Saturday, May 21, 2011


EH, is about it. The acting was dry and contrived. I saw the regular version - I was unwilling to pay for the 3D. I saw nothing in the regular version which would have made the 3d more exciting - one or two scenes maybe.

They are in search of the Fountain of Youth. It is a race between the Spanish, English, and pirates. It was so slow people were talking, texting, and getting up. About an hour into the film I was struggling to stay awake. This is not a good sign while watching an action film.

Best if you wait until it is on HBO -


It is nothing personal - but I do not do the friends deal on Facebook.  A lot of people play the con game of forcing you to be their friend if you want to see their Wall.  Why would I want to be friends with a  con artist - compelled friendship is anything but friendship.  The request I got this morning was from someone who does not compel your friendship to see their Wall.  This is a good thing and an indication of the person's character in a good way - although not always - but in this case I do like this person.

There are other problems with the friends issue of Facebook.  It is almost like a pyramid con.  It allows bad people to compile information in a bad way.  So nothing personal to anyone, but while I feel good every time I get an invite, and in this case I did feel good, I no longer press accept on being friends.  I need to figure out how to undo the few I already have accepted.  I am not going to get into it - but a security issue already occurred.  Sorry - but kudos to those who have open Walls - thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

To delete present friends, go to:
friends, press all friends, then edit friends and here is where you delete the friends you do not want.

Anonymous said...

You go to that persons page and scroll down on the left and you will see an option to unfriend.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks guys

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I understand your fears BobbyWC. These crazy kids and their Facebook! But I'm older than you and I've adjusted. Join us guy. With our acquired skills we kill in this or any other format.

Jim Barton

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

This crazy thing called Facebook can be a good thing, and a not-so-good thing. You can reconnect with friends whom you have not seen in a long time, or have people whom you have no interest request to be your friend as well. It is also a great tool to reconnect with family as well.

There are some people who do write interesting commentaries on Facebook & this is not what I'm talking about. There are great tools on this site such as getting info on places for vacation, reviews of products, etc.

I have only my TRUE friends who can see my personal wall and don't have a thousand "friends". A thousand friends? Good for that person. I may have a few hundred aquaintences-not true, "call in the middle of the night if you need me" friends.

I also found it weird that during the election for mayor, several of the candidates who were running had literally HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of friends on their campaign walls, yet the number of "friends" didn't match the number of votes? Sometimes I guess it's just a contest to see who has the most "friends".

Facebook to me is just a "facade" in which (SOME-not ALL) people tend to brag about how wealthy they are, how happy they are, and yet in real life, nothing could be further from the truth. I've also deleted a few people too because I find narcissistic people repulsive.

All these comments are just MY opinion..and I'll admit, I get on too but some people I know personally, LIVE for that thing. They are on that thing EVERY SINGLE HOUR of the day.

When do they have time for their families? Errands? Housecleaning? Church? Grocery shopping? WORK? Just overall LIVING?

There were rumours that the world was gonna end today..not too many people were in a panic..but I wonder how people would respond if they announced Facebook was going be taken off?

Can you IMAGINE?
(Again, my personal opinion only.)

Til next time...

Anonymous said...

I believe facebook is a good thing except, when you you become friends with people that you do not like or know. If you use for research, marketing and to connect with old friends and family it is great. The negative that I see is too many people becoming friends with many people just for the heck of it. I prefer to value true friendships than something superficial.

BobbyWC said...

the problem is the research - until it happens to you you will not understand it - once you are in the system as a friend even to someone you like that persons friends indictly links to your friends and then all of a sudden everyone you know is known to the person using the research for bad reasons.

facebook is going to face some big problems sooner than later - you can limit it to family, but if a family member does not limit to family then then entire list of family and friends for everyone linked to you becomes public knowledge - privacy is completely lost in facebook.

Now as a social comment page with an open Wall it can have good purposes

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected!