Monday, May 16, 2011


The good news in the first sign of who Tony Martinez will be, we saw he rejected the Democratic Party use of politiqueras harvesting mail ballots from seniors - if anything the only candidate, based on percentages, who may have used politiqueras was Camarillo - but overall the numbers are so small who knows.

MAYOR 366 Mail Ballots

Tony Martinez % of vote 54.11 mail ballots 154
% of mail ballot vote 42%

Edward Camarillo % of vote 24.34 mail ballots 154
% of mail ballot vote 42%

In this election the most we were able to hope for is leadership.  We got that in Mayor elect, Tony Martinez.  With the exception of the Fly Frontera issue, I really did not care much about the issues.  You can have a candidate who agrees with you 100% who cannot get elected or who cannot lead. 

Tony owes no one.  The Democratic Party did not get him elected.  If anything they reduced his numbers in terms of people trusting him.  Tony is 100 financially independent and does not need anyone locally to remain financially independent.  As a lawyer, his client base would fire him in a second if they ever found he was involved in crooked business at the court house.  The type cases Tony works on are solid cases, which need no assistance from corrupt judges.

Four years ago, Ernie Hernandez out spent Pat Almighty big time and lost - even with the use of mail ballots.  Money cannot buy an election if no one likes you.  The only reason he is a county commissioner is, Ruben Peña chose to wing the election contest instead of doing it by the book and following the law.  Ruben had a solid election contest - what he did not have was solid knowledge of the law.

According to press reports, Ernie spent $75,283, compared ot Ahumada's $25,153.

With all of that money, Ernie nearly did not make it to the runoffs.  Had Sally Arroyo cared about Brownsville, she would have filed an election contest over the harvesting of mail ballots - but she did not.

The people of Brownsville knew Camarillo - They saw he lacks leadership.  He has never shown an ounce of leadership while on the Brownsville City Commission - well maybe save once.  The people saw a seasoned successful businessman vs. a kid.  There was not much of a choice.

Guys I will continue this, but running late - more after 1:00 p.m.


On Tuesday I will get into what we should demand of Mayor Martinez and key problems facing Brownsville.

The Villarreal/Zavaeleta runoff.  If there was an easy win without a runoff it was the District 4 race.  Everyone I know did not vote in this race.  We desperately disliked Zavaleta and knew of his bad conduct at UTB/TSC.  This election was Villarreal's to lose.  But for reasons only Villarreal knows, he seems obsessed with following bad advice.  If you want people to vote for you, you need to respond to their questions.  With all of Zavaleta's faults at least he gave detailed interviews.

I along with everyone I know in District 4 will not be voting in the runoff.  Villarreal is adamant he would rather lose than answer questions.  His pathetic supporter who chose to attack me because in his opinion Villarreal was to busy to answer questions did not help Villarreal's case.  If he is too busy during the campaign to respond to questions, why would we believe he is going to be receptive to questions once elected.  At this point he is coming off as petty and vindictive - sounds like Atkinson.

Lopez/Chavez Vasquez Runoff

This is another case of vote for me without knowing anything about me.  As to very candidate, no one gave a satisfactory answer on the issue of Brownsville's water problems.  This goes for every candidate in every  race.  Every answer was empty with no meaningful specifics.  Among voters who vote based on knowledge neither of these candidates provided hope.

Lopez will probably lose because he has chosen a campaign of hiding.  I cannot find anything on this guy except videos and answers to a handful of questions presented to him by one person.  Whether it was these questions or his answers to the Herald's questions he basically says nothing.

While the voter turnout in the runoff will be low, except District 4 where it will be higher than elsewhere in Brownsville, but still low - I predict 2000 votes total.  Women who are voting without knowledge (blind) are going to vote for Chavez Vasquez.  This will give her the upper hand.


Neither of these elections were good for Brownsville.  Roman Perez shot himself in the foot when he effectively chose to pay Montoya to  trash Longoria.  This told people he is the same old person he has always been - not trustworthy.  It was a dishonorable act which probably cost him the election.  In my view Longoria won because people decided no matter how much they disliked him, he was still better than Roman Perez.  But unfortunately, neither candidate had anything to offer Brownsville.  So much for the BUC endorsement.

Atkinson and Tetreau was an election about ridding Brownsville of Atkinson.  It was a dirty campaign on both sides which did nothing to help Brownsville's image.  The most we can hope for is Jessica looks to other experienced commissioners and Mayor Martinez for help and guidance.  It is too early for the people to judge her.  We can only hope she becomes a good surprise for Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

Brownsville needs more candidates like Tony. The majority are not truly financially independent, and rely on contracts and favors to earn a living.

BobbyWC said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

As usual, you hit the nail on the head with your Atkinson/Tetreau comments.

I really do wish this lady all the best because as I've said before, it takes a special person to dive into the rough, choppy waters known as Brownsville Politics..there's still a lot of sharks out there (and who knows what other type of predatory species) just circling around!! Though due to the fact that she won this election, we know she's got her "Shark Shield" least for now!

Til next time...

Anonymous said...

Why would Homeland Security be downloading information? I do not see any connection.

BobbyWC said...

All I did was make note of it - they do not communicate with me and explain why they do what they do - I just found it interesting

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the status of the Healthsmart lawsuit with BISD is?

BobbyWC said...

No, but I think the board tonight is going to vote to hire a forensic auditor to unravel the case in favor of Healthsmart

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Answering questions is just a dog and pony show with answers that the candidate knows you want to hear. Once they get into the position they could care less about what they promised. Answers or no answers, their actions speak louder than words. Inactions also contribute to the character of a person who knows how to pick his fights.