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You need to copy and paste this post and email it to the various county Democratic Party Chairs.
Below is Gilberto Hinojosa's announcement.

At the bottom I have the emails for the largest counties and then 10 additional counties. It will take about 25 posts for this project to be complete. If you email too may people at once it could be read as spam. In each post I will always include the largest counties. The reason for this is to get word out to the most Democrats as possible, and to send a message to his opponents that he can and should be defeated.


The Democrats of Cameron County unelected Hinojosa as County Judge in favor of Republican Carlos Cascos. If Hinojosa cannot even win in his home county why would anyone believe he can help Democrats win statewide?

Texas Democrats will never again hold statewide office until they address the concerns of the people of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. LRGV. This begins with the State of Texas saying no to Gilberto Hinojosa and his dirty politics.

In November 2010, Gilberto Hinojosa’s candidate for county judge lost in an election which will be remembered for its attempted theft of the election..

The following posts show the efforts by Hinojosa and his lemmings to declare the Democrat the winner. With public outrage growing on a daily basis, Hinojosa finally gave up and Carlos Cascos was declared the final winner.

Many people in Cameron County believe that the Democrat John Wood illegally remained in office collecting a salary while running for Cameron County Judge. It is not disputed that his campaign signs were posted in precinct outside the one he held as a county commissioner well in advance of January 2010. It is not disputed that if these signs represented an intent to run as county judge, as a matter of law he resigned his post as county commissioner. Gilberto Hinojosa has no problem with these tactics.


These woman are paid to harvest mail-ballots from unsuspecting senior citizens and from voters who have illegally registered as disabled. John Wood’s replacement, Democrat Ernie Hernandez was sued for illegally using politiqueras. The judge assigned to hear the case, a Democrat from Hidalgo County, stopped the trial before all the witnesses were called.

A sampling of the testimony from the first day of the trial.

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.


I will not identify any witness by name - just by number and gender. These people have been victimized enough. Well I will name one witness.

The first witness a male testified that Margarita Ozuna voted for him and then took his ballot. You could hear a pin drop at that point. People were horrified. Hernandez’s lawyer looked defeated - Erin Hernandez just smirked.

Witness 3 a female testified that she voted for Hernandez because Margarita Ozuna told her Ernie would improve our schools.

Witness 4 a male testified he believes it was Norma who told him to call her after he got his mail-ballot - he was not sure - he also said he did not even know who was running.

Witness 7 male - 3 ballots of people who do not live in his home were sent to his home. One person lives in Victoria (I did not hear him say if it was Victoria Mexico or Texas.

Witness 10 male - he was great - he describe the person who came to his home as dark and tall - he was distinguished and robbed him of his trust.

Witness 11 and 12 - husband and wife. She was outraged that this was happening and did seem to protest to the court that her ballot was known to everyone. While leaving she stated she and her husband would never again vote by mail.

Witness 14 male - claimed one of the signatures on his papers were false.

Witness 22 female - Margarita signed the form claiming to have helped the voter, but the voter testified under oath Margarita Ozuna did not help her. We saw this a lot which raises the question given the fact another witnesses testified that a representative of Margarita Ozuna appeared at her door about the subpoenas, did someone try an tell these witnesses how to testify?

The next witness I am going to name for two reasons. I was sitting behind her while Ortiz was testifying. Norma Esquivel while talking to herself was very snub about her disability issue. I cannot prove she did not meet the legal requirements for being disabled. That is a matter for the fact finder.
Here is the law:

§ 82.002. DISABILITY. (a) A qualified voter is eligible for early voting by mail if the voter has a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter's health.

Now, Ms. Esquivel’s testimony: Both she and her husband are under 65. Margarita Ozuna signed the statement claiming to have assisted Norma. Norma testified she did not. Ms. Esquivel works at BISD and had no problem driving to court. Her husband is an air conditioner repairman and also claimed disabled. She claimed both she and her husband have medical problems - in fact she was complaining how her medicine was causing her mouth to be dry during her testimony. Her son, age 27, is about to or just completed some type law enforcement program at UTB is also disabled


Cameron County’s DA is Armando Villalobos. He has refused to even investigate the illegal use of politiquera by Democrats. He found no evidence of a crime against Dannenbaum Engineering after they agreed to pay his office $1 million dollars in forfeiture money. Dannenbaum was not paid the money by a criminal entity, it was paid the money by the taxpayers of the Brownsville Navigation District. The taxpayers are on the hook for the $21.4 million dollars paid to Dannenbum for a nonexistent bridge. Imagine the DA catching the thief and in exchange for the thief giving the DA a percentage of the money he stole from you, the DA agrees to not prosecute the thief. This is exactly what Gilberto Hinojosa’s candidate Armando Villalobos did to the people of Brownsville.

Democrat Judge Abel Limas ran a criminal enterprise out of his court under the eyes of Armando Villalobos. In fact DA Villalobos not only refused to prosecute Judge Limas, his former law partner and insiders to the criminal conduct were the beneficiaries of Judge Limas’ conduct.. Judge Limas plead guilty in federal court upon indictment by the DOJ.

Amit Livingston is on the FBI’s most wanted list. Judge Limas with no action from Villalobos allowed Amit Livingston to walk out of court without a bond in order to get his affairs in order prior to starting his sentence for murder. The $500,000 bond was released to Villalobos’ former law partner Eddie Lucio for the benefit of the children of the murdered woman. Mr. Lucio took his percentage and Amit Livingston was allowed to walk free.

Joey De La Garza is the son of District Clerk, Aurora De La Garza. DA Villalobos took him without any public notice of even an indictment before Judge Limas on a charge of misusing more than $80,000 in funds belonging to the Sunshine Haven Hospice. Judge Limas found him guilty based on his plea and gave him 5 years deferred adjudication.

The deal was cut behind the scenes and then Joey De La Garza was rushed to Judge Limas for the deal. The public was given no advance notice of even an indictment.


If the Texas Democratic Party chooses to make him the Chair everyone in Texas will know the Texas Democratic Party remains the party which helped to elect Johnson on the cemetery vote. The LRGV refuses to vote in statewide elections because it is tired of all the corruption. If the Texas Democrats want to remain out of power they will elect Gilberto Hinojosa as its chair.

The people of the LRGV demand accountability. The people demand that the Texas Democratic Party not only denounce Gilberto Hinojosa but also his cronies - Armando Villalobos, Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., and State Representatives Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio III, among many others.

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Anonymous said...

What south texas Democrat party dominance???

YOU DEMOCRAT LOSERS couldn't even get John WOOD or SOLOMON ORTIZ elected!!!! And you only got Ernie Hernandez because of the politiqueras, the result that no one trusts the Democrats anymore! HA HA. Poetic justice my friends. The valley is turning Republican. Thanks to Gilbert, Ernie and Herminiea!

BobbyWC said...

Mr. Huff of the Austin Democratic party wants the people of Cameron County to know this entire post is false and made up. He wants the people of Cameron County to know they never voted no to Gilberto Hinojosa and the entire story is false. He wants the people of Cameron County to know that the mess with the Cascos Wood election never happend. He wants the people of Cameron county to know there are no politiqueras.

Get it people - this is black and white Anglo Plantation politics coming from the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

They will understand, Bobby, because in 2012, a Democrat presidential election year, more Republicans will be elected. Unthinkable!? That's what John Wood said. That's what Solomon Ortiz said.

That's what the next round of losing Democrats will say.