Friday, June 17, 2011


The new TSC president must be someone with a lot of community college experience. We do no need someone who has been a top administrator at a university. A community college is not a university. A community college in part prepares students to succeed at a university. The mission between a university and community college is distinctly different. We do not have time to train a former university vice-president in the mission of a community college. Finally, the candidate must have completed one of the many national programs in college or university administration. It has been recognized for some time that this additional training is necessary to being a successful top administrator.


An immediate task is for TSC to end its relationship with UTB in the basic computer courses and all medical training courses. Both of these courses have a high failure rate because of incompetence by the instructors and administrators over the instructors. The book used by the computer science program appears to have been translated from Chinese into English - at times it is incoherent. The tests which are provided with the book includes questions which have no answer. I remember working with someone who had no problem passing the same course in highschool and who had to drop out at UTB because he failed every exam. I sent some of the questions related to Microsoft programs to a technician at Microsoft and was told the questions were bad because the programs could not do what the question was suggesting they could do. This is how UTB/TSC was managed under Juliet Garcia.

All of the medical training courses need to be redone. None of the current staff can be allowed to continue with TSC. In fact no professors or instructors currently being paid by UTB should be allowed to work for TSC. We do not want the throw-offs ending up teaching at TSC. Further, they have already failed as community college instructors - so why keep them on?

On that note - a clear mandate has to be made - no one will be allowed to teach at TSC unless that have a masters with a thesis in their teaching field. This BS of 18 credit graduate hours in the subject matter is sufficient to be qualified to teach must end. There are thousands of qualified candidates all over the US who would jump at the chance to get in on the ground floor at a new TSC. I will bet the farm we can staff TSC with instructors from top universities in Texas and in fact the entire nation.

We all know reality - the jobs will go to people’s spouse and compadres. This is sad. TSC can restore itself as a great community college - but Brownsville is what it is. The incompetent vultures are already lining up and promises are being met. The TSC Board of Trustees can bring integrity to this process by mandating no trustee can be involved in the hiring of instructional staff. In fact strict guidelines as to qualifications need to be written with a clear mandate that if anyone tries to by-pass them they will be fired. There is no reason whatsoever why we can not staff TSC with top PhD’s and master degree holders from top universities all over the US. They are unemployed in the thousands - they will jump at the chance for a job. We need not settle on someone’s wife who is connected when we can have a graduate of a top university teaching our young adults.


Sell the Cueta building and use the money for textbook scholarships. The students need relief and they need it now.


To the handful of Juliet Garcia supporters left in this town - with the revelation of her salary can you still defend her? This is a woman without an ounce of shame or self respect. She has bankrupt a countless number of young adults with student loans taken for an education never delivered by Juliet Garcia - her policy towards TSC was willful neglect and an outright symbolic raping of young adults for the money she needed to build UTB.

How she shows her face in public is beyond my limited human comprehension. The question is, how long will this so called majority of the students allow the same con on the students to continue - because to date they have done nothing to stop the bankrupting of our young adults.

As we speak our young adults continue to go into debt with very little to no hope of getting the education promised. The medical training program needs to be shut down until the entire program is reconfigured and new staff are hired. It will not happen - this new Board wants the money and that is that. Trey Mendez and Dennis Sanchez are in business for themselves and not the students.


In 2012 with any luck the students will take the lead and vote out of office every trustee up for reelection in favor of trustees who will work day and night to dump all vestiges of UTB influence over the  courses and priorities.  We need a Board which understands the mission of a community college and that the students need relief now and not in 2015.  Textbook scholarships, lower tuition, and the dumping of all courses with high failure rates in favor of new instructors and textbooks which have as their purpose the educating of our young adults, and not raising money to promote the political interests and business dealings of a corrupt Board.


Anonymous said...

Wake up Brownsville!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will separate taxes be raised on Brownsville to support 2 separate institutions?

Won't tuition be jacked up also for the same reason?

BobbyWC said...

No - part of the problem with this so called partnership was Brownsville was the only place locals paid taxes to support a UT campus - with the divorce - UT will have to fund 100% of UTB

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Heard Sylvia Atkinson is a contender for the TSC position.

BobbyWC said...

I do not believe there is any possibility of this - she has zero qualifications

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"No - ... Brownsville was the only place locals paid taxes to support a UT campus - with the divorce - UT will have to fund 100% of UTB"

No,'Jane, you ignorant slut,' do you think the UT system is supported by some magic money that falls from the sky? EVERY taxpayer in Texas supports the UT system. Evidently you are also ignorant enough to think that once the divorce is final, current TSC taxes will be sufficient to pay the salaries of administrators and these wonderfully qualified teachers from around the nation and to convince them to come to Brownsville. Your local taxes are about to go through the roof!

By the way, the qualifications for teaching, having a master's with 18-hours in your field, is mandated by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS); not dreamed up by anyone at UTB or TSC.
Please get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

You didn't finish your sentence Bobby:
UT will have to fund 100% of UTB, and the local taxpayers will have to fund 100% of TSC. Locals weren't paying taxes to fund UTB, they paid taxes because they were too caught up living in the past to close TSC down and say let's just have one school paid for by the state.

Quit forgetting that Brownsville Texans will still be double taxed for their education. Now it will be at a higher rate. The state didn't screw TSC, four trustees and whoever else has ulterior motives behind the scenes, screwed TSC and the taxpayers in the district.

BobbyWC said...

Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about and are so angry that you cannot read plane and simple English.

I never said UTB came up with the standard of 18 hours - this exists only in your imagination.

If you want a university wherein the staff hired only meets the minimum qualifications - good for you - but I think our students deserve the best. And you know what - unemployed professors will take the job - right now a dime a dozen on them are driving taxis in NYC

yes state taxes fund UT campuses - but not property taxes. Also UT in part is funded through the oil money.

UTB was and remains a failure and fraud. the problem with Juliet Garcia's salary was not the number - it was the fact she was being paid so much to be a failure.

I cannot speak to the numbers - I have yet to see any publication of how much TSC tributes to the salaries of the instructors - and unless you have those numbers and are prepared to publish them so people can make up their own mind - you are full of shit.

Your argument is that TSC right now contributes nothing to the staff and instructors - I would like to see proof of that before I am prepared to believe such a desperate misleading argument.

Our students need a community college. they need the chance to be prepared for a univerity. they need a chance at real job training - TSC will give them that.

Although I have two masters and a JD, I tell parents all of the time - college is not for everyone and they need to consider sending their child for quality job training which has the potential for a good salary - I tell them to not send their children to UTB for medical training - I recommend the military where the training is better and free - I am not an advocate of mass university education - its value is a myth

some facts about taxes

A house appraised at $127,668.00 is assessed $207.36 a year in TSC taxes - that is less then $18.00 a month - we are in big trouble if an additional couple of dollars are going to bust you - we can pull back - I just cancelled the internet on my cell phone and home phone - I found I never used them - so why was I wasting my money?

I would rather pay more in property taxes to insure our young adults have a chance at meaningful job training than continue to fund a failed university.

Bobby WC