalism at its best.
2.The TEA is lazy and apathetic and will not get involved in this mess.
3.We need to restructure BISD and let school personnel and parents run the district.
4.Good luck to you in everything you try to do for this community.
5.We are sometimes guilty of being apathetic.

Anonymous said...

So, tell me, why is it okay to read the Hearald on line but not as a hard copy. Either offers financial support to the paper. Sure, on line they don't get the subscription fee but don't you think that they use the on line hits when selling to advertisers? And I guess they sell on line advertsing, too. So, if I am 100% of the problem, I guess the people, like you, that only read the paper on line are what, only 50% of the problem? So now we have a community that is 150% problematic. Oh, what to do?

BobbyWC said...

There are virtually no ads in the online edition. If newspapers had to rely on the online edition for ads they would fold. This is why more and more newspapers are now charging to read the online paper. Non-supscripers cannot read the electronic edition which contains the ads.

So there is an important difference

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bachlor degree apathy. got my teaching job. make decent money. What happens at the top dont effect me.

Wake up!!!


Anonymous said...

So has Susan Fox been reassigned as of noon today?

Has Sylvia Atkinson been put in charge of HR to facilitate the hiring of those deemed qualified?

As hot as it was today, I felt that the sun seemed somewhat dimmer than before.

Anonymous said...

If that is true then GTC will be getting the bascketball coaching position at Hanna he applied for.

Anonymous said...

The Cameron County Appraisal district must have the word that they must balance the budgets by manipulating the property appraisals for 2011.

While many may have not paid any attention to the political game the Apprisal District is engaged in, many have and are protesting the arbitrary increses of property; expecially any property on resaca.
The County Appraisal District is made up of political APPOINTEES WITH NO APPRAISAL EXPERINCE and they have a political mIssion to BRING IN THE PROPERTY TAXES ANY WAY THEY CAN.
Shouln't a forensic investigation should be done there, ESPECIALLY THE PORT OF BROWNSVILLE?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea about the coaching position - it mist require a teaching certificate - you do not just coach - you also teach

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea about the coaching position - it mist require a teaching certificate - you do not just coach - you also teach

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

GTC? Who is that?

BobbyWC said...


Anonymous said...

Charlie did apply at BISD for a PE position as an alternative certified teacher. Intersting as BISD has an over load of PE teachers.

Anonymous said...

what???? is atkinson going to run BISD's HR Dept?? Nooooooooo, why??? OMG this news is making me sick to my stomach....why can't she just go to TSC or somewhere else.

BobbyWC said...

guys a ton of rumors are going to go around right now - we need to deal in known evidence.

On S. Atkinson - she is doing an exceptional job in grants - I have never found any evidence to support the claims against her - I think she is a strong personality who angers people - I also think some of the people who opposed her in El Paso did so more on rumors and a personal dislike for her personal life than any real evidence.

All I know for sure is she gets an A+ for how she is running grants.

I will say this, anyone who gets caught working with the corrupt 4 could find themselves fired if the TEA takes over

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How is Sylvia Atkinson running grants? Is it true that she's hired a lot of staff for that department. I am sure other Departments at BISD can use additional staff and run at A+++!! No other BISD department has grown as the Grants. It is know that this lady was booted out of several Texas School Districts, Los Fresnos being the closest and she is now at BISD. As soon as this lady gets some power, who knows how things are going to be run over at BISD. Nepotism will be at its all time high. The folks that work there and have A++ ratings, for years, can be easily "re-assigned" to other duties because one of her buddies or bff's wants that position. That is not fair Bobby.

How crazy is it to hear that in the middle of a critical budget session, BISD'a CFO gets put on leave. Its the craziness that keeps happening over and over again that is scary.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, not all coaches, especially head coaches, teach a class. We have many of them in the district that do not have a scheduled class other than coaching their sport. Can you believe in their off season they merely plan for next season. Interesting, NO!

The power of the people said...

As the old saying goes: "Absolute power corrups Absolutely", and we are seeing this trizte board I have debated this issue time and time again,for at least six months
Here it goes: On Tue 1/18/11 Cata , Lucy, and Quintanilla, were discussing who they were to appoint as Super. They wanted someone "weak" someone that wouldn't dare go against their wishes...So, they picked C Montoya. Also, they had discussed who would they appoint as assistan supperintendent, and that was supposed to be none other than, sylvia Atkinson...GO figure!!!
More to come ...much more to come..I have tons of information.

Anonymous said...

Bobby do you have a FB Page? If we can get to your blog information faster it would be great. Everyone has FB on their cell phones!!!!

Thanks Bobby!

btw, who is Sylvia Atkinson, and why is she going to be an AA?

Anonymous said...

TEA needs to come down and take over! Enough is enough! Our school district needs immediate TEA intervention to end with all of this non-sense during the board meetings and with the recent "firings" reported.

BobbyWC said...

I will not do Facebook - people who want to can register to get my posts - se eleft side - "subscribe"

Also I will not deal in endless rumors - we have to stay focused on facts - rumors are not evidence

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,
How are able to predict all of this. If you have evidence and/or recordings let someone know. That is conspiracy. I heard the next move is Susan Fox and the list goes on. How can an educated man such as Mr. Montoya let the hatred of the bad four board members influence his decisions. Look, we do not have to like each other but we do have to work with each other. Please if you have evidence get it to the right people. You said that 01-18-11 people (CPG,LL,CP) were discussing. You know this how? If you can help BISD please do. Think about it. You do not appear to be the kind of person who stands by and lets BULLIES bully people. Again, Think about it.

BobbyWC said...

All agencies which need to know what is happening know - the problem is two fold - look at Lubbock - the FBI knew for three years that someone passed on inside information to Ted Parker and we are just now learning about it.

We are looking at maybe another 6 months before indictments if any.

The FBI sat on the evidence they had against Limas was he was running for reelection.

It takes public pressure.

The next move has to be leaders like Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos going to the TEA and demanding they take control.

The FBI will not be rushed. They take 3-5 years to prepare the most basic cases. Every person in Brownsville can sign a petition tomorrow demanding the FBI expedite things, and nothing will come of it.

We have no news media - this does not help. If the Martinez/Casco do act it will take a lot of work to get the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle and Austin American Statesman to take the story.

Then you have you use those links to get CNN and others to look at it.

Believe it or not - a lot of what you see on national news gets there by paid professionals who work to get the networks to cover the story.

National journalists have walls build around them to keep out the news. It takes a lot of work.

It use to be if you could get something on the AP wire you might get national coverage - not any more. A story like this takes a paid consultant to market the story.

Without a national headline - the FBI will sit and wait and wait and wait.

The ext step is for Martinez/Casco to act. The TEA has more than enough to act - they just do not want to because doing nothing does not have a consequence - a demand from Martinez/Casco will make them think twice about doing nothing

Bobby WC