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It blows my mind every time someone turns to the Bible for morality. Yes, stoning your children to death as punishment is something we can all agree to be moral.

My long term readers know I live by the teachings of Joshua (Jesus). He was moral and imperfect. Being moral means being imperfect at times. Sometimes it is not about the result as much as it is about the motivation behind your actions.

I have zero tolerance for Christianity of Catholicism, but I accept their right to exist.  I do not believe they are remotely based on any of the teachings of Joshua.  The heart of the problem is a lack of  affirmative morality.  Moral to these groups is control and not acting in an affirmative way to give meaning to the teachings of Joshua.  Salvation is not based on giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, but on pledging allegiance in a mystical way to a belief salvation is only though Jesus.  Joshua is not Jesus.  There is no duty to live the teachings of Joshua as a condition of salvation.  You simply say the magical words and you are saved.  Catholics go one better and allow you to overcome your deficiencies through confession.  There is no affirmative tenet in Christianity or Catholicism that salvation comes through giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua.  Most actually believe that regardless of how you live your life and how hard you work at giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, you will not be saved because you have not said the magical words.  Christianity and Catholicism are faiths of form not substance and therefore are the fertilizer which feeds our amoral society.

So long as we are guided by the mysticism of Christianity and Catholicism morality will have no place in our society. I cannot call them immoral because they have no concept of morality - good or bad.

When you consider how much time these groups spend on genitalia how can they possibly know anything about morality.  Every year they glorify themselves by spending over $14 billion dollars on Easter related merchandise.  But yet, millions of children are dying of hunger and disease.  You cannot be moral as a group when you spend in excess of $14 billion for Easter while children go hungry.

In the end, with a society obsessed with genitalia, Easter Lilies, and themselves - how exactly can we come to expect even the semblance of moral leadership from our elected officials.  After all they are only a reflection of the society at large.

Morality is knowing how to help your fellow man without enslaving them into dependency.  This dependency is the essence of American Liberalism, which is why I reject it as amoral.  Morality is acting in aid of your community because it is simply the right thing to do.  Capitalism is amoral because it has as it impetus acting for yourself. 

When politicians come to believe constructing a chapel in their own backyard is moral, we are screwed.  "Hey God look at me, I built a chapel to celebrate your existence."  "But my son, Joshua had no chapel but the purity of his faith, are you better than Joshua?  He worshiped and walked among the people, while you seek to worship in your backyard.   Joshua's chapel was the free air among the people.  I can see my son, at Lola's you sat with the moneychangers and not the workers."

Editor's Note: A friend suggested I should try writing a bit more about things which will hopefully get people thinking.  We shall see if this helps for a while.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


BUT FIRST: Why is John Barr investigating Juan Montoya and how much is he billing BISD for the investigation?

Location:   Dallas, Texas, United States

IP Address: Burt Barr & Associates ( [Label IP Address]

Search Referral: — juan montoya, brownsville, texas

My regular readers know the BV has no sacred cows.  The BV has not defended and will not defend the incompetence of Tony Martinez and Melissa Zamora in terms of the Aeromexico mess.  But in their case the only evidence at this time is incompetence.  No one has produced an ounce of evidence MZ is getting paid for her consulting work.  It is just an allegation.  MZ has expressly denied the allegation.

Now compare this to Escobedo - his brother gets a million dollar contract from Art Rendon and 15 days later he votes to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD.  According to the moral voice of Brownsville, Quintanilla and Montoya, this is no big deal.

The documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon. Now they want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money because the insurance companies refuse to settle.

People, watch - the new law firm being hired by the BISD majority has already agreed to send your tax dollars out the door to settle lawsuits.  You do not go from an interim law firm to an interim law firm.  Something happened.  If the BISD majority does not like the interim law firm then they need to put out a request for permanent counsel, and not just hire another interim law firm.

But really, how can Tony Martinez speak to the BISD mess when he feels so superior to the people of Brownsville that he does not have to explain the Aeromexico mess.  Not only has he left Aeromexico hanging, he has left Brownsville hanging.

In substance there is no difference between the BISD majority and Tony Martinez.  The moral compass has no true north.  It points to "my rationalization."

The people refuse to vote because time and time again the election results brings in one bad elected official after another.  Sossi ran to defend Jessica without getting the commission's permission.  This was wrong.  It is never no mind to the  commission.  They want a lawyer who will run interference for their bad conduct.

The BV tried to shut down. I am close to shutting down for good.  Brownsville has no desire to move past its need for corruption and insider dealing. At this time there is no elected official willing to fight for Brownsville.  To a person they only want to fight for themselves and their compadres.

I tried to shut down before the BISD election and Quintanilla forced me to keep it going.  I tried to shut down about the time Fly Frontera was announced.  I saw how they attacked Zamora and I knew it smelled bad.  I got caught being brought into the madness.  Brownsville's madness is an illness.  It is sad because there are a lot of great business people in Brownsville who cannot move forward because Brownsville has no leadership.

I get zero joy in blogging.  I had hoped Tony Martinez might be willing to lead.  It will not happen.  In his mind he is incapable of bad judgment or admitting to bad judgment.  He has survived Brownsville's politics because he is good at the social game.  The problem with the social game is, it compels silence and going along to get along.  It is the fertilizer which helps the corruption to grow.

It is disingenuous for me or anyone else to go after one group of politicians while pretending others are clean.  The BV is proud of its no sacred cow policy.  The problem is, Brownsville is adrift in a sewer of vile because its compass has no true north and is guided by the false north of "my rationalization."

I have one more big story I want to go with.  I am waiting on the evidence.  After that I will shut down unless events force me to stay in the blogosphere.  If there was one elected official willing to take a stand on anything, it might be worth my time to help give them a voice.  The problem is - there is no one.

Brownsville either needs to stand up for itself or accept its place at the table of nothing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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(UPDATE:  It is not my policy to announce everything I am doing.  I do have a lead I am following.  A source told me to check a specific email to a city employee.  I did an open records request for that email.  It is very targeted to a specific day.  The city just called me and they are telling me the fee is $15.00 an hour for a search of 8 hours (the estimate) to recover one email on a specific day.   I said no way.  It is being checked on.  My point is, if one email from a specific day is going to cost me $120.00, what are all the emails Quintanilla is requesting going to cost?  Who is going to pay for it? - just saying - and BTW I will not pay $120.00 for one email.)

As to the merits of the request, I have no problems with any of the questions.  They will get to the facts - the problems is - he seems to have hung himself.

By threatening to sue a lot of people he has made a public comment that he intends to use the records for litigation.

Yea - the law says no -

Practical Tips on Writing Effective Briefs to the Open Records Division

  1. The Public Information Handbook published by this office is your primary resource in writing effective briefs to the Open Records Division.
  2. Follow the standards set forth in the Handbook to meet the requirements of your claimed exceptions. For example, if claiming exception under section 552.103 (the "litigation exception"), you must explain how the litigation is either pending or reasonably anticipated AND how the documents at issue relate to the pending or anticipated litigation.


 (a) Information is excepted from the requirements of Section 552.021 if
it is information relating to litigation of a civil or criminal
nature to which the state or a political subdivision is or may be a
party or to which an officer or employee of the state or a political
subdivision, as a consequence of the person's office or employment,
is or may be a party.
(b)  For purposes of this section, the state or a political
subdivision is considered to be a party to litigation of a criminal
nature until the applicable statute of limitations has expired or
until the defendant has exhausted all appellate and postconviction
remedies in state and federal court.
(c)  Information relating to litigation involving a
governmental body or an officer or employee of a governmental body
is excepted from disclosure under Subsection (a) only if the
litigation is pending or reasonably anticipated on the date that
the requestor applies to the officer for public information for
access to or duplication of the information.

All the COB has to do is show litigation is reasonably anticipated and they are free to deny the request.  Will they?  Does Sossi even know the law?  Who knows?

All of the questions are valid questions - the problem is, he has been promising litigation related to Fly  Frontera ever since BEDC issued its report.  The COB if it chooses can withhold the documents. This would be sad because the people will then be denied the information for no better reason that Quintanilla cannot control himself.


To the business community, if you are going to wait for Tony Martinez to lead Brownsville out of its hell hole, your business is screwed. Since Brownsville has no mayor, it is now up to the business community to take a stand for Brownsville. Tony through his incredible incompetence compromised the integrity of an international corporation and possible future employer in Brownsville.  Such as no one in city government spoke up of Pan Am, Tony, without a lot of pressure from the business community will not speak up for Aeromexico.

BV back tomorrow - I have to nurse this headache.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Apparently Thompson Horton is unwilling to do all of the dirty work being demanded of them by Presas-Garcia. This is going to cost BISD a fortune to bring in yet another law firm and have them review all pending litigation.

This will never end because Brownsville is a hell hole of corrupt and incompetent elected officials. Brownsville is getting what it deserves.

The firing of Thompson Horton will happen on the 30th.  Presas-Garcia listed it as (Board Member Request)  - something is up - but unfortunately there are no elected officials in Brownsville willing to speak up for Brownsville.  Tony Martinez has made his reputation known to all of Brownsville - worthless incompetent buffoon incapable of managing something as simple as announcing a new airline for Brownsville.  Brownsville is in for four long years of of extraordinary incompetence while corruption runs wild. 


"State District Judge Rhonda Hurley said during an hour-long hearing she believes the report likely should be released to the public but that a first a wider evidentiary hearing is necessary.
She scheduled another hearing on the matter for July 11."

I have no idea what the AG or the City of Lubbock will do.  But because we are dealing with black and white law concerning unconstitutional prior restraint, and statutory law which bars injunctions against the release of public information, they are within their right to take the judge on a mandamus.

Only time will tell what happens.  For now everything is on hold until July 14, 2011, unless the AG or the City of Lubbock take the judge on mandamus.


Today the Republican conservative majority on the Supreme Court struck down two state laws - they found unconstitutional the regulation of violent video games, (actually only 4 of the conservatives agreed with this finding, along  with 3 liberals) and a campaign  finance law in Arizona.  Whether I agree with the rulings is meaningless.  I am not the once yelling "States Rights." It is the conservative Republican.

First of all the entire argument of States Rights is bogus and goes to the Republicans failure to understand the true sovereigns are the people.  What ever is reserved to the States is in fact not a right, but an empowerment to the people to retain control over their individual states.  The authority is retained by the people to use as they see fit through their state legislatures.  The States such as the federal government have no rights - they have powers conferred upon them by the people with the ultimate authority residing with the people.

Now here is the kicker - will all of the great conservatives running for president denounce the Republican conservatives on the Supreme Court for holding the will of the people in California and Arizona unconstitutional?  No - which is why I say "States Rights" my ass.


His known salary.

Don't you love channel 5 news.

Also - when the Herald first ran this story - why did it not look to the indictment to determine the name of the lawyers involved.  Was it  incompetence or an agreement with the FBI to not cover the entire story.  Maybe the indictment does not mention Limas and the DA and FBI are keeping this under cover.

My source is telling me some of the cases were eventually fed to Abel Limas.  (Fed to him as a lawyer, not a judge.) Is this another case waiting to blow open concerning our esteemed legal community and former Judge Limas.  My source is solid - I am working on confirmation.  I will try later this week to get the indictment.

My primary interest in this story is - why if it involves Abel Limas is it not a bigger story?  Is the FBI holding on to this so that they can snare more lawyers and possible judges?  I will continue to work on this story.

I am going with this preliminary information because the source is a court insider.  Also, it is theoretically possible that the cases ended up with Abel Limas without Abel Limas knowing about Enrique Marks.  This merits further investigation.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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[MY PERSPECTIVE:  How did I come to this story?  When I first read about it, I thought - no - here we go again.  MZ does have a public perception of working with vendors.  This public perception feeds the distrust.  Then I think - no way - Aero Mexico is too big to be caught up in something like this.  I also think - in my investigation of Mayor Martinez, does he have a history of such game playing?  I cannot find anything.  This lead me to believe there is something more to this story.  We now have the story - MZ has no financial interest in this deal.  There is actually a method to critical thinking.  If your goal is to get to the truth, you analyze the facts before putting your bias ahead of the cart to settle a score.  Also doing a bogus story to stir trouble is not being a community advocate - it is stirring trouble as a sport regardless of the consequences on the community.]

It blows my mind how reckless a paid hack can be to appear relevant. The real issue for me in this Aero Mexico deal is a major corporation getting caught up in the mess which is Brownsville's politics and the paid scumbags of the most corrupt like Ben Neece, Pat Lehmann, and Cata Presas-Garcia to destroy Brownsville to get what they want.

The BEDC and Melissa Zamora do get an "F" in terms of how they handled this. There is and was no wrongdoing -like I have said before - the appearance of wrongdoing is always worse than actual wrongdoing. From square one they should have clarified Melissa's role in Aero Mexico.

I want to be clear - there is zero evidence of wrongdoing - nada - nilche - but this does stop Montoya - his deal wherein the taxpayers were to be on the hook for a minimum of $1.5 million to Fly Frontera died when the truth came out. Now comes an internationally recognized corporation, not asking that the taxpayers pay per diem to Montoya's buddies and convicted felon at Fly Frontera and not asking that the taxpayers pay to transport the planes to Brownsville, and Montoya feels a need to just publish a story 100% false at every level.

Carlos Masso certainly knows Montoya's reputation in lying on a near daily basis to destroy Brownsville. It tells us the type DA he will be - more of the same corruption and cover-up.


"Aeromexico has been in the works for several months. I am often asked by BEDC to meet with prospects due to my marketing experience. I am proud to be a part of the Team of folks who work diligently to bring business to Brownsville. I have always volunteered to do so, and I will continue to volunteer to do so. It is part of being a City Commissioner. I proudly do it.

I was asked last week by BEDC to join in a meeting with Aeromexico. The mayor and I met with marketing representatives of Aeromexico, but in two separate meetings. We had a two-hour meeting where I promoted our region -- both SPI and Brownsville. I am familiar with what their market would be here -- the business traveler and the tourist. We brainstormed marketing strategies, and I was asked to assist with future ideas with BEDC and Aeromexico. I do all of this on a volunteer basis. Not only do I have experience marketing our region, but I've previously worked (on a volunteer basis) with the State's EDC team and the State's tourism team to promote Texas. It's what I love to do.

It seems that proponents of Fly Frontera are upset that we so quickly landed a deal with Aeromexico. They want it to fail, because they failed. Comparing Fly Frontera to Aeromexico is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Aeromexico just this year announced an aggressive expansion plan and investment -- all detailed at They are a reputable airline.

We want Aeromexico to succeed. We all must be advocates for this new flight service. Fly Frontera supporters will do what they can to see it fails, because it's not them landing the deal. And, we all know what kind of deal that was.


Friday, June 24, 2011


This case was reversed by the Texas Supreme Court on June 17th.  The cemetery messed up the burial.   There is no issue that the defendants needs to pay damages.  The issue is Judge Limas' disregard for basic law for the sole purpose of inflaming  the jury to higher damages.  In the end this victory by the defendant may be hollow, because a retrial could end up with the same damages.

When you read the opinion it will shock you how open Judge Limas was in ignoring the law. - see the last case. 

For anyone interested here are the briefs.

I am not saying there was any wrongdoing by the Plaintiffs' lawyers - but given what we now know about Judge Limas, I think we should be concerned that with bribes and without bribes the Cameron County Plaintiffs' Bar kept this guy on the bench to do their dirty work.  It may be time for the FBI to open its investigation to all of Judge Limas' cases with major judgments.

It is like I have said many times. there is no greater threat to our democracy than the judiciary.
Bad Teacher (2011) Poster


Sometimes a movie can be mindless and still be real funny and entertaining. Yea not this one. I found it to be so worthless - it is not worth further review.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is a breaking story. The AG ordered the City of Lubbock to release an audit which found irregularities by Healthsmart. Healthsmart sued the City of Lubbock in Travis County. This is not helping their reputation. I am working on the story and trying to get a copy of the lawsuit.

Here is the AG's Opinion.

The case is set for hearing on Friday morning.

One of the few issues which tend to send me writing with over the top passion is children.  They have no voice, and people, especially politicians, love to use them as pawns in their venture for power.  When it comes time to take a controversial position in favor of children, dead silence.


Remember the interim law firm which is now the permanent law firm although no bids have ever gone out.  The Three Stooges are just allowing it to happen.   Why not put on the agenda how this happened and demand accountability?  Here is an idea for all of you monkey fans - raise money - print cards which can be put on windshields and direct people to a web page which tells the story of the corruption.  Tell them to email the TEA, Mayor Martinez, and County Judge Cascos demanding action.  I am willing to bet if you can get out 10,000 cards maybe 100 people will act.  Look at this morning's Herald article on the BISD bank mess, I see nothing.  The Herald has decided they created a monster and rather than just admit it, have decided to get behind it.  People can go on for pages about whether Wells Fargo is better or worse than Compass.  In the end only one sentence matters.  The interest rate being offered by each bank.  Gary Long could not include in his pathetic article the only sentence which matters. People have tried to post on the BV directly or through emails claims of kick backs to Presas-Garcia from Wells Fargo - the BV has rejected the comments and in at least one case explained just how stupid the claim was.  But this morning where are these people in terms of the Herald's article - nothing - no comment - not a word.  You claim to have the evidence - ah - you have to use your facebook account - as is always the case with people who throw rocks from the back of the crowd - they want to be the first to run if they can be identified.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry for the late post - I woke up with a bad headache and just now got up again.  The article which follows in part is about whether gay conservatives will support Jon Huntsman because he is for civil unions.

What this quote shows is, this gay conservative cares more about the financial meltdown than having the state sanction civil unions.  This is important because it is part of the Plantation politics of the Democratic Party which keeps the valley poor.  More on that below.

"Other Republican gay leaders said they would rather see more conservatism and less gay-friendliness.

“There is not a gay conservative buzz around Jon Huntsman,” said GOProud’s chairman Chris Barron. He added that the candidate has “challenges” connecting to conservatives, gay or straight, because he served as ambassador to China in the Obama administration and supported the expansion of S-CHIP, or taxpayer-funded health insurance for children.
As for the email appeal, Barron said: “I’m not sure how this is going to be helpful to Huntsman.”
“I know more conservative gays who support Herman Cain than Jon Huntsman, because [Cain is] out there talking about issues conservatives care about.”
Same-sex marriage is not one of those issues, said Barron: “I don’t think anyone has the stomach for this debate right now. We’re on the brink of a financial meltdown.”

Several months ago I went after Boyd Richie, Chair Texas Democratic Party, for this quote that Latinos and Blacks better see one new congressional each and that this would mean more seats for Democrats.  We are not owned by the Democratic Party.  We are not all the same.  We have different views on different issues.  There are many Latinos for legitimate reasons who believe the Democrats are soft on immigration.  Unfortunately in their rush to be angry over a legitimate issue they fail to see how 100 anti-Latino laws introduced by the Republicans promotes racism against all Latinos,regardless of citizenship status.

The point of this piece is to highlight that being gay does not mean the marriage issue is your only issue - some gays, because they are human first, care more about the financial mess we are in than getting permission from the government to marry someone.

The same for the Latino community - in Texas I would venture to say being pro abortion is not an issue Latinos embrace.  We are told to just get on board because they are not Republicans.  Sorry Dems it does not work that way.

The Latino community such as the gay community is very diverse in its political views.  The essence of Democratic Party Plantation politics is, we as Latinos just need to do as we are told by the up-state white masters because they know better than we know.  Sorry guys - this arrogance will never fly in South Texas.  We are diverse in our values and politics and we do not want up state Anglos telling us otherwise or how to think or right from wrong.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Guys I ran this to see what it looks like.  Here is an example

Itinerary Review

This fare is not guaranteed until purchase confirmation. Circumstances may exist where the fare displayed may sell out prior to final purchase. In this event you will be asked to start over.

366.10 USD Currency Converter


1 Adult: 272.00 + taxes: 94.10 = 366.10 USD

View Fare Rules

Departure Information
01:00 PM
02:00 PM
July, Friday 22
Monterrey , MX (MTY)
July, Friday 22
Brownsville , TX , US (BRO)
Nonstop / AM 2388
Cabin: Economy / Embraer RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145
flight info
Return Information
03:00 PM
04:00 PM
July, Sunday 24
Brownsville , TX , US (BRO)
July, Sunday 24
Monterrey , MX (MTY)
Nonstop / AM 2389
Cabin: Economy / Embraer RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145
flight info

Base Fare:
272.00 USD Currency Converter
75.80 USD Currency Converter
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Other Taxes and Fees:
7.40 USD Currency Converter
366.10 USD Currency Converter

Please review the Sabre Holdings: security policy | privacy policy
Sabre is a registered trademark of an affiliate of Sabre Holdings Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, and trade names are the property of their respective owners. (c) 2006 Sabre Inc. All rights reserved.


Aero Mexico without any subsidies from Brownsville will do test flights between Brownsville and Monterrey.  This is good - Cheezmeh's claims that the market is not there was simply false.  The problem was never about the demand - it was about and remains about the business model.  I am hoping this works and wish Aero Mexico tremendous success.  They are a great business partner for Brownsville.  Good show to who ever made this happen.

I am very happy to say Mayor Martinez met with Julian Castro in San Antonio for ideas on how to proceed with development of Brownsville.  This was a very good and smart move on Mayor Martinez's part.  This actually gives me hope - a lot of hope.  I am very, very happy with his willingness to meet with Mayor Castro - it says Mayor Martinez is open to ideas and not closed to the ideas of others.  This is always good.  This was a great example of meaningful leadership.  Nothing would please me more than to have to eat crow about his willingness to lead. I will gladly eat crow if it means a better Brownsville.

Oh, someone at city hall told me he is going to build a strong base among the people and business leaders before he takes on the problems within city hall.  Once the problem children know he has power, he may be able to force change behind closed doors.  This may seem strange coming from me  - but I would rather these problems be worked out behind closed doors than open battles which only  serve to undermine the city.  I hope my source is correct, and Mayor Martinez intends to take on the problems behind closed doors as he builds a power base.  I actually have a lot more respect for people who get things done than the person always claiming credit for everything.   Maybe we need to be patient and just see what happens over the next 6 months.

Oh I love he is just in a white shirt - no tie or jacket - it means he is working.


Longoria did a great job in being honest about the garbage issue.  He knew some people would be mad - but he said what needed to be said.  This is leadership.  People need to take their construction and non-brush to the landfill and not just mix it in with the brush.  We need a message which forces people to do more to help the city.  This is a key way to save taxpayers money.   I would also ask for stiff fines against those who illegally dump.  There are communities with alleys wherein people illegally dump.  No one can see what is happening.  People actually dump behind their neighbor's home.  We need very stiff and hurtful  fines for this.


He is having Ben Medina explain an issue related to federal funding for shelters. It is no big deal - but Tony Martinez is being helpful in mediating the discussion. There is no arguing - it is a professional discussion with the mayor speaking when needed to help the discussion.

There is public discussion on the money and street improvements. Robert Uresti is making his point and Longoria is conducting a helpful discussion.

It is funny - without Mayor Ahumada making everyone crazy people seem to be having better and more helpful exchanges.  Brownsville is looking good at this meeting.


My hats off to Mayor Martinez - just wow - just wow - he is taking on the people's business. Sossi tried to stop it but the mayor basically overruled him.

He is allowing the citizens to just speak on camera about what ever they want.

My hats off to Mayor Martinez - he seems to want to control it within the rules - but he is being liberal about what they an say. He is listening - good for him.

Gracie Aldaco was allowed to speak about the Valley Aids Resource Council and problems with city funding.  My bias on this issue is, Gracie and I have been friends since 1977-  She graduated UTEP the year after me.  She spoke to the issue - the mayor and commission listen.  This is how you gain the respect of the people.  Heads off to Mayor Martinez.


I think the woman's last name is Lerma.  She is concerned about a tower within 100 feet of her mother's home.  The issue for me is not the merit of her argument, but my respect for the fact she did her homework.  She is not just complaining, but she is proposing a solution.  These are the type people we need address our city commission.

Well the community activist beat the cell phone company.  They wanted to extend an existing tower by 35 feet - it is in a residential area. The owners in the past were not good neighbors and this did not help their case.  Also their spokesman was kind of threatening - if he did not get what he wanted T-Mobile would just not build another tower elsewhere.  I do not believe this.  I have been with T-Mobile for ever - they have the best customer service.  Anyway when you basically threaten my way of the highway you tend to lose and he did.

Melissa Zamora was the only commissioner to vote for the extension of the tower.  She did not help herself in this meeting.  She came across as if she was advocating for the company - you could tell it was irritating other commissioners.  She also chose to go confrontational - using a term like "no-brainer"  well 6 commissioners decided it was a no-brainer against what she wanted.  It is sad she went confrontational because the entire meeting up until that point had been the commissioners and speakers simply advocating their position in a professional manner.  People have bad days - we can hope this was just a bad day for Melissa.  One bad meeting does not make a bad reputation.  But she needs to remember she is not there as an advocate for anyone but her district.   It was like watching Luci Longoria and her prepared statements written by her handlers.  People can agree to disagree - there is no reason for using terms like no-brainer.


Well they are silenced again.  The mayor gets an A+ for his earlier efforts to open it up.  He allowed a lot of people to speak off topic.  He needs to put on the agenda the issue opening it back up.


She is pushing that there should be healthier choices in the  city vending machines.  People may not see this as important. but it is important people have healthy choices.  If people see they can get a healthy option they will take it - sometimes.  Every little improvement leads to bigger improvements.  this was a good move my Commissioner Gowen.

The meeting is over - the mayor and commission did an excellent job.  It was professional and how a meeting should be run.



"In his court appearance before Cameron County Court-at-Law No. 1 Judge Arturo McDonald, Ahumada also agreed to pay a $200 fine, attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings once a week for six months, complete Mothers' Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel classes, complete 150 hours of community service and agree to random urinanalysis (sic) (it should be spelled urinalysis) and breath testing, said Cameron County District Attorney Pro-Tem Bernard W. Ammerman in a press release."

While I am not happy with no DWI, at least Judge McDowell nailed him on the conditions of probation.  You might note with 3 DWI's and pleading guilty Judge Betancourt gave  Montoya no conditions upon release.



In the Atkinson/Jessica litigation I was shocked yesterday to check the file and see that Atkinson's attorney had yet to non-suit the city.  If you remember at the last hearing although he sued the city he protested their appearance in the court room. 

The other issue which surprised me is, Sossi had yet to file a motion seeking dismissal of the city as an improper party.  Jessica's supporters are full of crap and are about anything but being watchdogs.  When Sossi was running interference for Atkinson they were demanding his head - now Sossi improperly represents Jessica at taxpayers' expense and they are dead silent.  I think the arrogance bothers me more so than anything else.  Her attorneys did a far better job in representing her interests than Sossi did.  They were professional and straight forward without endless rambling.  It is beyond me why she needs Sossi in the room.

Erasmos Castro is demanding Brownsville acknowledge him as the king maker and Jessica his submissive queen.  Here is a little lesson for the great community organizer - when you are fighting an up hill battle, such as the Fly Frontera deal you have to shock people into action and make them believe the worse - such as it would fly.  This is how you engage people in the process.  And for the record - the deal died only after Pan Am made it clear the city would be sued, and the BEDC reported the truth.  Without these two events, Camarillo would have voted the money and Brownsville would be out $1.5 million.  Further, Erasmos - you have proven time and time again you have no self control over your temper and lie as if it is a moral commandment from god.  Exactly where did I ever say Zavaletta would win?  Never - ever happened.  But when you got nothing a lie will always do.

Finally - stop talking about Jessica's personal life-  every stupid defense you post for her can and will be used against her if it goes to the grand jury.  Even an idiot knows - you shut up.  If someone is living with their parents to help them with medical reasons, but are married and have another home, the grand jury can conclude the move is temporary and does not represent an intent to permanently live with her parents.  This story about her husband beating her was the better story.  Again Erasmos - stop talking - you are not helping her.


"Similarly, a major desegregation lawsuit which has occupied the Board's time for a number of years, and whose effect will be felt for years to come, is not in the same category as the more common "litigation" which a school board may expect to face. Certainly, a school board is not expected to disclose its litigation strategy, but it cannot totally conceal that a pending desegregation lawsuit will be discussed."

 "The Board did not provide full and adequate notice, particularly where the subject slated for discussion was one of special interest to the public. "

Cox Enterprises, Inc. v. Board of Trustees, 706 S.W.2d 956, 959 (Tex. 1986)

Tonight's meeting has the following notation concerning litigation.

"B . Consultation with Attorney:

38. Consultation with attorney regarding pending or threatened litigation matters." 

 If the Board intends to take specific action on any of the pending litigation such as Healthsmart, Rendon, or Juarez, for example this notice would be deemed insufficient and any action taken by the board could be voided by the court as a violation of the Act.
From the Texas Government Code

Sec. 551.142. MANDAMUS; INJUNCTION. (a) An interested person, including a member of the news media, may bring an action by mandamus or injunction to stop, prevent, or reverse a violation or threatened violation of this chapter by members of a governmental body.
(b) The court may assess costs of litigation and reasonable attorney fees incurred by a plaintiff or defendant who substantially prevails in an action under Subsection (a). In exercising its discretion, the court shall consider whether the action was brought in good faith and whether the conduct of the governmental body had a reasonable basis in law.


When I got to court yesterday, Peter Zavaleta and another attorney were about to start a trial to the bench before Cornejo-Lopez.  It was a simple divorce which never should have been tried, but  for the personalities of the lawyers.  But here is the kicker, when Cornejo-Lopez finally went next door and appeared before the 120 prospective jurors in the murder trial, she lied to them and said she was busy with matters in the murder case.  The fact of the matter she held these 120 prospective jurors 30 minutes while she did a mini-trial which never should have been scheduled for yesterday. Why not just tell these citizens the truth?  Answer - it is not in Cornejo-Lopez's character.

These jurors sat there for 30 minutes just waiting for nothing.  She got into the room to just dismiss them until after lunch.  She could have taken 3 minutes and gone to them 30 minutes earlier and dismissed them, but she did not - it is her contempt for the people which directed her conduct.


This case was an example of just how bad things are in the legal profession.  They spent about 10 minutes arguing if Peter Zavaleta should be allowed 10 days to fix the defects in the pleadings he filed on behalf of his client.  The judge said no.  There was no law or rules of evidence allowed in this mini-trial.  The attorney for the wife said nothing as Peter Zavaletta went on testifying for his client.  Not an objection.  Either Cornejo-Lopez does not know the law or simply does not care about the law.  Even without the objection she had no business considering hearsay testimony by an attorney.  This mistake cost the woman $2,500.00.

The woman was claiming infidelity which led to her contracting HPV.  Her esteemed attorney never bothered to have the medical records put into evidentiary form - this the judge objects to, but Peter Zaveletta testifying for his client is okay.

The end result was the man getting 45% of the assets and the woman getting 55%.  Peter then demanded that the woman and her children be ordered to immediately vacate the house while it is being sold.  In these cases one party or the other goes to the bank and tries to buy out the other.  With the woman having a 55% interest in the $59,000 house she would have to borrow only $26,550.00 - if you throw in closing costs - she is now maybe at $31,000.  She could get this loan in days, assuming she could prove her ability to make the payments.  But now -the house will go on the market - she and her children will be made homeless.  When you leave this matter up in the air such as Cornejo-Lopez did, you guarantee more legal billing.  This couple will never agree to a final price.  She can get approval from the bank tomorrow based on the $59,000 value and all the husband has to do is claim they need more time to find a higher bidder.  Any competent judge would have given the woman 30 days to secure a lone with a sale price of $59,000.00

Oh why did the good Christan Peter ask for a 10 days to fix the pleadings he messed up - he wanted to claim the woman slept around and this was why she contracted HPV.  He wants to throw the woman and her children on the street and accuse the mother of being a hussy, while claiming to be a good Christian.  I wonder what these children think about their father now?

If Cornejo-Lopez cannot handle a simple divorce how in hell can she handle a murder trial?

Monday, June 20, 2011



Had Barry Horn known the gay community would condemn him for bringing this 19 year old boy into his home - he may never have done it.   Two lives are lost because silence is easier than speaking the truth.  The self anointed gay leadership through its endless silence disappoints children - again.

You want to know the truth about the relationship between Padilla and Villalobos.

I want to be clear about something - I was not in the room when Barry Horn was murdered. I was not in his home when he had Ernesto Ivan Martinez move into his home. I was not witness to anything which may or may not have happened in his home.

But I know this, his defense attorneys work both sides in a way which would never fly outside Cameron County. Padilla defended Rubio on murder and lost. While the appeal was pending Padilla went to work for the DA. He is now back to working for the defense at taxpayers' expense. Louis Sorola as I have documented in the past has thrown his court appointed clients under the bus. In a IV D child support case when the the father refused to sign off on an order taking away some of his rights, Sorola against his client's wishes took the order to Judge Ben Euresti and had some of his own client's parental rights taken away. There was no trial - nothing - Sorola does the dirty work for the state so that he can continue to get his court appointments. He can challenge me on this, but I have the court documents.

Barry Horn was 59 and Ernesto Martinez was 19.  That is a 40 years age difference.  Mr. Gilman for the prosecution told channel 5 news that Ernesto is gay and just does not want to deal with this reality.  The implication of the statement was to justify a 59 year old man having sex with a 19 year old.  If Ernesto had been a girl the community would have seen this differently.

I remember over 20 years ago being shouted down by the self anointed gay leadership in Dallas for wanting to address the issue of gay youth suicide.  It then hit the national headlines and all of a sudden it mattered.  It should not matter just because it has become fashionable in the news - it should matter because it matters.  When PFLAG started the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance stayed away.  PFLAG then becomes a voice in the news and the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance wanted to be part of the show.  The self anointed gay leadership has always been two steps behind justice.  I hate to say it, but when it comes to people like Ernesto Martinez they will not care.  It is too controversial and they will run from the issue.  Children are never too controversial.  It is this mentality which allowed priests to molest boys with impunity for some 40 years.

In the same way the Catholic Church has run cover for the gay priests the self anointed leadership in the gay community has run cover for gay men searching out for young men with no where to turn.  We have young adults all over the US who have no where to turn but the streets because of the ignorance and bigotry which comes from their parents, family and churches.  We find it easier to toss these children overboard as a price of life.

They are not objects.  Sorola and Padilla put together a perfunctory defense with a perfunctory psychological exam.  There was no defense.  This was a capital murder case.  This young man was looking at a needle in the arm.  He had no advocate for his voice.

I said before he should have gotten 10 years - I am not making excuses for him.  He was wrong.  But society is also wrong.  We cannot put our heads in the sand and claim we do not know what is happening.  You can get on any day and find men in their 50's and 60's searching out 18 year old boys for "mentorship."  These boys are scared and feel alone - and in far too many cases they hook up with these men old enough in some cases to be their grandfather.

Ernesto Martinez did not have effective assistance of counsel.  While I have no hopes of changing anything I will take the documents I have and forward them to organizations I believe understand this issue to see if we can get an attorney to come in and file the proper paperwork for a new trial.

There are national experts on this issue who could have been hired to testify on behalf of Ernesto Martinez.  This was a capital murder case.  Expense is not spared.  The entire defense was perfunctory and a sham.

Until we have DA's willing to look at this issue seriously, 59 year old men will continue to seek out 19 year old boys.  When things go wrong the child will be punished.  What happened to Barry Horn was wrong.  There is no defense.  The final number of stab wounds alleged by the prosecution was either 81 or 87 - I do not remember.  No one stabs another person that many times just to rob them.  This young man was traumatized.  And even if he is gay - so what?  Does that mean it is okay for a 59 year old man to take him into his home and have sex with him?


Below are two examples of leadership.  First is a Republican NY Senator.  He decides he has had enough of having to go along to get along and just does what in his mind is the the right thing.  The issue here is not gay marriage - the issue is leadership - having the courage to just say "enough of the nonsense - enough with the obstructionism."

The second is that of a young man I have profiled in the past.  This young man knows more about leadership and courage than Mayor Martinez, County Judge Cascos or President Obama will ever know.  These three thrive on go along to get along.

This country is dying a slow economic death.  Until we have a leader either locally or nationally we are going no where.  President Obama lacked the courage to sue over the abusive use of the filibuster by the Republicans.  It has gone from a procedural mechanism to extend debate and delay a vote, to changing the Constitution from a simple majority of 51 to 60 to get anything done in the Senate.  Constitutional scholars offered to back the president in his challenge and he said no - not interested.  The Dream Act died because of his acts.  He was forced to extend the Bush tax cuts.  He was force to abandon the key part of his healthcare reform in favor of the Republican demand we be forced to buy private health insurance.  The Republicans then sued claiming the mandate is unconstitutional.  I personally believe it is.  This country cannot afford the reelection of Obama, but we can less afford the election of any of the current Republican candidates.

Republican New York State Senator Roy McDonald:

"You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn't black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing. You might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, fuck it. I don't care what you think. I'm trying to do the right thing.

I'm tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I'm trying to do the right thing, and that's where I'm going with this."


I have been wanting to do a post on "What does different mean?" for some time, but did not really have a medium for the story. I think this young man provides me the perfect opportunity to have this discussion.

This kid has the most amazing parents in the world. This young man of 5 years will do more to educated the world on the importance of acceptance than any live civil rights leader during our time. I am so proud of this young man and his parents - such incredible love - and yes I know, I will get posts expressing hate and ignorance - but it is not my problem - it is the poster's problem.

This young man has shown more integrity and courage by age 5 than Mayor Martinez, County Judge Cascos, or President Obama have done in their entire life.  He is not about being liked and going along to get along so he can move forward based on the social game which keeps people enslaved to ignorance.  He is about integrity and character.  He is courageous - He is a leader.

Here is my original post on the young man.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Election season, it's never over in Brownsville.

Masso seems to want to run from his part in the Brownsville Navigation mess. Yea, not going to happen. I have 9 months to make this campaign stick - and it will.

" A third trip, that both Masso and Arambula made, was to meet with James Dannenbaum and Louis Jones of Dannenbaum Engineering and their attorneys.

“The purpose of the meeting was just to hear them out to see what they had to say. Nothing took place, other than they telling us their side of the story. A mediator was not there. We were not trying to negotiate anything. They wanted to be heard,” Masso said.
Masso, a Cameron County assistant district attorney, said another trip to Houston was to review BND’s evidence in the case.

“We went over 50 boxes of information,” Masso said."
click to enlarge

The winners are
Estela Chavez-Vasquez and John Villarreal

These numbers are now with 100% reporting


Estela Chavez-Vasquez  2075 (calling as the winner)

 Mail-in: 53, early voting: 1,335

Robert Lopez 999

Mail-in: 126, early voting: 553


John Villarreal  640

Mail-in: 10, early voting: 398

Tony Zavaleta 501

Tony Zavaleta -

 Mail-in: 97, early voting: 260

Note:  Based on Tony Zavaleta being behind by 51 votes, even after receiving 97 mail ballots, compared to Villarreal's 10, I predict, but am not calling, Villarreal the winner.
If you do not want to wait for me to post the results - you can click here

Zavaleta simply could not overcome his ties to the failures at UTB and the compadre benefits received by his wife.  Everyone I know in District 4 knew this about him and truly found themselves unable to vote for him.

On the mail ballots - Robert Lopez and Tony Zavaleta may not have hired politiqeras, but someone worked the mails ballots for them - the numbers are just too high.  Working the mail ballots by itself is not a crime - but it does not help your reputation among the population at large.

Here is a lesson - working the mail-ballots does not get you elected.


Tonight we will know if any of the candidates hired politiqueras to harvest mail ballots. What we know for sure is, Armando Villalobos will never investigate or prosecute. In Dallas when another Democratic DA refused to do his job the attorney general stepped in to do it for him. Once we know the results we can form an opinion.

Friday, June 17, 2011



The new TSC president must be someone with a lot of community college experience. We do no need someone who has been a top administrator at a university. A community college is not a university. A community college in part prepares students to succeed at a university. The mission between a university and community college is distinctly different. We do not have time to train a former university vice-president in the mission of a community college. Finally, the candidate must have completed one of the many national programs in college or university administration. It has been recognized for some time that this additional training is necessary to being a successful top administrator.


An immediate task is for TSC to end its relationship with UTB in the basic computer courses and all medical training courses. Both of these courses have a high failure rate because of incompetence by the instructors and administrators over the instructors. The book used by the computer science program appears to have been translated from Chinese into English - at times it is incoherent. The tests which are provided with the book includes questions which have no answer. I remember working with someone who had no problem passing the same course in highschool and who had to drop out at UTB because he failed every exam. I sent some of the questions related to Microsoft programs to a technician at Microsoft and was told the questions were bad because the programs could not do what the question was suggesting they could do. This is how UTB/TSC was managed under Juliet Garcia.

All of the medical training courses need to be redone. None of the current staff can be allowed to continue with TSC. In fact no professors or instructors currently being paid by UTB should be allowed to work for TSC. We do not want the throw-offs ending up teaching at TSC. Further, they have already failed as community college instructors - so why keep them on?

On that note - a clear mandate has to be made - no one will be allowed to teach at TSC unless that have a masters with a thesis in their teaching field. This BS of 18 credit graduate hours in the subject matter is sufficient to be qualified to teach must end. There are thousands of qualified candidates all over the US who would jump at the chance to get in on the ground floor at a new TSC. I will bet the farm we can staff TSC with instructors from top universities in Texas and in fact the entire nation.

We all know reality - the jobs will go to people’s spouse and compadres. This is sad. TSC can restore itself as a great community college - but Brownsville is what it is. The incompetent vultures are already lining up and promises are being met. The TSC Board of Trustees can bring integrity to this process by mandating no trustee can be involved in the hiring of instructional staff. In fact strict guidelines as to qualifications need to be written with a clear mandate that if anyone tries to by-pass them they will be fired. There is no reason whatsoever why we can not staff TSC with top PhD’s and master degree holders from top universities all over the US. They are unemployed in the thousands - they will jump at the chance for a job. We need not settle on someone’s wife who is connected when we can have a graduate of a top university teaching our young adults.


Sell the Cueta building and use the money for textbook scholarships. The students need relief and they need it now.


To the handful of Juliet Garcia supporters left in this town - with the revelation of her salary can you still defend her? This is a woman without an ounce of shame or self respect. She has bankrupt a countless number of young adults with student loans taken for an education never delivered by Juliet Garcia - her policy towards TSC was willful neglect and an outright symbolic raping of young adults for the money she needed to build UTB.

How she shows her face in public is beyond my limited human comprehension. The question is, how long will this so called majority of the students allow the same con on the students to continue - because to date they have done nothing to stop the bankrupting of our young adults.

As we speak our young adults continue to go into debt with very little to no hope of getting the education promised. The medical training program needs to be shut down until the entire program is reconfigured and new staff are hired. It will not happen - this new Board wants the money and that is that. Trey Mendez and Dennis Sanchez are in business for themselves and not the students.


In 2012 with any luck the students will take the lead and vote out of office every trustee up for reelection in favor of trustees who will work day and night to dump all vestiges of UTB influence over the  courses and priorities.  We need a Board which understands the mission of a community college and that the students need relief now and not in 2015.  Textbook scholarships, lower tuition, and the dumping of all courses with high failure rates in favor of new instructors and textbooks which have as their purpose the educating of our young adults, and not raising money to promote the political interests and business dealings of a corrupt Board.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It has occurred to me that the Tea Party people are in many ways like the Zetas. The Zetas began as an enforcement arm of one of the Mexican cartels but the cartel lost control of them and all the cartels (and the rest of us) are now paying the price for their creation. The Tea Party people were supported by the republican party (from hence came many of it's members.) They used them to float extremist idealism that the party wasn't sure would fly, like immigration "reform", and to attack policies and people when the republican party didn't want to be tainted by the attack. The republican party was then able to assess the public's reaction and gauge what they wanted to publicly embrace and what they wanted to distance themselves from. But, like the cartels, they soon lost control of their enforcers who turned on them. And now the tail is wagging the dog and the republican party is supporting issues I think they never would have in the past (at least not so overtly) for fear of angering the extremists. And all of us are paying the price.


Note to Mescalero:  If you do not like the pic I will consider something else.  I have a lot of native American artifacts.  This is one of my loves.


In terms of the students Trey Mendez's priorties are  completely misplaced.  Is the reason for this his lack of an understanding of basic ethics.

When dealing with a conflict of interest the issue which gets most people in trouble is not an actual conflict, but their refusal to even acknowledge the appearance of a conflict of interest.  This is the basic problem facing Trey Mendez.

He is in business with Dennis Sanchez.  He is proposing a land swap with his business partner.  The fact he has no financial interest in this particular deal does not change the fact he is promoting a business deal with his business partner.  There is a clear appearance of a conflict of interest.  The people are being asked to believe how Trey votes on this deal will have no impact on how Dennis Sanchez deals with him in the future.


Trey Mendez and the rest of the new majority have very misplaced priorities when it comes the to TSC students.  Any money which exists to spend on discretionary matters needs to go to reducing tuition or providing textbook scholarships.  A veteran friend of mine who has been out of work for over a year intended to use his Hazelwood (Texas VA benefits) to go back to school for job training.  The financial aid office informed him that although he is unemployed, his income from 2010 was too high to qualify for financial aid.  He has to wait until summer of 2012.  A textbook scholarship program would put him in school now - getting job training.

TSC is a "community college"  key word "community."  The students live here.  Student housing should not be even on the list of things which need to get done - this land swap is totally unnecessary and in fact commits TSC to new student housing it neither needs nor can afford.

If the money is coming from the bond money - I say no - just use that money to pay down the bonds so as to free up more money in the general budget for the students.  It is even worse if the money was to come from the general funds.

The immediate needs of the students are more important than Trey Mendez pushing business deals for his business partner.  It is clear evidence of his lack of priorities or interest in the students.

The students are desperate for textbook scholarships and a reduction of tuition.  But no, where is Trey Mendez? - he favors spending money to benefit his business partner over helping the students with testbook scholarships or lowering tuition.

Guys this divorce was never about the students - this bogus land deal proves it.  Think about it - TSC can just sell the Cueto building and use the money to grant more scholarships or pay for textbooks.  Trey Mendez and his new majority now driven to control the budget for the benefit of their cronies and business associates says no to the students - "Dennis Sanchez needs the money more than you do, my business dealings with Dennis Sanchez aside."