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BUT FIRST: Why is John Barr investigating Juan Montoya and how much is he billing BISD for the investigation?

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My regular readers know the BV has no sacred cows.  The BV has not defended and will not defend the incompetence of Tony Martinez and Melissa Zamora in terms of the Aeromexico mess.  But in their case the only evidence at this time is incompetence.  No one has produced an ounce of evidence MZ is getting paid for her consulting work.  It is just an allegation.  MZ has expressly denied the allegation.

Now compare this to Escobedo - his brother gets a million dollar contract from Art Rendon and 15 days later he votes to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD.  According to the moral voice of Brownsville, Quintanilla and Montoya, this is no big deal.

The documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon. Now they want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money because the insurance companies refuse to settle.

People, watch - the new law firm being hired by the BISD majority has already agreed to send your tax dollars out the door to settle lawsuits.  You do not go from an interim law firm to an interim law firm.  Something happened.  If the BISD majority does not like the interim law firm then they need to put out a request for permanent counsel, and not just hire another interim law firm.

But really, how can Tony Martinez speak to the BISD mess when he feels so superior to the people of Brownsville that he does not have to explain the Aeromexico mess.  Not only has he left Aeromexico hanging, he has left Brownsville hanging.

In substance there is no difference between the BISD majority and Tony Martinez.  The moral compass has no true north.  It points to "my rationalization."

The people refuse to vote because time and time again the election results brings in one bad elected official after another.  Sossi ran to defend Jessica without getting the commission's permission.  This was wrong.  It is never no mind to the  commission.  They want a lawyer who will run interference for their bad conduct.

The BV tried to shut down. I am close to shutting down for good.  Brownsville has no desire to move past its need for corruption and insider dealing. At this time there is no elected official willing to fight for Brownsville.  To a person they only want to fight for themselves and their compadres.

I tried to shut down before the BISD election and Quintanilla forced me to keep it going.  I tried to shut down about the time Fly Frontera was announced.  I saw how they attacked Zamora and I knew it smelled bad.  I got caught being brought into the madness.  Brownsville's madness is an illness.  It is sad because there are a lot of great business people in Brownsville who cannot move forward because Brownsville has no leadership.

I get zero joy in blogging.  I had hoped Tony Martinez might be willing to lead.  It will not happen.  In his mind he is incapable of bad judgment or admitting to bad judgment.  He has survived Brownsville's politics because he is good at the social game.  The problem with the social game is, it compels silence and going along to get along.  It is the fertilizer which helps the corruption to grow.

It is disingenuous for me or anyone else to go after one group of politicians while pretending others are clean.  The BV is proud of its no sacred cow policy.  The problem is, Brownsville is adrift in a sewer of vile because its compass has no true north and is guided by the false north of "my rationalization."

I have one more big story I want to go with.  I am waiting on the evidence.  After that I will shut down unless events force me to stay in the blogosphere.  If there was one elected official willing to take a stand on anything, it might be worth my time to help give them a voice.  The problem is - there is no one.

Brownsville either needs to stand up for itself or accept its place at the table of nothing.


Anonymous said...

I do not blame you for wanting to shut it down. You are right about Brownsville and the majority of its people.

Anonymous said...

The reasons that they are changing law firms is to pay-off lawsuits and drop the Healthsmart lawsuit. Damn!!!

BobbyWC said...

I canot say for sure what is up with changing law firms, but - you do not go interim to interim unless you have bad motivation - Thompson Horton apparently is unwilling to do something, so the decision was made to dump them.

Only the next few weeks will tell

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you choose to remain in the blogging arena. Where will we go for information if you leave? What will you do? Where will you go?

BobbyWC said...

I will go back to reading more and spending more time helping adults to get their GED's.

There is absolutely no utility in what I am doing.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. Brownsville will lose its only source for unbiased and honest reporting.The majority of your readers including myself will no longer have access to local news.

Anonymous said...

We do appreciate what you are doing and the information you provide us.

You are correct that there have not been people willing to put themselves on the line to challenge the four BISD amigos. Please don't dismiss us all as uncaring fools although there are some out there. Some may not be able to defend themselves as well as you can against a possible attack on their livelihood.

Just wanted you to know we will miss your info, your insight, and your hard work.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Bobby go help those adults get their GED and take care of yourself. Moving on is always a good thing if you are heading in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Dittos Bobby I too will shut down and relocate. I have a small business in town and people do not believe me when I tell them my major competitors are not the big boys in my industry but all the "illegals" in my industry that under sell us(many buy "hot" merchandise), because they pay no taxes, overhead, employees paid under the table, no permits/ licenses that a legal business must comply. All the "rules" & "regulations" design to prevent this abuse only keeps the honest more honest.

I bring this up because I've gone to city, county, state, federal to report such corruption and their standard answer-"we do not have the 'manpower' for enforcement". In other words your out of luck just keep paying your taxes.

I think the corruption in our city is so entrenched even before tony martinez, that brownsville will remain poor. The only ones who will "prosper" in this town are the tony Martinez's and his elites compadres.


Anonymous said...

Appears you are not happy doing what you are doing, Craig Wilson of the USA Today has great article, I recommend you read it " Gloomy Danes? Not on the happiness index."

Anonymous said...

They cancelled the meeting for tomorrow. I do enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am a loyal reader and I respect what you do. I like your no sacred cows philosophy and no nonsense attitude. You akways tell it like it is in spite of all the hatefullness out there.

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

check out tomorrow - I am trying something different

BobbY wc

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with with anonymous 9:23pm. If you leave you will be a big loss for this community. You are an idealist that wants to reform Brownsville for the better. Unfortunately there a couple of cliques competing against each other to help themselves. Please stay in touch with your loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, do you think they cancelled the meeting because the majority four were not willing to go to the meeting and fire the attorney or hire a forensic auditor? What gives man?

Anonymous said...

June 29, 2011 5:41 PM

You managed to make this about illegals?


Anonymous said...

If the four amigos at BISD are corrupt as you say, do you think they would be so stupid to want a Forensic audit? Bobby, if you really want to stop corruption, why don't you join forces and help bring the forensic auditors down to BV? Let's see who the corrupts really are? Put your money where your mouth is. Why do you think Springston re-signed?

BobbyWC said...

Since you obviousl;y know why Springston resigned so why do we need an adufit. Remember the majority rejected the audit done against Healthmart - they claimed it was flawed

here is the bottom line on all audits- they can be made to say what the requestor wants

Springston resigned over the reality he had no chance of getting a new contract. For he retirement he had to take anything - where he went was a major demotion - what he is counting on is the FBI taking action and then he can use the indictments as evidence of the majority's wrongdoing. This will allow him to apply for a job at a larger district.

What he fails to understand is it takes the FBO 3 years for a simple rape

On BISD I do not see the FBI acting until sometime in 2013 - the earliest-

Bobby WC