Monday, May 9, 2011


It will get to the election - but first -


Last week Pan Am announced its possible St. Louis deal.  It involves St. Louis being the hub for cargo coming from China.  The Pan Am deal is getting that cargo to Latin America- whether it is Carlito Quintanilla or Sorry Charlie Atkinson they will not stop until they send Pan Am packing to Harlingen.  The lies are endless and almost so bad as to be insulting even to people with border line IQ's.  First, Pan Am is not looking at using Brownsville as a destination to fly products to China.  The Brownsville connection is Latin America.

Here is how it works - Miami and LA airports are overwhelmed with perishable goods from South America - for example if you bought flowers for Mother's Day they were from somewhere in South America.  If you bought asparagus in all likelihood is was from Peru.  Check the label on the fresh asparagus at Sams or the label on the can of Green Giant. 

Brownsville's airport has been cleared to process the flowers and fruits and vegetables coming from South America.  Once cleared, truckers and rail will take the produce and other perishables to all over the US - from Brownsville.

You cannot fly empty planes back to South America.  Pan Am can carry the Chinese cargo from St. Louis to Latin America instead of flying empty cargo planes.  This company has an actual business model with private investors to the tune of millions of dollars.  This company is actually paying rent to the COB for a building which was empty before Pan Am came along.  This company is actually authorized to do business in Texas.  This company is actually currently employing people from Brownsville.  So why does Jim Gallagher, Carlos Quintanilla and Sorry Charlie Atkinson want to kill it?

Quintanilla wants you to believe that because Jim Gallagher has $4 million in assets he is not a credit risk- A person's assets are meaningless - it is assets and liabilities.  The BEDC did not have a problem with Gallagher's assets - they had a problem with his liabilities which includes over $400,000 he will lose in the Sky King bankruptcy.  This does not help the state of his financial situation.  Sky King had nothing to do with Fly Frontera - but it had everything to do with Jim Gallagher's Public Charters which goes to their financial stability.

Jim Gallagher chose to not register to do business in Texas or incorporate Fly Frontera in Texas.  Now, since the last time I  checked maybe they have obtained permission to do business in Texas.  I am done paying money to do research on this company.  Mark Sossi should be fired as the  first course of business when the new city commission meets in June.  Guys, unless in a miracle Tony Martinez wins out right Pat Almighty has until June to put Fly Frontera back on the agenda and provide them funding.  Guys again there are sleepers out there Fly  Frontera is counting on to win so that they will have the majority vote to pass the funding after the election. 

Mark Sossi should be fired because you never commingle funds between corporate entities.  Mark Sossi had no problem recommending this deal knowing full well Jim Gallagher was going to deposit the money into his Public Charter corporate account.  This meant that if Public Charter went bankrupt while setting up Fly Frontera, the city would have no where to turn to get its money back.  Any attorney of minimum competence would never have agreed to such an arrangement - especially in light of the fact Public Charter had not sought permission to do business in Texas.  Further Jim Gallagher would not even spend his own money to open a temporary office in Brownsville to show his intent to stay.  This deal had so many red flags it boggles the mind.

This is not the only deal which fell through for Public Charter and its partner Charter Air

"DOT had previously rejected Charter Air Transport as a contractor for Essential Air Service, saying the charter airline didn't meet the qualifications necessary to provide scheduled passenger service."

This was from February of this year.


If you think this election does not have con-artists trying to dupe the people you are in the dark.  I gave Pat Almighty his name 4 years ago when he promised the world without a care for the fact the budget was in crisis.  Somethings never change.  He is now promising the world again with his proposed buy-out of senior employees.  Here is the problem - his numbers assume everyone with over 25 years service will take the offer.  Wrong - it you started working with the city at age 20 and you have 25 years service you will be 45.  This means you cannot access social security or your retirement account.  Why in gods name would someone who is 45 earning good money quit in this job market?  They are not going to quit - it is simply another con by Pat Almighty.

Further expertise matters - the last thing I want is any of the Directors with the COB - save Pete Gonzalez deciding if someone with 25 years experience can be replaced.  Sometimes people with 25 years experience are doing the job for 2-3 people.  If you get rid of them you then find yourself having to replace them with 2-3 people.   Expertise has value and that is why you pay the experienced person.

Now it is true corporations use this approach, but they also include in a list of people who do not qualify because they are too valuable to the company.


Jaime Escobedo got a million dollar contract from the Brownsville Housing Authority from Art Rendon, Pat Lehmann and Antonio Juarez - 15 days later Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD - Just a couple of months ago the corrupt 4 denied a vendor a security contract (Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia, and Saavedra) and reopened it to bids after Escobedo's brother turned out to not provide the best bid.

But here is the question - anyone who believes Fly Frontera is a over is in the dark - the decision of Ahumada and Camarillo to not complete their campaign finance reports on a timely basis raises the question are they hiding donations from people associated with Fly Frontera - Quintanilla's and Ted Parker's (Healthsmart) candidate in Lubbock was sanctioned when the Texas Ethics Commission learned the candidate fa...iled to report in kind donations from these two - pay attention people there is a scenario which involves Camarillo or Ahuamda which gets Fly Frontera the money they want.

Here is the Lubbock article.

The problem with late filings is the Texas Ethics Commission encourages it because all they will do is issue a simple sanction with a small fine. The candidates know it is highly unlikely anyone will file a complaint so why not be late and hide the names of your donors.

Pay attention in what happened in Lubbock - we have sleepers in this election who are not telling the truth about there intentions. 

I have been honest about living in district 4 and not voting in that race - I do not trust any of the candidates - they either have a history in incredibly poor judgment or are refusing to answer simple questions about Fly Frontera.

I do not care if it is Zavaleta, Villarreal, or Patel along with Roman and Jessica winning on Saturday - assuming Tony Martinez wins come June he is in for a shocker - none of the above will bring improvement to the COB meetings.  To a person they have shown incredibly bad judgment in the recent past.  Good judgment comes from years of experience and using good judgment.  Tony Martinez is accustom to dealing with rational people - whether Atkinson and Longoria get reelected or Roman and Jessica win, Tony is in for 4 years of irrational people who have a history of incredibly bad judgment.  The only good which comes from Roman and Jessica winning is, it sends a message to all elected officials that they will be held accountable.  This is not a bad message.


I have no idea - I am making no predictions - last time Ernie outspent Pat Almighty big time and lost.  So money does not necessarily decide an election.  But, there is a strong anti-incumbent mood in country so Pat Almighty may be in trouble.  The other side is Pat Almighty has a following of people who believe the  check scandal was a  conspiracy.  We live in a  time where knowledge means nothing - fools are allowed to vote - lies mean everything.  The internet has become the place where you can post any lie you want and not be held accountable.  I blame the idiots who believe the lies.  If the poster will not provide their name then the allegations should be presumed to be lies, unless in their post they link their statement to a document.  Yes, I am naive to think the majority would consider such a standard.

Guys if you have not voted send the candidates an email and demand they state they will not agree to vote for Fly Frontera after the election.  If they do not answer you - then you know the truth - they are prepared to give a $1.5 million guarantee to a company with financial problems, at least according to the BEDC report.

I have repeatedly stated that Camarillo fully intends to put Fly Frontera back on the table in June if he wins.  Pat Almighty will do it at the first meeting after Saturday if he thinks he has the votes.  If Camarillo wants to dispel my claims all he has to do is put out a press release that based on the BEDC report he will not vote for Fly Frontera after the election.  Camarillo will not do this - why?  Because he intends to revive Fly Frontera.

Pay attention to the facts people - Longoria refused to agree to vote for Fly Frontera after the election - what happened - Montoya and Quintanilla attacked him - not with new information - but with information in place for years.  Then out of nowhere Roman Perez becomes Montoya's boy - if this is not Roman once again proving he is unethical and cannot be trusted I do not know how much evidence people need.   Let's not forget when he blogged anonymously attacking a TSC candidate who he had worked for while then working for her opponent.  Some people who suffer from bad judgment can never overcome it.

Ask yourself - why was Longoria out of nowhere attacked for refusing to commit to Fly Frontera - but Camarillo is given a pass - answer Camarillo is still with giving Fly Frontera the money.  If you intend to vote for Roman Perez, you better make him sign an affidavit that he will not vote for Fly Frontera - because words mean nothing to politicians.  When one of Fly Frontera's pathological liars all of a sudden backs Roman Perez - you better start asking questions.


I really needed to be out and about by now - I needed to do a short post because I have a  ton of meetings today - but somehow short never seems to happen - tomorrow another post on the cons in this election - Erasmos Castro is playing the cheezmeh people for fools and in fact working to help Fly  Frontera fly - is this his intent - no - but it is the result of his actions of backing Camarillo by censoring people asking Camarillo make a clear statement on the issue and in fact blocking anyone who challenges him from even reading cheezmeh.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Roman Perez is Montoya's boy as you put it. I just think Q and Montoya are pissed off at Longoria for souring the deal. Remember the singing of praises Longoria did at the city commission meeting and then essentially turning his back on Fly Frontera. Montoya wrote about Q's anger towards Longoria and Camarillo. The anti-Longoria writings are payback. Plain and simple.

BobbyWC said...

really it has nothing to do with paying for advertising his campaign - same for Zavaleta

There is no way in hell that Montoya and Quintanilla are going to send a possible vote after the election packing for someone they are 100% would never vote for fly Frontera -

I would normally see it as black and whie as you do, junk journalism serving retaliation, but they want that $1.5 million and they are not going to support someone they know for sure will never give it to them - and if this be the case - why nothing on Camarillo? Answer Camarillo has promised to bring it back to the table

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Pan Am can fly cargo planes from the Brownsville airport when the runways aren't even long enough to accomodate large cargo planes. When is the Airport going to extend the runways, its been dragging its feet on this for a long time.

BobbyWC said...

This is an important question - on the run-way I suspect there is no vision from the current of future commission to make it happen - they simply fail to see the correlation between the 10,000 foot runway and business development.

It is my understanding - and I have actually verified this - our airport can handle 737's and 727's these are the planes he will be using.

A new runway would make for better cargo planes - but like I said - there is no interest on the current commission or among the possible new commissioners to spend the money to expand the run-way - Larry Brown has mislead the people on this so many times his statements are on this issue are worthless.

After the Fly Frontera mess I would not trust Larry Brown on anything - they did not even have what they needed to land in Brownsville from Mexico and they intended to commingle the money with an iffy corporation with possible financial problems - Larry Brown was fine with all of this - including the fact they had no authority to do business in Texas

Bobby WC
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarrifying that Mr Bobby, I didn't know that 737's and 727 planes could be used. I think Brownsville must be waiting for Harlingen or McAllen to extend their aiports runways first and the complain about how Brownsville is always left behind. Why can't Brownsville lead and be the first to do important things?

BobbyWC said...

I am certain that Bob Hedrick was shocked with the level of ignorance and incompetence with our city commission - I am also certain he wants to stay in Brownsville - but without Tony Martinez leading I am certain Pan Am will head to Harlingen or McAllen

Pan Am has millions of dollars from investors for this deal - it is a winner - but the investors will walk if Brownsville continues to choose to be lead by idiots and people with scores to settle - unfortunately none of the prospective new commissioners appear to be promising - our only hope is if Tony can hold the commission in line and force them to work for Brownsville instead of themselves

I promise you - if Camarillo gets elected we will lose Pan Am and Fly Frontera will fly - for how long who knows

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us well informed!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, why does Brownsville Cheezmeh not mention Camarillo as a Fly Frontera supporter? He continues to attack only Ahumada, Atkinson & Longoria. I have posted this question on his wall and have found that he deletes the post. Thx

Anonymous said...

But Jefferson County Legislator Barry M. Ormsby, R-Belleville, said the issues were not with financial or safety regulations.

"There are additional criteria they would have had to add, which would've added substantial money to fall under the exact criteria," he said.

Instead, an "alternate" bid was placed. It calls for Jefferson County, operator of Watertown International, to act as administrator of the $1,944,152.30 federal subsidy it's asking for.

clearly you are an idiot

BobbyWC said...

where did I say it was financial - the quote I gave made it clear it was anything but financial - since ou cannot read here is my quite again

""DOT had previously rejected Charter Air Transport as a contractor for Essential Air Service, saying the charter airline didn't meet the qualifications necessary to provide scheduled passenger service."

This sounds very familiar to them not having obtain DOT authority for US Mexican flights - these guys do not seem to understand DOT regulations


learn to read

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know says Roman Perez went on record at a forum against Fly Frontera. Since there is no runoff, Quintanilla and Montoya must be attacking Longoria for being a turncoat on the deal. No doubt in my mind Camarillo will be in the runoff against Tony or Pat. There is nothing Quintanilla or Montoya can do about it. They must be biding their time until the right time to lash out at Camarillo.

BobbyWC said...

So he did it in exchange for Roman taking out an ad - now remember I am saying Brownsville will be better off if all incumbents are set packing - not because we will have a better city commission - but because it will send a message

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

Thanks for keeping us all abreast of all the ins & outs of this Fly Frontera issue..believe it or not, I still have not voted but reading your interesting & informative blog helps sort the apples from the oranges..or in this case the "calabazas".

Whenever ANYONE serves in office or runs for office, it must be incredibly hard. However, what must be even more harder is having to stand strong & stand up for your convictions & beliefs. That however, should be done in a manner which is respectful of the office in which you serve or are wishing to serve. Our next leaders will represent our city & must do so accordingly.

During this election time, I've seen the best of candidates and unfortunately the not-so-nice part of this election process. I've even seen you take a hit or to as well. So,at the end of the day, we are fortunate to live in a country that we can elect who we want in office-we just have to get out & vote. Do it-not just talk about it. Actually get out & vote. Cliché or not. (Which means tomorrow I'll be voting for whom I believe is the best qualified to lead our city).

I found this quote that we should ALL adhere to (but found it fitting during this election time):

"Watch your thoughts: They become your words. Watch your words: They become your actions.
Watch your actions: They become your habits. Watch your habits: They become your character.
Watch your character: It becomes your destiny." -Frank Outlaw

Til next time..

BobbyWC said...

I voted today for tony martinez - I did not vote in the district 4 race or in the at large race - I just did not see anything I liked

Thanks for the comment

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pan Am Airways schedules public meeting on Cargo plans

Bob Hedrick, president of Brownsville-based Pan American Airways has announced a public meeting for Thursday to present his company's plans for cargo hubs in Brownsville and St. Louis, MO., and what it could mean for the local economy.

The public meeting is scheduled foe 10 a.m. May 12 at the UTB/TSC ITEC center

BobbyWC said...

I guess great minds read the online edition of the Herald at the same time.

Also note the truth about the BISD check issue - it was the bank and teh bank is reimbursing everyone - not that facts matter to a drunk

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Wow, I cant wait to get my questions answered. He has been able to get you Bobby to do his dirty work and you are being played like the fool you are so I hope you are there so you can finally find out the truth.


BobbyWC said...

I report the news and the business plan - in fact in terms of the incentive money I specifically said Pan Am should be held to BEDC standards with a strong review - so exactly how am I being played.

So if I understand your comment - he does not have the millions of dollars in investment money - so he is going to do a presentation saying he has no investors

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Exactly, he tried to bring in investors through Fred Rusteburg and having talked to Fred, it is cleared that Mr. Hedricks does not have the investors he has or he would have already be bringing in cargo Bobby. He hasn't because the mexicans don't want to deal with him and his dream. St. Louis hasn't even talked about building the HUB over there so when does he want this to happen? He is counting on the Missouri legislative congress to pass this but when? He should have answered my calls so he could have gotten the help he needed from Jim Gallagher. Just a final note. Jim Gallagher made a new proposal saying that he has access to a 737. I bet he doesn't even know who owns this 737. He will soon find out who owns that plane he seeks. Come on Bobby, guess who owns that 737.

BobbyWC said...

You know Charlie the more you speak the worse you sound - You are only making it easy for people to vote for Jessica

Anonymous said...

Roman went on the record against Q when he was told by Q's people they weren't going to give him any money. Watch Roman flip when he's elected, Roman is a inexpensive politico to buy.

Anonymous said...

Correction on my last post: It should read Bob Hedricks made a new proposal not Jim Gallagher. What I wanted to say is that the 737 Bob Hedricks wants to lease is owned by Jim Gallagher. Sorry for the mix up.

BobbyWC said...

First you say the plane is owned by Skyking which is in bankruptcy now you say Gallagher ownes it - but his web page says he uses Skykings 737

Now face reality sorry charlie - no one can run a cargo business on one plane - not going to happen - and other than an incompetent city commissioner like you no one would invest in such a company

your argument shows how desperate you are to kill Pan Am regardless of the facts - yes charlie it is true there is nowhere for Hedrick to go to rent 737's SkyKing or gallagher are the only one's who have a 737 for lease - do you realize just how stupid you sound

here is just one company with 737's to lease

BobbyWC said...

I am not comforable with the language inexpensive politco to buy - but I do believe he would have asked them for money I will get to this tomorrow

Bobby WC