Sunday, June 5, 2011


I wish it were so simple as to predict the above, but it is not. Neither Bush II nor Obama have addressed the fundamental problems with our economy thereby leaving it up in the air what will happen in 2012. No matter how stupid the Republicans become or extremist, it will not matter if the stock market collapses and housing sees a second collapse. Both of these economic nightmares are very possible.

Parents on Saturday from all political groups protested in Austin over the proposed cuts in school financing.  They promised to vote against anyone who votes for cutting school budgets.  I hear them - but I know people - the White House will be blamed if the economy takes another big hit and school financing will be something of the past in terms of people caring.

Not only has the Republican Party been taken over by racist, homophobic inbread morons, the former have empowered the corporatists to do as they will with the economy and our country in exchange for making Leviticus the law of the land.  Marx understood that when capitalism failed greed would take over, and the people would finally see a need for change.  I am not sure - it has been 30 plus years since I read all of his major writings - but I do not think he fully appreciated corporatism as not only a threat to our freedom, but on capitalism itself.

Corporatism is state sponsored welfare and protectionism for corporate America at the expense of the people.  The Corporatists are 100% against a true free market and accountability, which is why they run to the Republicans to protect them against the tyrannical people.

Corporatists would rather your children and seniors die from a lack of healthcare than allow for true competition in the market place.  Where does it say the state cannot be a competitor for services in the free open market place.

Bush II along with AARP ( which is why I would never join their group)  sought to increase the national debt by price fixing the costs of medications in favor of the corporations. The VA buys it medications on a  competitive basis in the open market and saves billions.  When Democrats tried to create a similar program for medicare Bush II and the Republicans said no and created Medicare Part D - a deficit boondoggle we cannot afford.  Instead of using the power of the government to buy in bulk, the Republicans created a deficit funded program wherein the taxpayers subsidize the corporations to keep the prices artificially high.

They are doing the same thing with medicare and medicaid.  Why are government clinics good enough for veterans but not good enough for seniors, the disabled and poor.  Medicaid is a budget breaker for many of the states - the solution is not complex.  In cities where the medicaid populations are high enough state medicaid clinics should be created wherein the doctors are salaried.  Ah, but no - this would lower the costs and take away profits from private doctors.  Why are the so called free enterprise Republicans afraid of competition?  Answer - it reduces profits for the corporations and doctors.  

This same program can apply to medicare.

Think about this - Obama was made out to be the devil for wanting to cut subsidies to the oil companies.  The extremist in the Republican Party go along with the corporatists against their own best interests because they can count on the corporatists to support their racists, ignorant policy objectives. 


The extremists in the Republicans Party along with the corporatists may win in 2012, if the economy collapses.  The Republicans will blame Obama and the Democrats for refusing to go along with their policies.  Never no mind that when the Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate and the House they  did nothing but watch the economy begin its free fall.


The Democratic Party has no leadership.  No action will be taken to educate the people against corporatism.  The Democrats fear that if they speak against corporatism they will be labeled communists - nothing could be further from the truth.  It always amazes me that for the Democrats their primary weapons are hope, and failure by the Republicans. 


Anonymous said...

We don't hear much about the quality of healthcare provided by those doctors. There is alot of fraud that goes on with medicare and medicaid. I agree with you regarding the state clinics for the people that have these programs.

BobbyWC said...

thanks for reading - I do not care if it is private care or government care - there will be bad doctors - on balance I believe the best healthcare in the LRGV is the VA clinic - the problems to the extent they exist are coming from SAn Antonio and the medical school

Even the medical school is responsible for the mess with the new procedure/surgical clinic which is not functional because of problems with the procedure/surgical rooms.

The private doctors will not be hurt - there will always be people who will spend their money for private care and private insurance.

Think about this - how many MRI machines do we need? To pay for these the doctors have to keep on referring people for MRI's in many regards the technology is still not working.

Take my spinal adhesions - this last time around were the worst ever and the MRI with contrast showed nothing. Many doctors based on the MRI would have dismissed me as imagining the neurapathy - fortunately for me, my doctor had alread seen the adhesions and has enough experience to know the MRI's are basically worthless.

Also one of the reasons for delay in treatment for 10 years was all the neurological exams were normal - even after my first caudal razc wherein my doctor was able to visually verify the adhesions a VA neurologist told me my doctor had to have been mistaken because my neurological exam was normal - this turkey teaches at the medical school - top of the line allegedly - but a quack.

In the end I do not care if it is private care or government care - the key is - is the doctor competent - in Harlingen the general practitioners and specialists are very good - they just need more money for several PA's to triage the patients and help move things along. they also need extended hours and a more organized walk in clinic

Bobby WC