Monday, June 20, 2011



Had Barry Horn known the gay community would condemn him for bringing this 19 year old boy into his home - he may never have done it.   Two lives are lost because silence is easier than speaking the truth.  The self anointed gay leadership through its endless silence disappoints children - again.

You want to know the truth about the relationship between Padilla and Villalobos.

I want to be clear about something - I was not in the room when Barry Horn was murdered. I was not in his home when he had Ernesto Ivan Martinez move into his home. I was not witness to anything which may or may not have happened in his home.

But I know this, his defense attorneys work both sides in a way which would never fly outside Cameron County. Padilla defended Rubio on murder and lost. While the appeal was pending Padilla went to work for the DA. He is now back to working for the defense at taxpayers' expense. Louis Sorola as I have documented in the past has thrown his court appointed clients under the bus. In a IV D child support case when the the father refused to sign off on an order taking away some of his rights, Sorola against his client's wishes took the order to Judge Ben Euresti and had some of his own client's parental rights taken away. There was no trial - nothing - Sorola does the dirty work for the state so that he can continue to get his court appointments. He can challenge me on this, but I have the court documents.

Barry Horn was 59 and Ernesto Martinez was 19.  That is a 40 years age difference.  Mr. Gilman for the prosecution told channel 5 news that Ernesto is gay and just does not want to deal with this reality.  The implication of the statement was to justify a 59 year old man having sex with a 19 year old.  If Ernesto had been a girl the community would have seen this differently.

I remember over 20 years ago being shouted down by the self anointed gay leadership in Dallas for wanting to address the issue of gay youth suicide.  It then hit the national headlines and all of a sudden it mattered.  It should not matter just because it has become fashionable in the news - it should matter because it matters.  When PFLAG started the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance stayed away.  PFLAG then becomes a voice in the news and the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance wanted to be part of the show.  The self anointed gay leadership has always been two steps behind justice.  I hate to say it, but when it comes to people like Ernesto Martinez they will not care.  It is too controversial and they will run from the issue.  Children are never too controversial.  It is this mentality which allowed priests to molest boys with impunity for some 40 years.

In the same way the Catholic Church has run cover for the gay priests the self anointed leadership in the gay community has run cover for gay men searching out for young men with no where to turn.  We have young adults all over the US who have no where to turn but the streets because of the ignorance and bigotry which comes from their parents, family and churches.  We find it easier to toss these children overboard as a price of life.

They are not objects.  Sorola and Padilla put together a perfunctory defense with a perfunctory psychological exam.  There was no defense.  This was a capital murder case.  This young man was looking at a needle in the arm.  He had no advocate for his voice.

I said before he should have gotten 10 years - I am not making excuses for him.  He was wrong.  But society is also wrong.  We cannot put our heads in the sand and claim we do not know what is happening.  You can get on any day and find men in their 50's and 60's searching out 18 year old boys for "mentorship."  These boys are scared and feel alone - and in far too many cases they hook up with these men old enough in some cases to be their grandfather.

Ernesto Martinez did not have effective assistance of counsel.  While I have no hopes of changing anything I will take the documents I have and forward them to organizations I believe understand this issue to see if we can get an attorney to come in and file the proper paperwork for a new trial.

There are national experts on this issue who could have been hired to testify on behalf of Ernesto Martinez.  This was a capital murder case.  Expense is not spared.  The entire defense was perfunctory and a sham.

Until we have DA's willing to look at this issue seriously, 59 year old men will continue to seek out 19 year old boys.  When things go wrong the child will be punished.  What happened to Barry Horn was wrong.  There is no defense.  The final number of stab wounds alleged by the prosecution was either 81 or 87 - I do not remember.  No one stabs another person that many times just to rob them.  This young man was traumatized.  And even if he is gay - so what?  Does that mean it is okay for a 59 year old man to take him into his home and have sex with him?


Anonymous said...

These things happen a lot. Young boys cruise the streets hoping to find a father figure in an older man, a man that will care for them and nurture their growth into adulthood. Murder is not right, but coming to grips with homosexuality is also no picnic. We made a Madonna into a man that is human, just like his killer

BobbyWC said...

Very nicely said - gentle and compassionate.

Bobby WC

A Concerned Citizen said...

This individual was a street whore and a queer. He knew exactly what he was doing. Stabbing someone 80 times is murder, any way one looks at it. Fuck him. He should have gotten the needle for this heinous crime. He was NO VICTIM that is for sure.
If he likes men, he'll be with a whole bunch of them for a long time! He better get used to sucking dick and have one in his ass.

BobbyWC said...

Isn't ignorance and hate a wonderful thing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You have some serious mental issues with the ANAL thing.
NOW GO GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs never make a right. In this case, there was a third wrong: hiding the real face of a gay lifestyle.