Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Some people have asked for access to Presas-Garcia's deposition. Here it is -  Note - it starts on page 2 - I have no idea why it uploaded with a blank page 1.

The commissioner of the Texas Education Agency is Robert Scott.  He can be contact at

The primary problem with social media is, people fear protest.  It is one thing to tell friends to vote for so and so, it is yet another to get involved in a protest.  People here and elsewhere can ask all of their friends to email Commissioner Scott and maybe 10% will do it, the other 90% will sit at home and demand to know why no one is helping fix the problem.

Unfortunately - public humiliation tends to pressure elected officials.  If someone could organize a minimum of 200 people to protest in front of Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos business offices, it will catch the media's attention.  When the media attended the meeting called by Presas-Garcia wherein she herself failed to appear they refused any discussion of what was happening behind the scenes.  They had no interest in the real story.  But a huge protest will force them to ask Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos why they are not taking action by calling on the TEA to take control of BISD.

Short of the type protest  I have outlined social media has no power in this matter.  I know people - I can post Mayor Martinez and County Judge Cascos' emails every day and maybe a handful of people will send them an email - maybe - but 200 people outside their business offices will get their attention.

Yesterday was a record readership - thanks - in the past when I ask my readers to forward my posts around I always get a big boost.  People, if you want the social media to put pressure on Commissioner Scott, Mayor Martinez, and County Judge Cascos you need to forward my post around to everyone you know and ask that they demand each of these gentlemen take action


This scumbag has started a statewide campaign against me.  He is throwing out  distractions while refusing to address any of the allegations.  The  reaction is mixed.  Several people emailed and stated they knew something was not right with him and now they understand - they will work to make sure he is not elected.  They understand the fundamental problem - if the people of Cameron County would rather elect a Republican than Gilberto Hinojosa, how is he going to get people statewide to vote Democrat?

The other side is the Huff guy from Austin County.  He was adamant everything in my post was false.  He went so for in one statewide email asking why I am being allowed to even say these things.  This moron seems to think he lives in China wherein speech is suppressed.  I will keep the campaign going.


BobbyWC said...

The TEA is actively downloading documents from the BV - apparently some people are emailing the commissioner - just keep on emailing them - tell everyone you know to email him

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Better late than never!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that you are also correct on this as well. It does not seem like TEA will take over unless there is more pressure.