Friday, May 13, 2011


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5523 people voted early

In 2007, 3580 people voted early.  This increase is good news and evidence people are either more engaged or more aware of the early voting option.

In 2007 ,7703 people voted in the mayor's race.  3409 people voted on election day.  There were 714 mail ballots.  If these trends hold, half or more of the people have already voted.  I suspect people who follow the blogs have already voted.


According to the Herald Camarillo's and Ahumada's campaign finance reports were incomplete. It is typical of Camarillo to cry about how Martinez is spending his money while failing to properly disclose all of his contributors.  But here is the question - anyone who believes Fly Frontera is a over is in the dark - the decision of Ahumada and Camarillo to not complete their campaign finance reports on a timely basis raises the question are they hiding donations from people associated with Fly Frontera - Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate failed to report in kind donations from these two - pay attention people there is a scenario which involves Camarillo or Ahuamda which gets Fly Frontera the money they want.

Here is the Lubbock article.

The problem with late filings is the Texas Ethics Commission encourages it because all they will do is issue a simple sanction with a small fine. The candidates know it is highly unlikely anyone will file a complaint so why not be late and hide the names of your donors.

Pay attention in what happened in Lubbock - we have sleepers in this election who are not telling the truth about there intentions or campaign contributions on a timely basis. 

Mark my words, the attack on Tony Martinez is to insure Camarillo is around to push for Fly Frontera - $1.5 million dollars to be paid to Public Charters - who according to the BEDC is not financially sound.  This is what Camarillo has promised them.  If he becomes mayor you do not have a right to complain if you voted for him.

Here is a typical example of how it works.  Texas Republicans tell their supporters they will pass a law regulating federal employees.  There are actually people dumb enough to believe Texas can regulate federal employees and airports under federal authority.  The TSA controls security before you get on the plane.  This is by federal law.  No one who understands federal law believes this Texas law would ever become law or if it did become law would be enforced.  So why lie to the Tea Baggers and their supporters - because these Republicans know all they have to do is lie to get the Tea Baggers support.


Why does he mislead those in the community who opposed the westend toll road - because he can - he knows they will always vote for the person who lies to them before they listen to someone being honest with them.  The toll road is going to happen and all the protesting in the world will not stop it.


Anonymous said...

...usually you are right on, but on the Toll Road, WRONG.

An environmental-neighborhood killer it will be, with the option for walking birds nature air gone for decades, if it is built ....

I am pleased the THREE District 4 candidates oppose it, and it is NOT a done deal, not in the US and Texas, which unlike many countries, have neighborhood and environmental protection laws ....

Again, you are great on airplanes, courts, many candidates ...not so great on the environment

(By the way, what was Castro's anti-Semitic comment?)

BobbyWC said...

he told a joke using the word Jew - this is unacceptable unless you are Jewish. In any city with a large population this would be unacceptable and be met with load outcries.

On the toll road - I do not doubt the environmental issues - I supported the bag ban as a great move by Brownsville - in fact when people visit Brownsville I always point out that Brownsville has the honor of taking the lead on this one.

You will not hear me differ with you on the enviromental issues on this one - but in Houston community groups with big money fought tooth and nail on the toll roads and lost - now those areas are thriving.

Unless you can show an endangered species will die off these issues always go with development. The funny thing is, if the development comes Brownsville will have more money for walking areas and parks.

I can lie to you and tell you let's oppose it and we will win - but that is not my style.

Boca Chica lost Target, Michaels, is about to lose Burlington Coat factory which is moving over to the new Target shopping center and Office Depot is looking to move - why - people are tired of the traffic.

You actually improve the environment when you move shopping to highway areas - if the toll road is built we will see tons of new development along the toll road - this will bring in jobs and tax dollars - tax dollars which can be used for more walking areas.

I would love to see and fully support a walking area which goes all around Brownsville - this cannot happen without tax dollars - there will never be tax dollars if we do not find a way to develop areas outside of on 77.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

...and, this is not Houston, and there are many other areas that could use creative development:

Central Blvd

W and E Elizabeth St.

Parts of 281 west (Military)

parts of Boca Chica

parts of Southmost ....,. the eight miles of railroad to be abandoned would be BEST left open, airy ....

And that is that, for now ....

The opponents will keep trying; call it "savers" vs. "pavers."

Thanks for a serious response, though.

The CCRMA has several "good" projects; the West Loop is NOT one of them!

Do check with CCRMA Vice-Chairman John Wood if you would like more details.

BobbyWC said...

The BV will certainly post any information you have on the issue - but mind you I will not lie just to please people - this is is a difficult battle -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said... math!

OK, about 75,000 registered voters in Brownsville, and about 50,000 more 18 and older, citizens and not registered ....

So, even if 8,000 to 9,000 vote, a winner will have received about five to six percent of the 18 and old and eligible - registered and non-registered - votes in the city ....

A top vote getter for mayor or at large will get, maybe 4,000 to 5,000 votes in round one ....

Very under-whelming!

Bad bad scene ...with many many explanations for NOT voting, and NOT registering ...people feeling a real disconnect from government, people claiming there is no difference among candidates, apathy, sloth ...and on and on ....

And in the likely run-offs, the percentage will drop!

And, a promise to send more no-toll road info next week!


And, am glad you are working with the open-minded gender group, very important ....

BobbyWC said...

The BV is always open to diversity of argument and positions - hence Brownsville Voice

bobby WC