Saturday, June 18, 2011

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The winners are
Estela Chavez-Vasquez and John Villarreal

These numbers are now with 100% reporting


Estela Chavez-Vasquez  2075 (calling as the winner)

 Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553


John Villarreal  640

Mail-in: 10, early voting: 398

Tony Zavaleta 501

Tony Zavaleta -

 Mail-in: 97, early voting: 260

Note:  Based on Tony Zavaleta being behind by 51 votes, even after receiving 97 mail ballots, compared to Villarreal's 10, I predict, but am not calling, Villarreal the winner.
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Zavaleta simply could not overcome his ties to the failures at UTB and the compadre benefits received by his wife.  Everyone I know in District 4 knew this about him and truly found themselves unable to vote for him.

On the mail ballots - Robert Lopez and Tony Zavaleta may not have hired politiqeras, but someone worked the mails ballots for them - the numbers are just too high.  Working the mail ballots by itself is not a crime - but it does not help your reputation among the population at large.

Here is a lesson - working the mail-ballots does not get you elected.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Fly Frontera is gone?

BobbyWC said...

I think so, there are at least 4 maybe 5 for sure votes against it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good! Now its BISD and the Healthsmart issue that is left!

Anonymous said...

How long do you think it will take to see if the mayor and new commissioners do a good job?

BobbyWC said...

Unless there is a national recovery, I do not see Brownsville moving forward - the new mayor will never be tied to corruption, wrongdoing, or being rude - but he will also never be tied to being a leader.

In a key regard Mayor Martinez and Gov. Perry are the same person - they suffer from an extreme arrogance about their connection to god and prayer - they both are looking to their superior form of prayer to heal our society.

It is sad Mayor Marinez is not like his priest son Father TJ Martinez - as a Jesuit they do not wait to see if prayer works - they act and get the job done - if there is a socialist element to the Catholic Church it is the Jesuits - in fact I would elect a Jesuit Priest President given the chance - they understand true social justice, and they act without reservation.

Mayor Martinez will never lead - his entire agenda was peace to our community - he believes water conservation will solve our water problems - he has no plans other than praying in his private chapel so he does not have to see the suffering of the people

What is sad is, he was our only hope - at least we can count on him to not embarass Brownsville or get caught up in dishonestly.

Right now there is no elected commissioner in a position to lead over Tony - they are all too weak - Longoria would be a fool to try and take a lead role - no one else will even try - so we are at least two years of extreme calm with no policies and no improvement - short of a miracle.

While Tony prays for the best in his private chapel - the poorest of the poor in Brownsville go without air conditioning because they cannot afford it - they fear the late fees if they cannot pay their bill on time.

The PUB had $250,000 to loan to Fly Frontera while turning off the electricty of the poorest of the poor in Brownsville.

Tony will never leave his private chapel - he is too disconnected from the people - he is so caught up in his prayer he cannot see the suffering which is before his eyes.

This is how Catholics justify the wealth of the church while millions die every year of starvation - the Pope has his air conditioning

It is a very sad time for Brownsville - again Tony will guide Brownsville through 4 years of malaise while never embarassing Brownsville or doing anything illegal -

It is so sad he was the best we could vote for - I guess Brownsville should be happy they will have a mayor who will never partake of the compadre or corrupt politics so innate to Brownsville - The same could not have been said of Camarillo - that would have been 4 years of more endless division and compadre politics.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It seems difficult to find a group of like-minded people who truly want to serve the community. Most serve to help themselves.

BobbyWC said...

We shall see how they handle the budget - will they go to the PUB again?

Bobby WC