Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Mayor Elect Martinez would do well to study this video.  Mayor Castro won reelection in a field of 5 by 82%.  He had the courage to take on the San Antonio School District Board of Trustees.  Will Tony lead and make the hard decisions or will he get along.  If he chooses to get along Brownsville will be in for another 4 years of disaster.  Brownsville needs a leader.  The presumption is he will lead - but only time will tell if this presumption is accurate.


He wants people to know he never placed an add with Montoya.  I find this interesting because the implication was Montoya wanted people to think people were placing ads with him.  Did he take down Zavaleta's ad on demand from Zavaleta.  During the November election finance reports showed Ernie Hernandez paid for an ad and received positive press.  Is someone lying or is someone deceiving?  I find it interesting Roman chose to remain silent on the allegation until after the election.  Not very honorable if I do say so myself.  An honorable man would have come forward during the election.


People have noticed I took down the link to Pan Am.  To date my goal has been to provide the people an awareness.  But something has changed.  Pan Am is now seeking taxpayer money to fund a start up of flights  from Monterrey to San Antonio via Brownsville.  The BV now needs to take a new approach.  By providing Pan Am free advertising the BV would be compromising itself in terms of the news coverage.  The process needs to be guided by strict oversight from BEDC and other city agencies and departments.  The BV intends to give Pan Am the same scrutiny it gave Fly  Frontera.  The business model is  there, the question is, do they have the needed certificates, planes and financials to make it worth the city's investment.


The City of Brownsville does not have the money to attend to the issues in the various districts.  Some streets are in critical condition and need immediate attention - two for example are Dana and Iowa.  Iowa remains a major embarrassment to Brownsville. This is the first image of Brownsville every possible investor has of Brownsville.  For 4 years I asked Sorry Charlie Atkinson to attend to this issue - and he did not.

But unless the street is in critical condition then the residents need to wait.  Brownsville is in an investment mode.  What limited resources Brownsville has need to be used for investment and not attending to every little need in every district.  I know people do not want to hear this - but this is how reality works.

Brownsville will never recover financially until it increases its tax revenues, sales, bridges, and property taxes.   This requires the city invest in Brownsville in the larger sense.


None of the candidates gave a good answer in terms of water policy.  Agreeing we need a water policy was just insulting.  I was disheartened when I read Tony Martinez's policy would be conservation.  Conservation is not going  to bring us future development. 

One of the few areas Ahumada had it right was in the weir dam.  This serves a dual purpose.  It provides the entire county with water, and eventually helps with development of downtown.  This needs to be the number one policy objective of Mayor Martinez.  We are in the worst draught since 1920, and Brownsville has no water policy.  If Mayor Martinez does not get behind the weir dam he better sooner than later announce a water policy which will take Brownsville into the next 100 years.


The weir dam is just part of the development of downtown.  I am not big on tax incentives to bring businesses into downtown.  But I do believe the city needs to build a multilevel parking garage with security to attract investors to downtown.  Until there is a parking garage - all of the discussion about downtown is BS and going nowhere.


Brownsville never had a fighting chance on the Boeing contract because it does not have the needed runway.  For years we have heard Larry Brown promise the runway expansion as being any time now.  The city commission needs to make this a priority.  Pan Am will not be able to develop the business it wants with Brownsville without the 12,000 runway.  Independent of Pan Am - a 12,000 runway makes Brownsville a place business wants to come to.  Maybe someone will use the old Titan tire factory as a warehouse.


The candidates ran from this issue because they feared the BISD trustees asking their supporters to vote against the candidate.  The average person in Brownsville fails to understand the limited express powers of the mayor.  So when the mayor fails to act they think the mayor is simply ineffective.  But the mayor does have inherent powers.  When the mayor speaks people listen.

Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio won by 82 % in a field of 5.  He took the bull by the horns and got involved in the school district race.  Why?  He understands business will not relocate to a city with a second rate school district.  Tony Martinez will learn a hard lesson if he takes Ahumada's approach and ignores the problems with  the BISD.  The Board is a disaster and nightmare.   The question is, will he lead in demanding an end to the nonsense or will he remain silent?  This may be his first challenge and message to the people - will he lead or hide?

For details on Mayor Castro's involvement in the SAISD races and his remarkable and courageous leadership on the issue see.



Anonymous said...

Just thought you would like checking, the lawsuit regarding Prinpal Media was dismissed. I am glad that you agree that Pan Am should get the same scrutiny as Fly frontera, see if they can deliver.

Anonymous said...

...and a better Brownsville would contain the eight mile hike bike nature trail - and the MONEY ecotourism brings, not the eight mile West Loop Parkway Toll Road.

...more to come from the neighborhood group that now has a name: TRAIL NO TOLL, (or TRAILS NO TOLLS!)

And, another slogan, "Savers Si, Pavers No!"

...here's hoping the new mayor and old and new commissioners join in the effort to STOP the CCRMA's West Loop Parkway Toll Road, and thus take a step towards a sustainable city ....

Anonymous said...

Downtown, Pan Am, Weir Dam project, Airport,....these are all important issues that the new Mayor will have to face. A issue that I also think is important is Passenger Train (Amtrak) service to Brownsville with connections to San Antonio, Houston. I know alot of people who would rather not drive, and with gas prices being as high, who would rather take a train if it was available, Bring back the passenger trains to Brownsville!

BobbyWC said...

I am a huge advocate of rail - I just do not think the numbers are there - there will have to be successful rail between Dallas and SA - Dallas and Houston - SA and Houston before the feds will even consider Brownsville to SA -

But know I am a huge advocate of rail- the question is are the numbers there? We need a survey of how many people drive every day to know - I do know SW has no problem with its two 737 flights every day to SA - this is why I feel confident Pan Am can fill the planes -especially is part of the flight is already carrying passengers from Monterrey to SA.

Rail will come in time - the problem is the cost of labor is too hight to make the building of the rail a viable option.

thanks for the comment and ideas - these big projects need to be the focus of government

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

...you, Mr. BWC, were GREAT when you posed questions BEFORE the election, and now, please pose them again:

Ask candidates: Dr. Zavaleta, Mr. Villarreal, Mr. Lopez and Ms. Chavez-Vasquez if:

They would do all legally and persuasively possible on behalf of the City of Brownsville to direct the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority - as well as TXDOT - to halt any plans to build the West Loop Parkway Toll Road ...?

And then begin to work for federal and state funds to create an eight mile hike bike nature trail ...?

...here's hoping EACH answers.



Anonymous said...

A lot of cities around the country are moving forward with high-speed passsenger rail.Money has been allocated for a high-speed rail study between Dallas and Houston.
The arrival of the train is what made Brownsville grow and I think it could happen again if we had someone who had guts enough, they could start getting people to write petitions to get the passenger trains back into Brownsville.
I think its ironic that more than 100 years ago, the city of Brownsville put up money and land to get the train to come, and 100 years later they're trying to get the lines out of town.

Anonymous said...

All public transportation entities are SINK HOLES. Anything the government touches becomes totally unsuccessful and a major burden to the TAX PAYERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

"...Brownsville will never recover financially until it increases its tax revenues, sales, bridges, and property taxes. This requires the city invest in Brownsville in the larger sense...." so says BWC.
It depends if martinez concentrate in increasing THE TAX BASE AND NOT INCREASE TAXES we can recover.


BobbyWC said...

nothing like the words of a dram queen - dude if you could just learn to read and listen instead of shouting - you would have understoon my point was increasing taxes through more business -

yes we all heard the loud proclamations of all Brownsville - the city is emtying out and U-Haul has ordered 50,000 trucks to Brownsville to handle the exodus such as you claim

What really bothers me about your post is - your really believe your moronic lies - and good luck selling any property in this market - real estate agents are selling nothing - they are looking for jobs doing anything because the market is dead.

In the immortal words of Debra Baron - Idiot

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

That same word: "Idiot" was also spoken by the great Napoleon Dynamite!
(Sorry, I just couldn't resist!) ;-)

By the way, hope you've been in good health these days!

Til next time...

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Iowa was converted to a divided boulevard between Billy Mitchell and Boca Chica. It would also be nice if Minnesota was severed south of the airport and all of the California Rd. traffic was pushed over to Iowa thru Norton Dr. That would make the airport parking feel safer. As for the PUB weir, it is likely to flood Colonia Jardin as well as the area to the south of it in Matamoros. for that reason, I don't believe it will ever happen. As for the west hike/bike trail, I don't want my District 2 taxes going to fund a trail that traverses very fertile ground adjacent to several dangerous neighborhoods. The maintenance per mile will be at least twice of what the Palo Alto trail maintenance costs are. It's too much of a burden on our city.

Anonymous said...

International Blvd. needs a complete make-over. I would like to see medians added and sidewalks on both sides, also they need to make it more attractive by adding landscaping and some attractive street lights.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry guys just waking up again - on International - you are right - a median with Palm trees would be real nice -

On the airport - SPI is included because that is teh tourist destination - when people look for an airport for SPI they find Brownsville - it is about bringing in business

Bobby WC