Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day is not Veteran's Day. Today is the day we remember and honor those who died in service to this country. The only thing more tragic than the death of those who died in service to this country, is the fact the day itself has died. It is not Veteran's Day - it is Memorial Day - we are not honoring those who served - we are honoring those who died in service.

Why did they serve? Well, I would be naive to think everyone who served and died in service to this country served to defend our liberties. I remember all too well the song "Summertime Blues." While everyone who died in Vietnam died for our liberties - far too many were forced into that war against their wishes. They were denied their liberty so that we could have our liberty.

I mention Vietnam because we still fail to understand they died for our liberty. Today people will go to the beach, look for a good sale, get drunk around the barbecue or simply spend the day doing nothing. Are people really thinking about what these soldiers who died in service to this country really gave up and why? No.

I will say with 100% certainty that there is no elected official in Cameron County who understands why these soldiers died or respect the reason they died. These men and women soldiers died so we would have greater liberties. All we who are left behind have to do is make sure they did not die in vain - and we could care less.

Freedom of Speech - Mark Sossi has about as much respect for Freedom of Speech as any given tyrant. It saddened me that Mayor Martinez did not at least ask that the cameras be kept rolling during public comment. Sossi never would have challenged him. On this issue Mayor Martinez has said he needs to study the issue. Really? - when you need to study Freedom of Speech before you grant it, you really do not understand it or those who died to preserve it.

To be fair - I can go on for pages about how every elected official has demonstrated a contempt for our liberties.

Ernie Hernandez - outright hired politiqueras to harvest mail ballots from senior citizens. Sheriff Lucio last time around told me he rewards the politiqueras by fixing tickets. Neither of these men have an ounce of respect for those who died in service to this country.  If Ernie's pathetic worthless daughter Erin becomes a JP it will be like pouring salt into the wounds of the injured dying on the battle field.  I saw her in court with her snub face laughing about how her father was going to get away with harvesting mail ballots.  Erin is one very evil and unethical person who will only bring further disgrace to Brownsville.  Erin is another example of someone who thinks everyone who died in service to this country is a sap.

Leadership and honoring those who died in service for this country is speaking up against the corruption and immoral conduct by elected officials. Why? Because that is how we honor those who died in service to this country. If we do not fight first hand to preserve our democracy and liberties then we are saying those who died in service to this country are saps.

In the end this is why I so oppose Imagine Brownsville. How can Mayor Martinez speak out against the corruption and failure at BISD when the BISD Board can retaliate by refusing to work with the city of Brownsville on issues raised by Imagine Brownsville?  Imagine Brownsville compels his silence.

Could you imagine being the child of a fallen soldier attending BISD and being told by all elected officials - "sorry about your mom or dad - but they were saps and we as your elected officials will not speak up and force BISD to clean up its act and guarantee you a first rate education."  "We are too self absorbed, in case you did not notice."

I will continue to fight the single greatest threat to our liberties - the judiciary - and my detractors will continue to print lies to protect their interests. Everyone in the know knows that the judiciary has lost all respect for the law and precedent - they have become a professional tyranny. I will say this about Mayor Martinez - he has been given a chance to lead Brownsville - but as the corruption continues unabated sooner than later people will begin to ask - why has our mayor remained silent?

Silence is contempt for those who died in service to this country.

On this Memorial Day - if you truly care about those who died in service to this country and wish to honor them - then fight back.

You can begin by emailing Mayor Martinez at, and demanding he take the lead in defending our liberties and ending the corruption. He has no real express powers on this issue, but he has a ton of inherent powers to force change.  Rightly or wrongly an uneducated people look to the mayor for leadership.  They are in the dark as to his limited express powers.  But leaders rarely use express powers  for justice - they use inherent powers and fight for justice.

Lyrics for "Summertime Blues"

For those of you too young to understand - the summertime blues eventually came to represent the summer before being drafted and being sent off to basic training before being sent to Vietnam.  The song was actually written before Vietnam.  It was later performed by the "Who" as a protest song.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

Thank you for that poignant article. Unfortunately, it seems as if now when we think about Memorial Day, it's as if to some is an extra day off, a time for barbques, all sorts of sales at the stores, but especially the way the world is now, we really should pause to consider what it TRUELY means.

We are fortunate that because of so many extraordinarily brave men & women who have volunteered to give of their service, not volunteering to give their life, but unfortunately such valor in knowing that, for their fight for the cause of freedom, could happen, is the REAL reason behind such a somber day.

Unfortunately, we all know someone who has lost a son, daughter, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, father, mother-all so that WE can enjoy the basic freedoms so many of us (including myself) often take for granted. I'm sure many of the families who have been directly affected by the loss of a serviceman/woman would love to enjoy a day off with their loved one, enjoy a cold beer at a barbque, shop for all the great sales at the stores, while the rest of us still have the privledge to do so, most have to ponder the "what if's" and "whys" but most importantly, still carry the heartache not only on Memorial Day, but every day.

I believe we should honor these true heroes by a simple "thank you". When you see a serviceman/woman, a "thank you for your service" is sure to bring a smile. Also, let us proudly wave our beautiful American flag which symbolizes our freedom & dignity, our nation's strength & unity, as well as our strong sense of pride. Let us honor the memory of so many by trying to live, speak & act honorably, such is the American way..that we should have "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness" and acting accordingly in a way that people can look up to us, as we look up to so many of those who have fallen before us.

To those servicemen/women who are still alive and must carry the burden of such sacrifice day to day, I say a true heartfelt "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY & GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU SAFE , it is because of all of YOU that all Americans living in this great country are able to do so-freely."

May we continue to have the mighty Grace of God over our country for now & ever.

Til next time...

Anonymous said...


Soooo true. My family will always love USA. My dad and mom were proud air force veterans. Let's honor and respect every one you fought for this great USA. We love you forever.. Powers Family