Friday, June 3, 2011


"This year — given record flooding — is expected to result in the largest dead zone ever in the Gulf of Mexico. "
"Dead zones have been occurring in the gulf since the 1970s, and studies show that the main culprits are nitrogen and phosphorus from crop fertilizers and animal manure in river runoff. They settle in at the mouth of the gulf and fertilize algae, which prospers and eventually starves other living things of oxygen.
Government studies have traced a majority of those chemicals in the runoff to nine farming states, and yet today, decades after the dead zones began forming, there is still little political common ground on how to abate this perennial problem. Scientists who study dead zones predict that the affected area will increase significantly this year, breaking records for size and damage."


For 11 years now, I have been pushing for the growing of hemp in South Texas.  While it may not be as efficient as corn for biofuel, it is nonetheless a viable alternative.  South Texas was made for hemp.  Further it needs very little rain, fertilizer, or pest control. 

The manufacturing options for hemp are endless.  All of this means jobs for south Texas.  The governor can put it on the agenda as part of the special session, but he will not.  Governor Perry, such as Senator Lucio, and Representatives Oliveira and Lucio would rather the gulf die along with the the jobs it brings to south Texas than lead on the issue.

We know what is coming - a red tide which will shut down South Padre and cause thousands of people to cancel their trips.  It blows my mind that we sit on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the number one and number two fish eaten are tilapia and pollock.  There was a time gulf communities considered grouper a throw away fish which is why everyone had it as an all you can eat fish.  Now it is almost unheard of as a menu option.

So - reality - our politicians will do nothing - just sit - the mayors of Brownsville and South Padre will remain silent out of fear of rocking the boat.  Cameron  County Judge Cascos will say nothing - we would not want him sounding like someone who cares about the environment - he is a Republican you know.

The inability of Texas to address the red tide problem and dead zones speaks to just how out of tune Texas is with its relationship to the Gulf of Mexico.

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