Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This latest article came to my attention because I all of a sudden had a lot of people from the City of Lubbock looking at the BV.  This caused me to do some research.

I now know why the FBI was involved in that case.

"This prompted a raid on The Lubbock Municipal Building by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2008, recently unsealed court records show.

Agents hunted for evidence that council members leaked sealed details to help the HealthSmart companies gain an unfair advantage against the competition bidding for Lubbock's business."


Pay attention Cata - the FBI took the investigation over your decision to hire John Barr.  I  somehow think it has to do with the fact they were already looking at elected officials providing Healthsmart information.

Now here is the question, if Healthsmart did nothing wrong, why not just allow the people who paid for the audit to see the audit.

Healthsmart does not help its position when it seeks to sue public entities to keep audits paid for by the people secret.  The fact of the matter is, the information in the audit will be used by the City of Lubbock in its litigation against Healthsmart - it is evidence.  Is Healthsmart now going to demand a closed trial wherein the public or jury cannot be involved?

This company is as corrupt as they come and sooner than later they are going down. 


The IRS did an audit of my 2009 return and found I underpaid by just over $900.00.  They did not review my books - they just made the finding based on my filing.  My books are tight and if I make a mistake with the IRS it is in their favor.

Well I responded to their claims with the regulations.  About a two months later - last week - I got a refund of $91.00.  So not all audits are bad - unfortunately not everyone has the skills to challenge the IRS - I suspect most people would have panicked and just paid the money.  While the IRS makes mistakes - during the years I did a lot of IRS work I always found them to be fair and easy to work with.  I think they have an unjustified bad reputation.

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