Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Guys as I told you, Fly Frontera is not going away - there are sleepers out there who have committed to Quintanilla they will vote the $1.5 million dollar guarantee to Fly Frontera if elected.  The two quotes are from Montoya.  His claim is Tampico has sent a delegation to meet with Mayor Martinez to discuss the issue.  You know what - if Tampico wants the service let them give Quinanilla the money instead of asking the taxpayers of Brownsville to fund an airline which will primarily help Mexican nationals and not the general population of Brownsville.  If this meeting is actually happening, there is no doubt in my mind Montoya came into this information through Quintanilla.

But Montoya's claims have gone from out right lies to incredible ignorance.  Let's look at the allegations.

"At least one other local service provider – Hunt's Pan Am – has proposed similar service but wants the guarantees the subsidies that Fly Frontera was applying for with the different city entities. Its owner, Dave Hendricks, has said that unless the city provides the supports, he would seek other cities to establish a cargo (and passenger flight) hub between St. Louis and South Texas to exploit the China trade."

First of all his name is Bob Hedrick not Dave Hendrick.  Second, Bob Hedrick has yet to make any formal requests to the City of Brownsville concerning the cargo business.  He has indicated that Brownsville will have to get on board or he may look elsewhere.  But the cargo business is separate from the passenger service business.  Further the business of the latter is the one where he has asked for the same incentives Fly Frontera asked for.  Well actually not the same since Pan Am is not asking for wages and housing for their employees or the cost of bringing the planes to Brownsville.  

Further, Pan Am is offering service from Monterrey to San Antonio via Brownsville.  This will mean not only will the needs of those seeking service between Monterrey and Brownsville will be met, the needs for service  from Brownsville to San Antonio will be met.   Many people from Monterrey will fly through to San Antonio for the medical tourism and as an alternative to the charter flights currently between Monterrey and San Antonio.  San Antonio actually has a gated community of Mexican nationals who live in San Antonio, but where the breadwinner flies to Monterrey every Monday morning and returns on Friday night.

The attempt to suggest that the incentives Pan Am is requesting is for the cargo is just bogus.  I suspect Pan Am will seek some type tax abatement or lease discounts.  On this I am just speculating, but this is pretty much standard practice in the case of airport property for new industries when the airport is actively looking for tenants.


"However, industry experts said that Hendricks has approached Sky King to inquire about the leasing of planes for his enterprise only to be rebuffed because Sky King is indebted to Fly Frontera owner Jim Gallagher to the tune of $640,000 owed him after Sky King declared bankruptcy.
"I don't think Sky King is going to lease Hendricks anything while they owe Gallagher that money," said the source."

Yes, Juanito, Sky King is the only company in the US leasing planes - the  implication of the allegation is beyond bizarre.  Further Sky King is in bankruptcy.  Sky King cannot do squat without the permission of the bankruptcy judge.  They already lost one plane.  Sky King does not have enough planes to meet the needs of Pan Am's cargo and passenger services.  Further, Jim Gallagher is delusional if he thinks a bankruptcy judge is going to allow him to decide what happens with Sky King's planes.  If someone is willing to buy them or lease them, all they have to do is ask the court and the court will decide.  The creditors do not get a say unless they have an ownership lien on the plane and then their input will be limited.  It is just a bizarre claim Gallagher is going to dictate to the bankruptcy judge whether or not Sky King is going to be allowed to bring in revenue to pay its bills.


Anonymous said...

I think we are all mistaking greed for hubris and arrogance. They did their absolute best to convince us that this was a brilliant and original concept that would fill a huge niche’ that they have convinced themselves that it is true.

They completely ignore the history of air travel to and from the Rio Grande Valley. We have seen major carriers, minor carriers, regional route, dedicated routes, passenger carriers, cargo carriers come and go.

These clowns have yet to put it together; The Rio Grande Valley is a transit point, not a destination. The State Department designation of Brownsville being the way point between North and South American diplomats in transit is symbolic of this fact. The closest anyone has come to making any part of the Valley a destination is McAllen, and they have failed in the realm of air travel repeatedly.

My question is: why do we not embrace our role as a transit point, just as Laredo has?

BobbyWC said...

The Pan Am model may fit the transit point model - Brownsville really does need service to SA - SW has two 737's a day - when you include a lot of the people will be from Monterrey it will work -

On the Tampico market there are a lot of good Mexican airlines which serve these type routes - I do not see why they do not step up to the plate and fill the need.

What ever happens Brownsville needs a deal which includes SA - if Continental ends up providing that deal or American so be it -

I am convinced with flights originating in Monterrery Brownsville can fill a 737 or 2 to SA every day - I will certainly no longer drive -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Just say NO to Fly Frontera!!! Say yes to attracting an established airline. With millions on the table, what does an established carrier have to lose?