Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been rejecting some nasty comments about Father T.J. Martinez. Nothing bad, just nasty and false.  If you believe the posters he lives the life of privilege without having to live the life of a true priest.  I find this offensive.  It is sad that because some people were unable to carry out their corrupt agenda against the people of Brownsville, they must now revert to false accusations against a respected priest. My long term readers know I will never hold back from attacking bad priests and faults within the Catholic church.  This is why bogus claims must be rejected and the honorable priests celebrated.

On Tuesday I was speaking to someone who attended the reception at Lola's for Tony Martinez. This person is a long time friend of Mayor Martinez. He told me something which made all of the sense in the world to me - Father Martinez just could not be a lawyer anymore, so he decided to be a priest. I can say while I did a lot of good in my pro bono work, being a lawyer is the worst job I ever had. It is  endless arguing to accomplish nothing. It is an unhealthy lifestyle. It is my understanding the endless arguing is something Father T.J. Martinez grew tired of.

He now works at a Jesuit high school in Houston.  Having viewed this tape, and done further research on Father T.J. Martinez, I can now understand why the evil in this town seem to have a need to trash him - he represents good and giving - something they can never understand or accept.

Here is the link to the school.

Only if Brownsville had a Jesuit high school - what we could accomplish in terms of education.

When I realized I could never be happy doing legal work  I decided to get my MA in education.  I loved teaching at Houston Community College.  But behold, we live in Brownsville and education will never be first and foremost in the minds of our elected officials.  At least Mayor Martinez cared enough about the children of Brownsville to give them Guadelupe Middle School.  Maybe one day we will be fortunate enough to have a Jesuit high school in Brownsville.  I've always said if I had a child, they would never attend public school so long as there was a Jesuit high school in town.   Since meeting my first Jesuit priest in Nicaragua I always believed if I were a Catholic I would have become a Jesuit priest.  No priesthood better represents social justice than the Jesuit Brotherhood.


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate more on Jesuit brotherhood?

Anonymous said...

What a great story? TJ Martinez be proud, be tough, and your dad and family is so proud. This was very touching and proud of TJ history. I love the story of TJ.

Powers Family

BobbyWC said...

the thing about Jesuits is, you can come close to living life as they do without being a Catholic - they are the social justice of the Catholic Church.

I hope this helps

Bobby WC

"Ignatius taught that God could be found at work in every situation, relationship, and experience of human life—in the daily stuff of working, raising children, caring for neighbors, seeking justice in civic life, protecting the earth, and building the human community, as well as in experiences of friendship, of solidarity in a common cause, in times of rejoicing and great happiness, times of sorrow and grieving, and times of loneliness and fear.

Finally, Ignatius developed, out of his own experience, an original contribution to the practice of spiritual “discernment" in the Catholic tradition, a practice that enables people to understand more clearly God's movement in their hearts and God's purposes for their lives.

Those who adopt Ignatian spirituality—whether they be Jesuits, members of other religious orders, or lay men and women—find themselves more and more being "contemplative in action," finding God in whatever they do, if they do it with their whole being; finding God in whomever they serve, if they are fully honest and attentive in their service. So too, in the Ignatian heritage, we seek to find God in friends and colleagues, with affection and gratitude; and in prayer, in song, in solitary thought, in periods of contemplation; and in working together with others for the transformation of the world and the liberation of all women and men from every kind of oppression."

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

"I have been rejecting some nasty comments about Father T.J. Martinez. Nothing bad, just nasty and false."

SHAME on the people who have apparently written such vile comments. I know several people who know Father TJ personally and have nothing but nice things to say about him and his entire family.

As a mother of a young child, my dream is for my child to grow up to be giving, generous, have a pure heart, have a conscience, have manners, be compassionate, someone who thinks of others before himself, but mainly, a GODLY person, all of which describe Father TJ as well.

I wonder, if those who choose to post vile comments about him are parents, would they want THEIR children to grow up to be deadbeats or losers instead? Hmmmmm.

Just my opinion..

Til next time...

I love Brownsville said...

The best looking people come down from Brownsville! Now that is just classic !! Thanks for sharing this video!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the impulse to say negative things about Fr. TJ Martinez. Fr. Martinez was blessed to be filled with God's Grace and those of us who do not have or feel that Grace are envious. I am envious but rather than lash out I try to understand and emulate.

Fr. Martinez passed away today suffering from stomach cancer. He was far too young to be taken from us, but the good he has done and the effect on our world in his short time here are part of God's infinite goodness that will be with us and grow forever.

The many he touched are distraught today, but it is up to all of us to carry on as he would have.