Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On balance the meeting was cordial and very professional.  A far cry from Pat Ahumada's approach.  It is a lot easier to get things done if people at least try and work together in a professional manner.  Commissioner Gowen helped the Mayor along with the process - he is still green.  Robert Euresti spoke on an issue and the Mayor was very welcoming and professional in his handling of Robert Euresti.


[1]     He wants the city attorney to begin immediately to create an ethics code.
[2]     He wants people to report garbage which still needs to be picked up - he sees it as a safety issue.  I was pleased that he called on people who can to bring their own trash to the dumbs.
[3]     He wants more discussion on the airport and sees progress.  He noted neither Continental nor American Airlines are currently receiving incentives
[4]     He encouraged people to vote in the run-offs


We are in the general public comment period.  The cameras remain off.  This is so wrong - Jessica and Mayor Martinez could have put this issue on the agenda.  Commission Zamora has indicated in the past her dislike for turning off the cameras.  I know Mayor Martinez does not want to undermine Sossi, but our right to speak is more important than Sossi's sensitivities.


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