Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reuters: Peru's Fujimori hires crime-stopper Giuliani


Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of the former president of Peru who is serving 25 years for corruption. The other candidate is aligned with Hugo Chavez, which is not a good thing. This will be a landmark election because she is a woman and only 35. I am not making an opinion about the election because both sides have negatives. Another Hugo Chavez ally scares me, but Fujimori also scares me - who knows - I just thought this was a great story.


I enjoyed this said...

It is a great story . Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bobby,

This is a great story that I think is worth following. Who knows?
Maybe this Fujimori "apple" has fallen far from her family tree.

We shall soon see.

Til next time...

Anonymous said...

This is similar to:

Ernie was a supporter of Roman,
De La Garzas were supporters of Rick.

Ernie supports John,
Julieta supports Zavaleta,

Tony supports Estela,but
Who supports Robert?

Who is the lesser of two evils!

Anonymous said...

Having Hugo Chavezhas been a great thing for the Americas. It has forced us to look at politics and international trade in a different light, you know, the ying and yang. However, we don't need more of him.
I don't believe I could ever trust a daughter of Fujimori.

Anonymous said...

Fujimori? Not so different from Bush. Peru and the U.S. both institutionalized a policy of torture. The only difference is the degree. Both governments practiced a policy of disapearing suspicious persons only we called it extraordinary rendition.